Williamson County Property Transfers

See where houses sold last week and for how much in the most recent Williamson County property transfers. For more information about purchasing a home, click here to contact Susan Gregory with Parks Realty

1392500Lynnwood Downs3017 Smith LnFranklinTn37069
785000Governors Club The Ph87 Governors WayBrentwoodTn37027
261000Chapmans Crossing3003 Feradach LnSpring HillTn37174
479000Cherry Grove Add1011 Alice Springs CirSpring HillTn37174
440000Cheswicke Farm524 Kilburn CtFranklinTn37067
570000Cool Springs East231 Chatfield WayFranklinTn37067
1300000Laurelbrooke Sec1486 Willowbrooke CirFranklinTn37069
2450007305 Overbey RdFairviewTn37062
379540Summerl Yn Sec1516 Halsey DrNolensvilleTn37135
482200Westahven Sec5009 Donovan StFranklinTn37064
834919Cromwell Sec1820 Burland CrescentBrentwoodTn37027
304586Bent Creek Active Adult240 Siegert PlNolensvilleTn37135
255871Bent Creek Active Adult236 Siegert PlNolensvilleTn37135
373867Fields Of Canterbury3022 Callaway Park PlThompsons StationTn37179
575000Indian Point Sec9313 Navaho DrBrentwoodTn37027
18590092.01 Old Carters Creek PkFranklinTn37064
312000Castleberry Farm Ph7203 Knotiingham DrFairviewTn37062
1500000118 Mclemore RdFranklinTn37064
1500000051.00 Mclemore RdFranklinTn37064
501368Highlands @Ladd Park820 Fontwell LnFranklinTn37064
171000Grove Sec8654 Belladonna DrCollege GroveTn37046
450000Brenthaven Sec8012 Lipscomb CtBrentwoodTn37027
6000623Sq Ft Hearthside DrSpring HillTn37174
460000Bent Creek Ph1822 EveretictNolensvilleTn37135
460000Bent Creek Ph1823 EveretictNolensvilleTn37135
460000Bent Creek Ph1835 EveretictNolensvilleTn37135
460000Bent Creek Ph1836 EveretictNolensvilleTn37135
150000Evergreen Acres7112 Totty RdFairviewTn37062
525000Anderson L C Jr Prop3508 Refuge TrlThompsons StationTn37179
468000Kings Chapel520 Buckeye LnArringtonTn37014
468000Kings Chapel521 Buckeye LnArringtonTn37014
468000Kings Chapel522 Buckeye LnArringtonTn37014
475000Polk Place184 Sontag DrFranklinTn37064
487505Amelia Park1760 Biscayne DrFranklinTn37067
222000Ridgeport Sec1886 Portview DrSpring HillTn37174
20000Sleepy Hollow RdFairviewTn37062
485000Redwing Farms SecS 608 Adel Ynn CtFranklinTn37064
525087Highlands @Ladd Park624 Finnhorse LnFranklinTn37064
225000Pickens Ridge Ph2741 Southerland DrThompsons StationTn37179
558940Falls Grove Sec7026 Marwood DrCollege GroveTn37046
345000Premier Bus Park Condos256 #E106 Seaboard Ln FranklinTn37067
85000Saddle Springs Est Ph3307 Bridle Path CtThompsons StationTn37179
624900Chardonnay Ph5125 Duckhorn CtFranklinTn37067
100000Fish CassandraShoals Branch RdPrimm SpringsTn37476
85000Glenhaven 1007210 White Oak DrFairviewTn37062
372110Fields Of Canterbury2014 Firtree WayThompsons StationTn37179
384050Westhaven Vistas Condos6000 #304 Keats St FranklinTn37064
271250Liberty Hills Sec704 W Statue CtFranklinTn37067
76798Fields Of Canterbury Sec8A2092 Calloway Park PlThompsons StationTn37179
350000Harlinsdale Manor126 Harlinsdale CtFranklinTn37069
257050Bent Creek Town Homes2016 Hebron Trace Pvt DrNolensvilleTn37135
259900Brentwood Pointe Sec801 Brentwood PointeBrentwoodTn37027
199650Hardison Hills Sec#314 1101 Downs BlvdFranklinTn37064
294000James1515 Sunset DrFranklinTn37064
