Williamson County Property Transfers March 18

property transfers real estate

See where houses sold for March 18-24, 2021, and for how much in the most recent Williamson County property transfers. For more information about purchasing a home, click here to contact Susan Gregory with Parks Realty. View previous property transfers here

$535,000.00Forrest Crossing Sec 9-c278 Rivermont CirFranklinTN37064
$910,800.00Brenthaven Sec 81614 S Martha CtBrentwoodTN37027
$440,000.00Franklin Green Sec 63223 Dark Woods DrFranklinTN37064
$553,770.00Woods @ Burberry Glen Ph4a1412 Trumpet Lily PlaceNolensvilleTN37135
$132,950.00Falls Grove Sec67053 Sky Meadow DrCollege GroveTN37046
$538,300.00Falls Grove Sec67162 Sky Meadow DrCollege GroveTN37046
$1,300,000.00Taramore Ph 3a1837 Ivy Crest DrBrentwoodTN37027
$801,000.00Watkins Creek Sec 11029 Watkins Creek DrFranklinTN37067
$318,250.00Grove Sec 149016 Passiflora CtCollege GroveTN37046
$304,000.00Grove Sec 149012 Passiflora CtCollege GroveTN37046
$785,000.00Cole Lisa Prop6801 Do Drop In LnCollege GroveTN37046
$970,000.00Temple Hills Sec 14210 Temple Crest TrlFranklinTN37069
$570,000.00Bent Creek Ph 8 Sec 16046 Yellowstone DrNolensvilleTN37135
$1,442,000.00Rev 11708 Championship BlvdFranklinTN37064
$410,000.00Port Royal Estates Sec24003 Lexie LnSpring HillTN37174
$204,000.00Woodside Townhomes Ph 1a2047 Hemlock DrSpring HillTN37174
$850,000.00Hurstbourne Park Sec 1104 Hurstbourne Park BlvdFranklinTN37067
$629,900.00Burkitt Village Ph42266 Kirkwall DrNolensvilleTN37135
$635,000.00Redwing Farms Sec 11109 Holly Hill DrFranklinTN37064
$475,900.00Forrest Crossing Sec 9-b359 Glendower PlFranklinTN37064
$480,000.00Bujorian Rachelle7308 Walker RdFairviewTN37062
$510,000.00Residences Of Grant Park123 Grant Park DrFranklinTN37067
$303,000.00Ph 1 Rev 21016 Misty Morn CirSpring HillTN37174
$609,370.00Scales Farmstead Ph3a2081 Autry DrNolensvilleTN37135
$220,000.00Rolling Meadows306 Davidson DrFranklinTN37064
$4,360,000.00Galleria Commercial Complx1780 Galleria BlvdFranklinTN37067
$477,588.00Brixworth Ph4 Sec16007 Turncreek RdSpring HillTN37174
$340,000.00Highlands @ Campbell Sta Ph 1 Rev 21018 Misty Morn CirSpring HillTN37174
$475,000.002775 Hillsboro RdBrentwoodTN37027
$532,000.00Arbors @ Autumn Ridge Ph 28027 Fenwick LnSpring HillTN37174
$410,000.00Bent Creek Ph 5 Sec 14568 Sawmill PlNolensvilleTN37135
$793,250.00Grove Sec 149132 Sawtooth LnCollege GroveTN37046
$572,464.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec13b2720 Carena Terrace CtThompsons StationTN37179
$453,500.00Royal Oaks Sec 9 Ph 3160 London LnFranklinTN37067
$505,000.00Green Valley Sec 4304 Hickory LnFranklinTN37064
$435,000.00School Manor419 Figuers DrFranklinTN37064
$583,000.00Tollgate Village Sec 113417 Colebrook DrThompsons StationTN37179
$1,525,000.00Hampton Reserve Sec 49537 Sanctuary PlaceBrentwoodTN37027
$257,000.00Hardison Hills Sec 2 Rev 11101 Downs Blvd #96FranklinTN37064
