Williamson Medical Center Update on COVID-19 Hospitalizations: January 6


Williamson Medical Center is providing an updated snapshot of their COVID-19 inpatients as of January 6, 2022. WMC is caring for 43 with COVID (29 unvaccinated, 14 vaccinated) with 7 critically ill (6 of those are unvaccinated patients).

Williamson Medical Center’s last report, on Dec 30, stated WMC was caring for 38 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 (28 unvaccinated and 10 vaccinated).

Williamson Medical Center issued the following statement:

Williamson Medical Center has seen another significant increase this week in COVID-19 hospitalizations, including patients needing critical care. Six of the seven patients in the CCU for COVID-19 are unvaccinated.

WMC urges that people continue taking precautions during this current surge of the Omicron variant. Recommendations include wearing masks when traveling and around others indoors, observing social distancing, and limiting indoor gatherings. Vaccination continues to offer the best protection against the severe effects of COVID-19. Though breakthrough infections are possible despite vaccination, protection against severe disease is maintained.

As such, WMC encourages those who are not vaccinated to get vaccinated. For those who have completed your initial vaccination, we encourage you to receive a booster dose when eligible to provide additional protection.

This week, the CDC updated its recommendation for when people can receive a booster shot. This means that people can now receive an mRNA booster shot 5 months after completing their second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, 6 months after receiving their second dose of the Moderna vaccine and 2 months after receiving the J&J vaccine.

Find where to get your COVID-19 vaccine, including booster shots for those eligible, here: https://www.vaccines.gov/search/