Williamson County Property Transfers March 22th

Williamson County Property Transfers

See where houses sold last week and for how much in the most recent Williamson County property transfers.

170000Kidd RdNolensvilleTn37135
586030Catalina Ph906 Los Lomas WayNolensvilleTn37135
465000Laurel Hill 1506 Jaybee Ct FranklinTn37064
602500Hurstbourne Park 101 Mealer St FranklinTn37067
1500001766 Pleasant Hill Rd FranklinTn37027
28500000Overlook Park 9000 Overlook BlvdBrentwood Tn37027
499900Ivy Glen422 Woodcrest Ln FranklinTn37067
608000Concord Hunt1138 Haverhill Dr Brentwood Tn37027
952853Westhaven 723 Stonewater Blvd FranklinTn37064
347800Mckays Mill 1225 Bonnhaven Dr FranklinTn37067
263057Fields Of Canterbury1457 Channing Dr Thompson StationTn37179
45000Mcclanahan Dathleen Robinson Rd Thompson StationTn37179
394530Summerl Yn1508 Halsey Dr NolensvilleTn37135
487094Westhaven9153 Keats St FranklinTn37064
233000Anderson Acres 3109 Jeffrey Ct Thompsons Station Tn37179
225889Fields Of Canterbury1445 Channing Dr Thompsons Station Tn37179
80000Silver Stream Farm2616 Cortlandt Ct NolensvilleTn37135
220000Woodside Ph Hemlock Dr Spring HillTn37174
5050003454 Sweeney Hollow Rd FranklinTn37064
703200Hurstbourne Park424 Mealer St FranklinTn37067
594000Cool Springs East417 Tinnan Ave FranklinTn37067
218220Woodside Ph2078 Hemlock Dr Spring Hill Tn37174
1426653Collins Earl Downs Blvd Franklin Tn37064
232000Ridgeport 1867 Portview Dr Spring HillTn37174
498000Fieldstone Farms248 Stanley Park Ln FranklinTn37064
369900Arbors @ Autumn Ridge Ph 8027 Fenwick Ln Spring HillTn37174
203500Shannon Glen1901 O'Leary Ct Spring HiillTn37174
200000Mooreland Est 305 Flowerwood Ct Brentwood Tn37027
235000Campbell Station3018 Harrah Dr Spring Hill Tn37174
703250Westhaven 427 Wild Elm St FranklinTn37064
363482Silver Stream Farm 2700 Cortlandt Ln NolensvilleTn37135
947820Harts Landmark 2101 Granby Ct FranklinTn37069
250000Dakota Pointe Ph 3083 Sakari Cir Spring HillTn37174
406996Bent Creek Ph 6186 Christmas Dr Nolensville Tn37135
256000Braxton Bend Ph 7103 Marshall Pl FairviewTn37062
180000Rosewood Est Chester Rd 7207FairviewTn37062
497000Raintree Forest 1511 Wesley Ct BrentwoodTn37027
406345Silver Stream Farm 2709 Cortlandt Ln NolensvilleTn37135
899900Jones Ivan 413 Eddy Ln FranklinTn37064
472380Westhaven 9165 Keats St FranklinTn37064
518893Falls Grove 6801 Falls Ridge Ln College Grove Tn37046
115000Westhaven 82 Addison Ave FranklinTn37064
115000Westhaven80 Addison Ave FranklinTn37064
4620006426 Eudailey-Covington Rd College Grove Tn37046
426900Forrest Crossing Governors Ridge Ct 1450FranklinTn37064
279500Kingwood Ph 7508 Kingwood Ct FairviewTn37062
379900Benevento East Ph 8004 San Cabrillo Ct Spring Hill Tn37174
375000Arbors @ Autumn Ridge Ph 6993 Bridle Ridge Way Spring Hill Tn37174
75980Fields Of Canterbury2684 Dunstan Place Dr Thompsons Station Tn37179
570748Kings Chapel 4117 Banner Square Ln ArringtonTn37014
