Williamson, Inc. to Host 2019 Transportation Summit

5th Annual Transportation Summit

Don’t miss out on the annual Williamson, Inc. Transportation Summit taking place on June 6th, from 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. at the Franklin Marriott Cool Springs located at 700 Cool Springs Blvd., Franklin.

Williamson, Inc.’s Transportation Summit will focus on the study currently being done to help solve transit in Middle Tennessee as well as how similar communities are working to alleviate traffic in their own backyards.

The business luncheon will highlight key information about the South Corridor Study. A study that will identify and recommend a locally preferred alternative for transit service, assess the potential impacts of transit investment on economic development outcomes and incorporate community feedback into the cost-effectiveness analysis in order to recommend short-, mid-, and long-term capital and operating improvement.

“The South Corridor Study is an integral part for the future of the I-65 corridor and surrounding roadways. It is important for everyone to learn about and give feedback to the study,” said Matt Largen, President and CEO of Williamson, Inc. “We are focused on addressing this critical issue for our community. Helping to improve circulation and reduce congestion improves everyone’s quality of life in Williamson County.”

The keynote speaker at the Transportation Summit will be Mayor Jackie Millet from Lone Tree, Colorado, one of Williamson County’s peer communities. During her tenure, the City prioritized investment in transportation and economic development becoming home to two Regional Transportation District (RTD) light rail stations and a free shuttle service.

“We are thrilled to have Mayor Millet speak at our Transportation Summit,” Largen continued. “During our 2017 Williamson Forward study trip to Denver and the surrounding areas, we discovered just how much transit and strategic economic development go hand-in-hand.”

In the meantime, Williamson, Inc. urges you to head to www.southcorridor.org/ to learn more about the South Corridor Study and to www.williamsonchamber.com/events/transportation-summit/ to hear directly from Mayor Millet on the transit initiatives in Lone Tree. You can also learn more about the current regional solutions that you can participate in at Williamson, Inc.’s Transportation Resources site at www.williamsonchamber.com/events/transportation-summit/

Tickets are $55 for members and $75 for nonmembers. You can register by following the link here.