You Gotta See This: Cowboy Sandals

Take a look at this new footwear item. Do you think it is a boot?  Or is it a sandal?  Or is it confused as to what it really is or supposed to be?  We didn’t see any at CMA Fest last week but something tells me we might be seeing more of these next year.

We found this article on an Austin American Statesmen news site introducing the Redneck Boot Sandals. For just $50, you can send in a pair of old boots and they will repurpose them for you.

11391119_1008318349178927_8762184487327687917_nScotty Franklin of Springfield, Mo., is the man behind this newest fusion of Southern fashion.

The idea came to him when he was sitting on a beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama, wishing he could enjoy the sand but still keep his favorite boots on.

“I went home to Springfield, Mo., and cut up an old pair of cowboy boots and wore them around the house, out by our pool and at the river. Everyone that saw them wanted a pair and before I knew it I was making a pair for all of my friends,” said Franklin.

That was in 2012. Since then, Franklin said he has “re-manufactured” boots for Cajun and country bands, doctors, nurses, attorneys, pilots, teachers, preachers, farmers as well as men and women young and old across the United States.

So far the Redneck Boot Sandals have been featured on Buzzfeed and Cosmopolitan Magazine.


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