Williamson, Inc. Voices Support of Looney

Williamson, Inc. released the following release supporting Williamson County Schools Superintendent, Dr. Mike Looney, on Tuesday, July 14, 2015. The statement of support was released following the board resolution of Dr. Looney.

On Monday, July 13th media were alerted by Williamson County Schools Communication Director, Carol Birdsong: “This evening, WCS received a copy of the independent third party final investigative report regarding alleged political activities by WCS employees. The investigator reports having found no violation of law or Board Policy by any employee.”

A separate story will detail the report’s findings as released by Williamson County Schools.

The following is a statement by Matt Largen, President and CEO, Williamson, Inc.:

Williamson, Inc. strongly supports the current administration of Williamson County Schools (WCS), specifically the Superintendent, Dr. Mike Looney. Leadership matters, and the leadership of Dr. Looney has been extraordinary. We know company expansion and relocation decisions are driven by the strength of our school systems. We know that Dr. Looney’s leadership has made WCS even stronger. Dr. Looney is the driving force behind the strong partnership between Williamson, Inc. and WCS. His vision has allowed us to create relevancy for students through their engagement with the business community.

Under Dr. Looney’s leadership, WCS continues to lead Tennessee in achievement, and the school system remains one of the best economic assets for both Williamson County and for the entire Middle Tennessee region. Williamson County Schools is once again the highest achieving district in the state based on the 2014 TCAP results. The district ranks first in the areas of reading/language arts, mathematics, science and social studies for grades 3-8 and first in Algebra II, Biology I and English I & II. In addition, WCS students posted the highest composite average ACT score in the history of the district.

As an organization with a leadership focus, we understand and recognize these results do not happen overnight and do not happen by accident. These results are a direct result of Dr. Looney’s leadership. Protecting this economic asset and keeping WCS as strong as possible is the single best thing we can do to ensure our continued economic prosperity.

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