Williamson County Property Transfers November 1

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See where houses sold for November 1-5, 2021, and for how much in the most recent Williamson County property transfers. For more information about purchasing a home, click here to contact Susan Gregory with Parks Realty. View previous property transfers here

$450,900.00Newport Crossing Sec 41403 Staunton Mill CtThompsons Station37179
$920,045.00Whistle Stop Farms Sec12235 Brakeman LnThompsons Station37179
$448,659.00Waters Edge Sec52091 Flowing Creek DrFranklin37064
$789,000.00Courtside @ Southern Woods1478 Red Oak DrBrentwood37027
$418,342.00Shadow Green Sec11024 Shady Stone WayFranklin37064
$733,000.00Arbors @ Autumn Ridge Ph12 Sec23012 Grunion LnSpring Hill37174
$730,000.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec6b2033 Callaway Park PlaceThompsons Station37179
$427,900.00Spencer Mill RdFairview37062
$525,000.002996 Mccanless RdNolensville37135
$2,000,000.00Traditions Sec51891 Traditions CirBrentwood37027
$440,000.00Dartford Ph22035 Sercy DrSpring Hill37174
$180,000.00Davis Hollow RdFranklin37064
$950,000.00Westhaven Sec 38915 Jewell AveFranklin37064
$505,000.00Eddy Pointe Sec 2112 Rebecca CtFranklin37064
$975,000.00Brookfield Sec 171550 Shining Ore DrBrentwood37027
$2,531,843.00Witherspoon Sec59285 Fordham DrBrentwood37027
$530,000.007354 Deer Ridge RdFairview37062
$649,900.00Aberleigh5111 Aberleigh Pvt LnFranklin37064
$770,000.00Cornerstone165 Cornerstone CirFranklin37064
$806,385.00Annecy Ph2a2053 Bocage CirNolensville37135
$425,000.00Meadowgreen Acres116 Meadowgreen DrFranklin37069
$619,900.00Lockwood Glen Sec8303 Liebler LnFranklin37064
$408,950.00New Montgomery Place Ph 27220 Mary Susan LnFairview37062
$453,201.00Waters Edge Sec52085 Flowing Creek DrFranklin37064
$525,000.001857 Sugar Ridge RdSpring Hill37174
$365,000.00Loopers Landing Sec 12102 Loudenslager DrThompsons Station37179
$975,000.00Arrington Retreat Sec5262 Rock Cress RdNolensville37135
$949,000.004279 Murfreesboro RdFranklin37064
$925,000.00Highlands @ Ladd Park149 Keller TrlFranklin37064
$400,000.00Arbor Lakes Sec 22721 Learcrest CtThompsons Station37179
$777,000.00Tollgate Village Sec172129 Maytown CirThompsons Station37179
$2,125,000.00Grove Sec 5 Ph38211 Heirloom BlvdCollege Grove37046
$425,000.00Cameron Farms Sec 6-b2408 Mercer CtThompsons Station37179
$1,350,000.00Stephens Valley Sec2800 Carsten StNashville37221
$400,000.00Liberty Square Sec 2151 Arsenal DrFranklin37064
$432,096.00Waters Edge Sec52073 Flowing Creek DrFranklin37064
$623,500.00Buckingham Park Sec 11139 Buckingham CirFranklin37064
$1,850,000.00Traditions Sec11920 Campfire CtBrentwood37027
$440,300.00Buckner Crossing Sec 11074 Nealcrest CirSpring Hill37174
$850,000.00Fountainhead Sec 3811 Pheasant Run Ct NBrentwood37027
$440,000.00Meadowgreen Acres135 Meadowgreen DrFranklin37069
$935,000.00Stream Valley Sec 1106 Stream Valley BlvdFranklin37064
$1,290,000.00Cayce Springs Est1829 Cayce Springs RdThompsons Station37179
$495,000.00Hunters Chase Sec 21051 Huntsman CirFranklin37064
$882,740.00Tap Root Hills Sec57024 Farmhouse DrFranklin37067
