Williamson Inc to Host Transportation Summit

2018 Transportation Summit

Williamson, Inc., the chamber of commerce and economic development office, is hosting a Transportation Summit Tuesday, June 19 11am – 1pm at the Franklin Marriot Cool Springs. The annual transportation luncheon holds extra significance this year considering Nashville transit plan’s recent referendum.

Matt Largen, President and CEO of Williamson, Inc. believed the defeat does not have to be a negative. He said that “the loss provides us with an excellent opportunity for some creative thinking and brainstorming as we work towards a regional solution to transportation and traffic congestion in the region.”

The first panel session is entitled– Now What? This session will focus on lessons learned from the Nashville transit vote. Guest speakers include Steve Bland, CEO of the Nashville Metropolitan Transit, and Michael Skipper, CEO of the Greater Nashville Regional Council. Discussions will also focus on common attributes of successful transportation solutions in Nashville corridors and an introduction and overview of the Southern Corridor Study.

The second panel session will hone in on Franklin as an example of transportation solutions across Williamson County. The panel, including City of Franklin City Administrator, Eric Stuckey, Kelly Dannenfelser, City of Franklin Long Range Planning Supervisor, and Paul Holzen, Engineering Director will discuss TMA’s expanded service, a Mack Hatcher road discussion, IMPROVE Act funding issues, land use significance, future City projects and planning and an overview of Franklin businesses with strategic plans for scheduling to mitigate traffic build ups. The second panel will also focus on what attendees can do to mitigate traffic today by incentivizing behavior like ride-sharing, van pooling, remote working and flex scheduling.

Also, during the luncheon, event sponsor Nissan will outline what they have been doing in their Cool Springs Headquarters and their manufacturing plant to help reduce traffic congestion at peak times.