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June 5th, 2015 – Williamson County Weekend Gardener


Williamson County is starting to erupt in beautiful blooms, and when we asked you to share photos of the gardens, landscapes, and planters you’re really proud of — you responded!  Thank you!  And here are some great local garden photos to start off your weekend:

The first is from Heather O in Franklin TN.  It’s a fun wagon planter featuring the title “Our Family Blooms With Love.”  This planter is set inside a bed with a backdrop of holly and what look like perhaps azaleas.  Heather:  What are those?

Our Family Blooms With Love
Heather O, Franklin
Wagon Planter – “Our Family Blooms With Love”

Next up is a mailbox planting from an anonymous reader the border between Franklin and Thompsons Station.  This border has a lilac as the centerpiece (which, unfortunately has already finished blooming), and features annual Penta in a purple color and Petunia in pink.

Mailbox Planting
Anonymous, Thompsons Station

And Susan K from Brentwood submitted this gorgeous window box with that looks like white Geranium in the background and what absolutely must be Wave Petunia in pink with a magenta throat growing quite vigorously and flowing out over the edge.

Window Box
Susan K, Brentwood
Window Box

Here are several pictures of planters we received from readers in Franklin and Spring Hill.  A few notes about these: Pam L in Franklin mixed herbs with annuals very successfully; she tells us that this planter smells even better than it looks.  And how stunning is the mix of dwarf Dalhia in pink contrasted with the variegated Ivy and that Elephant Ear that’s only going to become a bigger and better show-stopper as the Summer wears on!  How about the creativity of John O in Spring Hill who is mixing a Conifer with Coleus, Petunia, Corkscrew Rush, and other annuals for big bursts of color contrasting the structure of the Conifer?  Nice!  And he’s also mixing the bright color of the Verbena with the deep purple of Basil and Millett — that one’s going to be a stunner by mid-July, and we’re going to be an updated photo from you, John!

Mixed Herb & Floral Planter
Pam L, Franklin
Mixed Herb & Floral Planter
Formal Porch Urn
Amanda R, Franklin
Formal Porch Urn
Mixed Conifer & Floral Planter
John O, Spring Hill
Mixed Conifer & Floral Planter
Purple Millet Planter
John O, Spring Hill
Purple Millet Planter











And one last photo to share with you — this one from my own back yard.  I experimented to see what would happen if I used Artichoke as the centerpiece of a planter and mixed it with various annuals.  So far, it’s a successful experiment (I think, anyway).  You be the judge.

Artichoke Planters
Steven L, Franklin
Artichoke Planters

Keep sending in your photos!  We’ll continue featuring photos of great gardens, landscapes, and planters we find all over Williamson County.  If you’ve got something you’re really proud of, please send a photo(s) to [email protected], and please include your first name, last initial, and your city.  We’ve love to feature you!


Weekend GardenerWilliamson County Gardening Resources:

Williamson County Master Gardeners Association

Williamson County Extension Office

Williamson County is in USDA Hardiness Zone 7a (0 – 5 degrees)
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