436000Kumpf Est5571 Carters Creek PkThompsons StationTn37179
343801Wades Grove Sec 105006 Speight StSpring HillTn37174
57065Cooper Ridge Ph200 Burnwick CtSpring HillTn37174
103550Falls Grove Sec 1 Rev7025 Marwood DrCollege GroveTn37046
230000Pipkin Hills Ph2742 Moll Ys CtSpring HillTn37174
486900Westhaven Sec1160 Westhaven BlvdFranklinTn37064
132000Newport Meadows403 Newport Meadows CirThompsons StationTn37179
445000Everbright1320 Cannon StFranklinTn37064
469777Arrington Retreat Sec1215 Bobwhite TrNolensvilleTn37135
361600Silver Stream Farm Sec2708 Water LnNolensvilleTn37135
1000000Hampton Reserve Sec9554 Sanctuary PlBrentwoodTn37027
522733Autumn Ridge Ph4014 Miles Johnson PkwySpring HillTn37174
2399400Bellshire VillageBelshire Village DrSpring HillTn37174
225000Temple Hills6561 Stableford LnFranklinTn37069
179900Brentwood Pointe Sec704 Brentwood PointeBrentwoodTn37027
4250001003 Fair StFranklinTn37069
350000Stonehenge Sec5006 Regent DrBrentwoodTn37027
563425Falls Grove Sec6834 Falls Ridge LnCollege GroveTn37046
3200004900 Ash Hill RdSpring HillTn37174
424900Fields Of Canterbury2695 Fields Of CanterburyThompsons StationTn37179
470000Johnson Cove6414 Johnson Chapel CirBrentwoodTn37027
210900Rucker Park151 Rucker ParkFranklinTn37064
214900Rucker Park153 Velena StFranklinTn37064
580000Mckays Mill1536 Bledsoe LnFranklinTn37067
139900120 Good Neighbor RdFranklinTn37064
828000Westhaven Sec9100 Keats StFranklinTn37064
867470Westhaven Sec9039 Keats StFranklinTn37064
950000Brenthaven Ph8214 Holly RdBrentwoodTn37027
344090Fields Of Canterbury2392 Stockwood TrlThompsons StationTn37179
434777Cherry Grove Ph2008 Brisbane DrSpring HillTn37174
1100000Monclair Sec1702 Richbourg Park DrBrentwoodTn37027
430245Summerl Yn Sec3104 Bradfield DrNolensvilleTn37135
1055000Stocked Creek Sec1085 Stocked DrNashvilleTn37221
605000Timberline Sec356 Sandcastle RdFranklinTn37069
215000Harvest Farm8195 Tiller LnCollege GroveTn37046
175000Brentwood Pointe Sec104 Brentwood PtBrentwoodTn37027
345400Lockwood Glen Sec544 Sydenham DrFranklinTn37064
650000Bridgemore Village Sec3629 Robins Nest RdThompsons StationTn37179
890500Laurelbrooke Sec3019 Flagstone DrFranklinTn37069
603000Brentwood Hills Sec1211 Franklin RdBrentwoodTn37027
389000Founders Pointe Sec514 Antebellum CtFranklinTn37064
349900Tollgate Village Sec2812 Americus DrThompsons StationTn37179
515000Morgan Farms Sec0009 Camborne PlBrentwoodTn37027
515000Morgan Farms Sec0012 Camborne PlBrentwoodTn37027
217691Rucker Park143 Velena StFranklinTn37064
284900Morningside Sec6016 Sunrise CirFranklinTn37067
80000Silver Stream Farm Sec2732 Cortlandt LnNolensvilleTn37135
58000Hamptons At Campbell Sta446 Heroit DrSpring HillTn37174
389500Fieldstone Farms Sec142 Wheaton Hall LnFranklinTn37069
900296Gardens At Old Natchez The605 Vineyard Green CtFranklinTn37069
393953Westhaven Sec5079 Donovan StFranklinTn37064
455988Burkitt Place8320 Parkfield DrNolensvilleTn37135
474188Highlands @Ladd Park Sec76 Molly Bright LnFranklinTn37064
540000Brenthaven Sec1517 Puryear PlBrentwoodTn37027
49000096 W 4108 New Hwy FranklinTn37064
464000Bent Creek Ph5994 Fishing Creek RdNolensvilleTn37135
338000Cool Springs East Sec112 Walters AveFranklinTn37067