$725,000.00Oakwood Est Sec 32215 Morriswood DrFranklin37064
$467,500.00Harpeth-peyt Farm4886 Harpeth-peyt RdThompsons Station37179
$970,103.00Westhaven Sec573043 Conar StFranklin37064
$1,000,031.00Westhaven Sec573031 Conar StFranklin37064
$1,862,983.00Westhaven Sec54842 Cheltenham AveFranklin37064
$1,101,000.00Scales Farmstead Ph1596 Vickery Park DrNolensville37135
$1,500,000.00Stonecrest9608 Stonebluff DrBrentwood37027
$820,000.00Tohrner & Cannon Addn1108 Park StFranklin37064
$896,000.00Mckays Mill Sec 183008 Westerly DrFranklin37067
$434,386.00Maplewood Sec 2210 Julia CtFranklin37064
$763,000.00Lockwood Glen Sec 1406 Cobert LnFranklin37064
$930,000.00Walnut Winds Sec 5810 Stalcup CtFranklin37064
$1,650,000.00Smith Peggy Moran6790 Owen Hill RdCollege Grove37046
$700,000.00Ralston Glen Sec 1249 Scotsman LnFranklin37064
$619,170.00Brixworth Ph54026 Danes DrSpring Hill37174
$1,200,000.00Highlands @ Ladd Park Sec342048 Hornsby DrFranklin37064
$570,000.00206 Gist StFranklin37064
$550,000.00N Berrys Chapel RdFranklin37064
$683,600.00Westhaven Sec59Jasper AveFranklin37064
$290,000.00Cannon Cecil7313 Horn Tavern RdFairview37062
$769,900.00Bent Creek Ph18 Sec25123 Falling Water RdNolensville37135
$372,000.00Shannon Glen Sec 21707 Dublin CtSpring Hill37174
$785,000.002320 Lewisburg PkFranklin37064
$265,000.00Green Acres502 Green Acres DrFranklin37064
$636,000.00Natchez Valley Ph 11030 Natchez Valley LnFranklin37069
$450,000.00Covington Carter6403 Trails End RdCollege Grove37046
$425,000.00Generals Retreat103 Generals Retreat PlFranklin37064
$612,000.00Dallas Downs Sec 8136 Middleboro CirFranklin37064
$1,225,000.00Stephens Valley Sec3249 Stephens Valley BlvdNashville37221
$826,000.00Nolenmeade841 Nolenmeade PlaceNolensville37135
$625,000.005676 Bending Chestnut RdFranklin37064
$850,000.00Creekstone Commons Sec 1 Rev 2311 Valley View DrFranklin37064
$475,000.00School Manor405 Figuers DrFranklin37064
$1,600,660.00Traditions Sec41858 Traditions CirBrentwood37027
$375,000.00Fieldstone Farms Sec K-2711 Wayside CtFranklin37069
$500,000.00Andover Sec 2130 Stanwick DrFranklin37067
$350,000.00Rucker Park119 Velena StFranklin37064
$292,000.00Old Nashville RdFairview37062
$922,065.00Scales Farmstead Ph2405 Herring TrlNolensville37135
$885,000.00Sunset Est1658 Sunset RdBrentwood37027
$840,000.00Brentwood Est Unit 1223 Skyline DrBrentwood37027
$699,322.00Tap Root Hills Sec53033 Nolencrest WayFranklin37067
$285,900.00Westhaven Sec 582025 Clifton StFranklin37064
$988,282.00Westhaven Sec573037 Conar StFranklin37064
$2,517,150.00Grove Sec 26201 Lynch LnCollege Grove37046
$864,306.00Riverbluff Sec31021 Wetzel DrFranklin37064
$1,050,000.00Garden Club Sec 23015 Coral Bell LnFranklin37067
$959,000.00Forest Home Farms Sec 7861 High Point Ridge RdFranklin37069
$448,000.00Stonebrook Sec 2205 Stoneway CtNolensville37135
$701,000.00Founders Pointe Sec 2102 Lancelot LnFranklin37064
$1,108,754.00Annecy Ph2a1068 Annecy PkwyNolensville37135
$1,044,625.00Whistle Stop Farms Sec12250 Brakeman LnThompsons Station37179
$728,549.00Annecy Ph2a2045 Bocage CirNolensville37135
$675,000.00Ivy Glen Sec 1215 Chester Stephens RdFranklin37067
