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We sat down with owner of Studio Novo, Anna Tefel, to answer questions from students and those who would like to take a class but need some more clarification.  We learned how many calories you burn in class, how you can still get in a great workout even with an injury and just because your fellow classmate is able to lunge further than you are doesn’t mean you are not working just as hard.

How many calories do you typically burn during a class at Studio Novo? Since the exercises are performed slowly, are you really burning a lot of calories?

From any given class at Studio Novo, you will burn anywhere from 500-700 calories. With this method, you will actually burn more calories the slower you go in each exercise. The slow, controlled pace allows you to reach your slow twitch muscle fibers, which is what this method is focused on. The slower the exercise, the more cardio as well. You will certainly burn lots of calories while taking the class and then you will continue to burn calories throughout the day. The spring based method allows for caloric burn throughout the day after your workout, much more so than cardio. For example, when running you will burn the most calories during your actual run, but with the Megaformer workout, you of course burn calories during class but continue to burn calories even hours after your workout.

I’ve taken a few classes and have wondered what if I can’t get down into a full lunge like the person next to me, am I still working the same muscle groups?

Yes, you are certainly still working the same muscle groups even if your range of motion is small. Everyone is going to have a different range of motion based on strength and flexibility. The range of motion is not as important as the pace of the exercise. In this method, it is better to move with a small range of motion at a slow pace than to move with a large range of motion at a fast pace. The slow pace is key to this method- the slower the exercise, the more effective it is, as you will reach the slow twitch muscles faster and burn more calories.

I have had issues with my knees and find it difficult to do lunges, are the lunges on the Megaformer different from doing normal lunges on the floor?

Yes! We have had many people come in with knee injuries and are able to do the lunges. The Megaformer allows us to lunge without putting impact on the knee joint. It allows us to glide into a lunge while keeping the knee stacked directly over the ankle the entire time. This allows us to strengthen the hamstring and glute while keeping the knee safe. In fact, performing lunges on the Megaformer will strengthen the knee joint, as it strengthens all of the muscles surrounding the joint. This low-impact approach applies to all other exercises we perform on the Megaformer. All exercises are safe and low-impact.

I can tell from just taking a few classes that I’m already stronger and feel better, but can you tell me about more of the benefits of the Megaformer workout at Studio Novo?

Yes, you will certainly feel stronger after just a few classes! The results are quick and satisfying. In addition to feeling stronger quickly, you will be able to enjoy the benefits such as improved posture. Lagree Method has lots of great benefits that contribute to the longevity of our healthy and active lifestyles! Here are a few that I have listed below.
· High intensity & low impact
· Full body workout every class, yet each class is different
· Small class size (maximum of 10 per class)
· You will gain strength, flexibility and endurance
· Improved posture
· Increase bone density
· Quick results

Thanks so much to Anna for taking time out to answer your questions. Your first class at Studio Novo is FREE. Studio Novo is located at 9040 Carothers Parkway, Franklin.  Book your class online at Studio Novo.


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