Lead in Water

From WCS inFocus

Parents can rest easy knowing their child’s drinking water is safe at school.

In anticipation of a new state law, the district proactively tested the water’s lead levels in November, and according to the results, drinking water from each testing site is well within the guidelines.

On January 1, the new state law went into effect requiring school districts to test drinking water sources every two years in schools built before 1998.

The law states that water with lead levels less than 15 parts per billion is safe to drink, water with levels of 15-20 parts per billion requires annual testing and water with levels of more than 20 parts per billion requires immediate shut down of the water source.

The results established that all drinking water from each WCS testing site is well below the 15 parts per billion marker established in the new state law.

The report in its entirety is available on the Public Policies page of the WCS website.