Yoshi, a come-to-you gas service, is opening operations in Cool Springs next week- with a huge discount.

Started a little less than a year ago by four people in California, it is an automated gas-filling service. Instead of worrying about going to the gas station and taking the time in traffic out of your day, customers who sign up with Yoshi get their gas brought to their car and filled up at set times- or on demand- for a $15 monthly fee- usually at their place of work.

As part of a promotion to go with the new territory, for the month of March all members who sign up in Cool Springs will get gas for $0.93 a gallon, lower than any at-the-pump price since the 1970s.

“The March Madness discount is in celebration of our launch in Cool Springs,” said Bryan Frist, a Harvard Business School graduate and Yoshi founder,who grew up partly in Nashville.

They will operate there on Mondays and Fridays to start, offering 87 unleaded and at a later point premium.

The Cool Springs  launch is hopefully the first step in opening up to the greater Franklin Area, Spring Hill and the rest of Williamson County, Frist said.image1 (3)

The company operates in California and its first branch outside of that state opened in Nashville in the fall, and they have been serving areas of Nashville and Brentwood, around Maryland Farms, with five trucks. A lot of their business has come from employers buying subscriptions for their employees and then the employees get their tanks filled while they are working.

To sign up or for more information, visit the Yoshi web site.

“Just go to web site and register with your work address and we will activate you,” said Frist.

Yoshi is activating on Friday afternoon with about 100 people who signed up ahead of time in Cool Springs.

The company, which offers wash and detail services, has a partnership with Firestone tires also to make sure tire pressure on your car is at an optimum level, which can increase gas mileage by 3 percent. They also check tread and alert you when it has reached a dangerous level, offering discounts on service and tires from Firestone.

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