$1,305,000.00Benington 2 Sec3239 Belgian RdNolensville37135
$1,499,659.00Hardeman Springs Sec26047 Porters Union WayArrington37014
$985,000.00Abington Ridge Sec 15069 Abington Ridge LnFranklin37067
$1,275,000.00Stephens Valley Sec6337 Stephens Valley BlvdNashville37221
$2,500.001335 Hwy 96 NFairview37062
$550,000.00Market Place Condo5226 Main St #3Spring Hill37174
$798,018.00Vineyard Valley Sec27214 Neills Branch DrCollege Grove37046
$183,433.00Stephens Valley Sec 7Pasquo RdNashville37221
$310,182.00Stephens Valley Sec 7Pasquo RdNashville37221
$460,000.00Picketts Ridge Ph 12778 Sutherland DrSpring Hill37174
$310,182.00Stephens Valley Sec 7Pasquo RdNashville37221
$586,100.00Baronswood Sec 1305 Baronswood DrNolensville37135
$308,146.00Stephens Valley Sec 7Pasquo RdNashville37221
$345,000.00Candlewood Sec 12913 Hearthside DrSpring Hill37174
$549,999.00Belshire Ph31085 Cantwell PlaceSpring Hill37174
$1,500,000.00Montclair Sec 31772 Claybrook Park CirBrentwood37027
$770,762.00Stephens Valley Sec61030 Apple Orchard CirNashville37221
$638,004.00Lochridge Sec11026 Kirkpark CtNolensville37135
$800,000.006567 Arno RdCollege Grove37046
$1,495,000.00Forest Home Farms Sec 4763 High Point Ridge RdFranklin37069
$400,000.00Parkside @ Aspen Grove3201 Aspen Grove Dr #m-4Franklin37067
$4,900,000.00Annandale Sec 119276 Exton LnBrentwood37027
$1,105,000.00Westhaven Sec 443001 Tabitha DrFranklin37064
$757,065.00Scales Farmstead Ph3a2024 Autry DrNolensville37135
$859,470.00Daventry Sec23183 Chase Point DrFranklin37067
$612,390.00Brixworth Ph54028 Danes DrSpring Hill37174
$555,500.00Burtonwood Add Ph 22003 Towhee CtSpring Hill37174
$454,883.00Through The Green Sec3531 Vintage Green LnFranklin37064
$555,000.00Magnolia Place509 A-b Alexander DrFranklin37064
$785,000.00Tollgate Village Sec 13c3823 Wareham DrThompsons Station37179
$540,000.00Ballenger Farms Ph 3 Sec 21303 Creekside DrNolensville37135
$610,060.00Scales Farmstead Ph3a2048 Autry DrNolensville37135
$100,000.00Scales Farmstead Ph1109 Cureton CtNolensville37135
$125,000.00Temple Hills Sec 9203 Bramley PlFranklin37069
$445,000.00Idlewood Sec 1104 Patrick AveFranklin37064
$430,000.002166 Lewisburg PkFranklin37064
$669,525.00Forrest Crossing Sec 9-b359 Glendower PlFranklin37064
$360,000.002000 Newark Ln #f-303Thompsons Station37179
$1,250,000.00Westhaven Sec 474007 Camberley StFranklin37064
$2,050,000.00Westhaven Sec33207 Cavanaugh LnFranklin37064
$697,500.00Brixworth Ph 1 Sec 22807 Kaye DrThompsons Station37179
$372,729.00Cumberland Estates Ph34012 Brazelton WayFairview37062
$451,408.00Cumberland Estates Ph32005 Ambie WayFairview37062
$605,000.00Rogersshire Sec 2332 Astor WayFranklin37064
$2,795,000.00Grove Sec 26252 Wild Heron WayCollege Grove37046
$888,000.00Raintree Forest Reserve1533 Rosella CtBrentwood37027
$765,000.00Polk Place Sec 7220 Karnes DrFranklin37064
$543,000.00Rosebrooke Sec19828 Split Log RdBrentwood37027
$1,224,000.00Arrington Ridge Sec2Fiddlers Glen DrArrington37014
$523,000.00Split Log RdBrentwood37027
$590,000.00Cherry Grove Sec 2 Ph 32765 Trasbin CtThompsons Station37179
$384,500.00Western Woods Village Sec47511 Spicer CtFairview37062