419178Bent Creek Ph 6112 Christmas Dr NolensvilleTn37135
567000116 Old Liberty Pk FranklinTn37064
316900Wades Grove5010 Speight St Spring Hill Tn37174
275000Chapmans Retreat Ph1706 Emma Cir Spring Hill Tn37174
333260Brownwood Acres109 Pine Circle Rd FranklinTn37069
179000Brentwood Pointe 842 Brentwood Pointe BrentwoodTn37027
318000Riverview Park 1018 Lawnview Ct FranklinTn37064
1060000Tuscany Hills 1744 Ravello Way BrentwoodTn37027
1100007536 Union Valley Rd FairviewTn37062
679900[email protected] Park211 Snowden St W FranklinTn37064
2600004679 Harpeth-Peyt Rd Thompsons Station Tn37179
1800007219 Horn Tavern Rd FairviewTn37062
312000Stonebrook1231 Countryside Rd NolensvilleTn37135
456000Foxboro Est 1003 Steeplechase Dr BrentwoodTn37027
125000Cromwell1834 Burland Crescent BrentwoodTn37027
735000Derby Glen Close 6316 Ascot Close BrentwoodTn37027
291000Reserve @ Sonoma 1829 Stryker Pl BrentwoodTn37027
785000Dallas Downs 416 Melba Cir FranklinTn37064
150000 Wilson Pk Wilson Pk FranklinTn37064
1680000Governors Club The Ph 5 Carmel Ln BrentwoodTn37027
560000Lake Colonial Est 1013 Bunker Hill Dr Arrington Tn37014
155000Kings Chapel 4047 Old Light Cir ArringtonTn37014
433850Toll Ga Te 3009 Millerton Way Thompsons StationTn37179
733000Fountainbrooke373 Childe Harolds Cir BrentwoodTn37027
715000 Fox Branch Rd Sant A Fe Tn38482
700000Westhaven451 Wild Elm St FranklinTn37064
543000Redwing Farms 1335 Holly Hill Dr FranklinTn37064
455000Westhaven1164 Westhaven Blvd FranklinTn37064
719040Hurstbourne Park 331 Mealer St FranklinTn37067
270000Kings Chapel 4118 Old Light Cir Arrington Tn37014
240000Ridgeport2214 Dewey Dr Spring Hill Tn37174
479900Fields Of Canterbury 2505 Waldorf Ln Thompsons Station Tn37179
979000Westhaven1537 Championship Blvd FranklinTn37064
360600Westhaven5062 Donovan St FranklinTn37064
92900Westhaven86 Addison Ave FranklinTn37064
92900Westhaven86 Addison Ave FranklinTn37064
875000Governors Club The Ph2 Wild Wing Ct BrentwoodTn37027
224137Fields Of Canterbury 1441 Channing Dr Thompsons Station Tn37179
140000Belle Vista416 Melander Ct FranklinTn37064
457000Lockwood Glen 521 Sydenham Dr FranklinTn37064
660000Raintree Forest So9479 Highwood Hill Rd BrentwoodTn37027
140000Belle Vista416 Melander Ct FranklinTn37064
237500Heritage Place 713 Castle Dr FranklinTn37067
867281Taramore Ph9530 Elgin Way BrentwoodTn37027
185000Candlewood3017 Candlelite Dr Spring Hill Tn37174
1100000Bellshire Village Ph3016 Belshire Village Dr Spring Hill Tn37174
102600Falls Grove6821 Falls Ridge Ln College Grove Tn37046
58000Ham Pto Ns 103 Shanache Dr Spring HillTn37174
695000Cool Springs East 315 Canton Stone Dr FranklinTn37067
58000Hamptons430 Heroit Dr Spring Hill Tn37174
137000Gables @ Wakefield 2271 #11 Dewey Dr Spring Hill Tn37174
245000Chapmans Retreat Ph1256 Chapmans Retreat Dr Spring Hill Tn37174
357998Wades Grove3023 Foust Dr Spring Hill Tn37174
