hytch win 1k free gas money

If there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that traffic congestion has gotten increasingly worse over the last several years. As people discover that Middle Tennessee is a great place to put down roots and raise a family, businesses find it an appealing place to be and developers continue to create new projects, Middle Tennessee has become a hub of activity and traffic has become a headache for many.

Meet Hytch, a local technology company, who wants to help reduce traffic and ease congestion. How will they do it?

They are working on solutions to help alleviate traffic. Their first step is to study local drivers by putting together a survey. This two-question survey will literally take you 30 seconds to complete and just for taking the survey, you can win $1,000 in free gas.

In mid-August, Hytch will launch an app which will reward people when they “ride together” (two or more people in a single vehicle). Although the app isn’t live yet, you can sign up early here.

Hytch’s mission is to defend clean air and defeat traffic congestion immediately, with existing technology and the behavior impact of cash incentives.

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Andrea Hinds
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