$600,000.00Dallas Downs Sec 8128 Middleboro CirFranklin37064
$575,000.00Meadowlawn1335 Adams StFranklin37064
$487,549.00Wilkerson Place Ph1a Sec2105 Foxhall DrSpring Hill37174
$2,348,900.00Governors Club Ph13b5 Winged Foot PlaceBrentwood37027
$700,000.00Cannonwood Sec 2328 Dandridge DrFranklin37067
$1,125,000.00Layne Judith4057 Clovercroft RdFranklin37067
$521,392.00Wilkerson Place Ph1a Sec2117 Foxhall DrSpring Hill37174
$672,955.00Lochridge Sec11030 Kirkpark CtNolensville37135
$5,000,000.001582 Thompsons Sta Rd WThompsons Station37179
$485,000.002901 Spanntown RdArrington37014
$5.00Wilkerson Place Ph1a Sec2113 Foxhall DrSpring Hill37174
$572,566.00Brixworth Ph7a8032 Brightwater WaySpring Hill37174
$677,771.00Tollgate Village Sec153282 Vinemont DrThompsons Station37179
$550,000.00Dallas Downs Sec 9231 Heathersett DrFranklin37064
$485,861.00Wilkerson Place Ph1a Sec2107 Foxhall DrSpring Hill37174
$25,000.004470 Peyt-trinity RdFranklin37064
$196,053.00Stephens Valley Sec 7Pasquo RdNashville37221
$635,000.00Temple Hills Sec 12361 St Andrews DrFranklin37069
$525,000.00Givens3730 Robinson RdThompsons Station37179
$225,000.002977 Duplex RdSpring Hill37174
$515,000.00Liberty Hills Sec 5871 E Benjamin DrFranklin37067
$465,000.00Reid Hill Commons Sec 1301 Connelley CtFranklin37064
$875,000.00Belshire Village Ph 63003 Belshire Village DrSpring Hill37174
$520,000.00Liberty Hills Sec 5808 W Benjamin CtFranklin37067
$35,000.00Chester Est Sec 2Birch Bark DrFairview37062
$770,000.00Arrington Retreat Sec 1141 Sedona Woods TrlNolensville37135
$540,000.007525 Demoss LnFairview37062
$4,025,000.00Avery6453 Penrose DrBrentwood37027
$550,000.00Morningside Sec 87095 Sunrise CirFranklin37067
$743,500.00Autumn Ridge Sec1 Ph33005 Arbuckle LnSpring Hill37174
$750,000.00James1511 Sunset DrFranklin37064
$1,475,000.00Turner Group Gp2909 A Spanntown RdArrington37014
$1,957,000.00Witherspoon Sec49221 Lehigh DrBrentwood37027
$1,250,000.00River Oaks Sec 26235 Milbrook RdBrentwood37027
$349,900.00Clearview Meadows7110 Crestview DrFairview37062
$1,132,000.00Highlands @ Ladd Park Sec383013 Portland CtFranklin37064
$545,662.00Wilkerson Place Ph1a Sec2113 Foxhall DrSpring Hill37174
$820,000.00Oakleaf Est Sec 12228 Oakbranch CirFranklin37064
$844,900.00Arrington Retreat Sec5309 Bayberry CtNolensville37135
$5,250,000.00Mckays Mill Sec 23 Rev 11415 Liberty PkFranklin37067
$290,000.00Cherry Glen Condo Sec 1101 Cashmere DrThompsons Station37179
$388,846.00Cumberland Estates Ph34014 Brazelton WayFairview37062
$1,560,000.00Legends Ridge Sec 4-b712 Legends Crest DrFranklin37069
$790,000.00Willowsprings Sec 3665 Springlake DrFranklin37064
$1,650,000.00Westhaven Sec 14513 Pearre Springs WayFranklin37064
$625,000.00Marshall Place8909 Palmer Pvt WayBrentwood37027
$360,000.00Buttrey Heights7517 Lake RdFairview37062
$775,000.00Somerset1515 Aberdeen DrBrentwood37027
$455,000.00Smith & Hayes Add8845 Horton HwyCollege Grove37046
$465,750.00Gables @ Wakefield Ph 1203 Dakota DrSpring Hill37174
$392,000.00Scarborough Place7505 Scarborough PlaceFairview37062
$1,300,000.00Westhaven Sec501232 Championship BlvdFranklin37064
$375,000.004286 Old Hillsboro RdFranklin37064