330045Wades Grove3028 Foust Dr Spring Hill Tn37174
144000Cadet Homes107 Powder Mill Dr FranklinTn37064
710000Brentmeade Est 9001 Gasserway Cir BrentwoodTn37027
326735Fields Of Canterbury 2108 English Garden Way Thompsons Station Tn37179
425000Southern Woods 309 E Creekview Ct BrentwoodTn37027
385000Coitonwood Est 131 Coitonwood Dr FranklinTn37069
192100Sharpes Run 7409 Penngrove Ln FairviewTn37062
136500Grammer Est7710 Chester Rd FairviewTn37062
254000Woodridge7554 Aubrey Ridge Dr FairviewTn37062
709615Benington2633 Benington Pl NolensvilleTn37135
435000Indian Point 9204 Cherokee Ln BrentwoodTn37027
225750Shannon Glen 1806 Ireland Ct Spring HillTn37174
340240Bent Creek Ph 4544 Sawmill Place NolensvilleTn37135
575083Kings Chapel4337 Union Springs Ln Arrington Tn37014
420120Falls Grove Marwood Dr College Grove Tn37046
380725Westhaven6061 Keats St FranklinTn37064
403500Village Of Clovercroft 324 Tippecanoe Dr FranklinTn37067
299900Fieldstone Farms Penbrook Dr 7053FranklinTn37069
219500Mcka Ys Mill 1027 Park Run Dr FranklinTn37067
539900Breezeway3520 Herbert Dr FranklinTn37067
211112Baker Springs 1027 Lowrey Pl Spring Hill Tn37174
485000Avalon395 Pennystone Cir FranklinTn37067
622400Raintree Forest So 1647 Preston Pl BrentwoodTn37027
549900Garden Club1015 Buddleia Ln FranklinTn37067
535000Lee Kevin & Janet6807 Giles Hill Rd College Grove Tn37046
250000Quest Ridge 96 5723 Old Hwy FranklinTn37064
705000Preserve @Echo Est 316 Lockhart Ct FranklinTn37069
855000Westhaven1571 Westhaven BlvdFranklinTn37064
449000Berry Farms Town Center 1015 Rural Plains CirFranklinTn37064
318850Polston Place 7138 Donald Wilson Dr FairviewTn37062
848653Prickly Pear Farms 6411 Prickly Pear Ln College GroveTn37046
377721Fields Of Canterbury 2072 Calloway Park Pl Thompsons Station Tn37179
475000235 3Rd Ave N FranklinTn37064
407507Fields Of Canterbury 2317 Stockwood Trl Thompsons Station Tn37179
395722Fields Of Canterbury 3030 Callway Park Pl Thompsons StationTn37179
360000Bent Creek Ph 6044 Christmas Dr NolensvilleTn37135
420000Sullivan Farms 281 Stonehaven Cir FranklinTn37064
227905[email protected] Ph7385 Harlow Dr College Grove Tn37046
227905[email protected] Ph7385 Harlow Dr College Grove Tn37046
559431Berry Farms Town Center 4008 Gen Martin Ln FranklinTn37064
380655[email protected] Park 602 Newcomb St FranklinTn37064
630000Willowmet 2053 Willowmet Ln BrentwoodTn37027
558000Fields Of CanterburyTrl Stockwood Thompsons Station Tn37179
140000 Lewisburg Pk FranklinTn37064
375000Cool Springs East 204 Bateman Ave FranklinTn37067
481852Arrington Retreat 1208 Bobwhite Trail NolesnsvilleTn37135
92105Fall Grove6753 Pleasant Ga Te Ln College Grove Tn37046
165000Sutherland2825 Sutherland Dr Thompsons Station Tn37179
140000Belle Vista 321 Holcombe Ln FranklinTn37064
140000Belle Vista 321 Holcombe Ln FranklinTn37064
255500Wyngate Est Ph 1409 Bern Dr Spring HillTn37174
857000Woodlands100 Westwind Ct FranklinTn37067