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WCS parents and students can once again monitor school bus locations by using the Track the Bus application.

Track the Bus is a web-based app allowing students and their parents/guardians to view the location of their bus during transportation hours. The goal is to increase student safety and improve communication on changes to bus schedules. The program uses GPS data from the school bus to provide this information.

A step-by-step guide on how to register for the Track the Bus app is available on the WCS Bus Routes & Zoning page.

Individual bus stops for the 2017-18 school year are also available on the WCS website. Parents are encouraged to find their child’s route information as soon as possible, as a few bus numbers have changed since July 21.

“We ask that parents please check the website for information every year,” said WCS Planning and Zoning Manager Allison Nunley. “Bus numbers tend to change as older models go out of service and new buses are added to the fleet. All buses at the elementary and middle levels are scheduled to arrive at school 15-20 minutes prior to the school start time. High school buses are scheduled to arrive 20-30 minutes prior to the school start time. This allows students time to eat breakfast, access their lockers and be in class ready for the day to begin.”

Students should be at the bus stop at least five minutes prior to the published time. A bus stop should be within a quarter mile of the student’s house. Parents who live on a rural road and need a bus stop to be added can email or call 615-472-4952.

The Williamson County Schools Transportation Department provides bus transportation to all eligible WCS students who travel to and from their attendance-zoned school each day.

Safety, both on and off the bus, is the Transportation Department’s top priority. All buses are inspected before the school year begins and throughout the school year, and drivers are trained throughout the year. All buses are equipped with digital cameras to ensure students are transported in a safe environment.

Because the bus is an extension of the school day, the school code of conduct also applies to behavior on the bus. Students may lose eligibility to ride the bus if they violate school bus conduct policy. Parents will receive a pamphlet with WCS School Transportation Safety and Discipline Guidelines.



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