365000Concord RealtyBluff RdBrentwoodTn37027
1050720Pinkerton RdBrentwoodTn37027
400990Tollgate Village Sec2780 Americus DrThompsons StationTn37179
280000Hutchison Craig4921 Bethesda-Duplex RdCollege GroveTn37046
975000Derby Glen Close203 Derby Glen LnBrentwoodTn37027
140000Kings Chapel Sec4201 Buckeye LnArringtonTn37014
150000Kings Chapel Sec4071 Old Light CirArringtonTn37014
150000Kings Chapel Sec4063 Old Light CirArringtonTn37014
342000Batilefield108 Batilefield DrFranklinTn37064
290000Berry Farms Town Center1030 Rural Plains CirFranklinTn37064
215000Aston Woods Sec2794 Lafayetie DrThompsons StationTn37179
319000Stream Valley Sec625 Streamside LnFranklinTn37064
433000Bent Creek Ph5970 Fishing Creek RdNolensvilleTn37135
141000Gables @ Wakefield Sec2271 #K-2 Dewey DrSpring HillTn37174
895000Iroquois Meadows6341 Chickering CirNolensvilleTn37215
895000Sutherland Sec2835 Sutherland DrThompsons StationTn37179
168600Bradford Est7417 Bradford RdPrimm SpringsTn38476
275491Kings Chapel Sec1517 Registry Row LnArringtonTn37014
833389Dun Blane2218 Dunblane LnFranklinTn37064
5500004505 S Carothers RdFranklinTn37064
210000Cochran Trace Sec2916 Torrence TrlSpring HillTn37174
110000000Landings The 1505 Landing BlvdBrentwoodTn37027
110000000Landings The1-7 Landing BlvdBrentwoodTn37027
225000Chapmans Retreat1410 Carmack LnSpring HillTn37174
351000Royal Oaks Sec108 Tudor CtFranklinTn37067
677750Hurstbourne Park Sec326 Mealer StFranklinTn37067
589900Willowmet Sec1177 Pin Oak CirBrentwoodTn37027
4000002870 Lee RdSpring HillTn37174
238000Haynes Crossing3709 Ivanora DrSpring HillTn37174
465900Fieldstone Farms Sec497 Sadler WayFranklinTn37069
395500Fieldstone Farms Sec2021 Harvington DrFranklinTn37069
324999Lockwood Glen518 Cobert LnFranklinTn37064
468327Bent Creek Ph7004 Fishing Creek RdNolensvilleTn37135
258700Chapmans Retreat Ph1905 Bugle CtSpring HillTn37174
249900Wyngate Est Ph2622 Danbury CirSpring HillTn37174
376810Stream Valley Sec649 Streamside LnFranklinTn37064
464800Rockport Ave5022 Rockport AveFranklinTn37064
235400Westhaven Sec507 Rochester CloseFranklinTn37064
369485Heartland Reserve Sec7205 Affirmed CtFairviewTn37062
459900Cottonwood Est197 Riverwood DrFranklinTn37069
380000Fieldstone Farms Sec144 Wheaton Hall LnFranklinTn37069
410000Carondelet Sec9116 Oden CtBrentwoodTn37027
429900Fields Of Canterbury2524 Western Ham WayThompsons StationTn37179
300000423 Murfreesboro RdFranklinTn37064
518504Highlands @Ladd Park814 Fontwell LnFranklinTn37064
2049318Cumberland DrFairviewTn37062
335000Tollgate Village Sec2792 Americus DrThompsons StationTn37179
487875Amelia Park Sec896 Market StFranklinTn37067
525010Amelia Park Sec1736 Biscayne DrFranklinTn37067
670000Breezeway Sec3124 Herbert DrFranklinTn37067
140000Kings Chapel Sec4103 Old Light CirArringtonTn37014
140000Kings Chapel Sec4107 Old Light CirArringtonTn37014
30500002421 Lewisburg PkSpring HillTn37174
305000021.00 Lewisburg PkSpring HillTn37174
305000050.00 Lewisburg PkSpring HillTn37174
2950004924 Ash Hill RdSpring HillTn37174
525000Fountainhead Sec5105 Fountainhead DrBrentwoodTn37027
280000Temple Hills Country Club6693 Hastings LnFranklinTn37069

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