Williamson Medical Center Update on COVID-19 Hospitalizations: February 10


Williamson Medical Center’s reports, as of February 10, stated WMC is caring for 29 patients hospitalized with COVID-19, with 4 critically ill.

Williamson Medical Center’s last report, on February 3, stated WMC was caring for 39 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 (21 unvaccinated and 18 vaccinated) with 4 critically ill (3 unvaccinated, 1 vaccinated).

Williamson Medical Center issued the following statement:

Although total hospitalizations decreased this week, Williamson Medical Center continues to have a high number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients with the majority of those – including patients who are critically ill and on ventilators – being unvaccinated. Since late December, the hospital has seen a surge in the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations.

It is critical that the community understand that COVID-19 is still prevalent in Williamson County and surrounding areas and continues to have a significant health impact on many people, particularly those who are immunocompromised or at risk due to other pre-existing conditions. This ongoing recent surge of COVID-19 has put further strain on Williamson Medical Center’s most valuable asset – OUR EMPLOYEES – as it also continues to affect their health as well as that of their families.

As a thank you to those who have been on the frontlines of this global pandemic for nearly two years, Williamson Medical Center strongly urges the community to get vaccinated and receive your booster shot as a way to support the healthcare heroes providing care for all of the patients requiring services at the hospital.

To help stem the transmission of COVID-19, WMC urges that everyone continue taking precautions. Recommendations include wearing masks when traveling and/or in large indoor gatherings.

Find where to get your COVID-19 vaccine, including booster shots for those eligible, here: https://www.vaccines.gov/search/