$343,900.00Sharpes Run Sec 27409 Penngrove LnFairviewTN37062
$594,882.00Brixworth Ph64045 Danes DrSpring HillTN37174
$396,000.00Fieldstone Farms Sec M148 Cavalcade DrFranklinTN37069
$358,680.00Russell Ridge6020 Russell Ridge Pvt LnFranklinTN37064
$1,167,061.00Lookaway Farms Sec16015 Lookaway CirFranklinTN37067
$2,575,000.00Rosemont4411 Peytona LnFranklinTN37064
$498,000.00Wades Grove Sec 3-a1014 Belcor DrSpring HillTN37174
$569,990.00Burberry Glen Ph1402 Adderley Park CirNolensvilleTN37135
$505,000.00Benevento East Ph4 Sec13029 Gari Baldi WaySpring HillTN37174
$850,000.00Ellington Park Sec 4115 Beechlawn DrFranklinTN37064
$634,311.00Enclave @ Dove Lake Sec17724 Thayer RdNolensvilleTN37135
$2,335,000.00419 Murfreesboro RdFranklinTN37064
$497,091.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec13b2733 Carena Terrace CtThompsons StationTN37179
$770,000.001950 Burke Hollow RdNolensvilleTN37135
$282,000.007319 Spencer Mill RdFairviewTN37062
$450,000.00Cumberland Estates Ph12004 Case WayFairviewTN37062
$767,000.00Highlands @ Ladd Park Sec32953 Hornsby DrFranklinTN37064
$167,500.00Cumberland DrFairviewTN37062
$429,995.00Brixworth Ph51713 Lantana DrSpring HillTN37174
$300,000.00Hidden Lake7349 Hidden Lake CirFairviewTN37062
$487,500.00Redwing Meadows Sec 41346 Ascot LnFranklinTN37064
$726,750.00Grove Sec 149036 Passiflora CtCollege GroveTN37046
$470,695.00Copper Ridge Ph63061 Boxbury LnSpring HillTN37174
$681,020.00Falls Grove Sec67026 Sky Meadow DrCollege GroveTN37046
$565,669.00Woods @ Burberry Glen Ph4a1428 Trumpet Lily PlaceNolensvilleTN37135
$460,000.00Wades Grove Sec3b2058 Lequire LnSpring HillTN37174
$722,000.00Kings Chapel Sec64129 Banner Square LnArringtonTN37014
$350,000.00Brentwood Pointe 31812 Brentwood PointeFranklinTN37067
$500,000.00Pinkston RdCollege GroveTN37046
$597,000.00Bent Creek Ph12209 Bent Creek TrNolensvilleTN37135
$717,000.00Highlands @ Ladd Park Sec16148 Truman Rd WFranklinTN37064
$1,396,773.00Traditions Sec31921 Parade DrBrentwoodTN37027
$410,000.00Wades Grove Sec 12061 Keene CirSpring HillTN37174
$246,000.00Woodside Ph1b2058 Hemlock DrSpring HillTN37174
$995,000.00Westhaven Sec 11101 State BlvdFranklinTN37064
$1,373,000.00Lansdowne Sec 29219 Prestmoor PlBrentwoodTN37027
$726,360.00Stephens Valley Sec6628 Jackson Falls DrNashvilleTN37221
$4,000,000.00Troubadour Ph1 Sec47555 Whiskey RdCollege GroveTN37046
$910,000.00Brienz Valley Add Sec 22024 Ober Brienz LnFranklinTN37064
$757,500.00Village Of Clovercroft Sec2348 Watson View DrFranklinTN37067
$380,000.00Grandy1754 Lewisburg PkFranklinTN37064
$515,000.002088 Kidd Road2086 Kidd RdNolensvilleTN37135
$400,000.00Polston Place7137 Donald Wilson DrFairviewTN37062
$549,000.00Mckays Mill Sec 191309 Pemberton Heights DrFranklinTN37067
$315,000.00Wiesner Custom HomesArno-allisona RdCollege GroveTN37046
$992,782.00Benington 2 Sec 2-b1124 Lusitano CtNolensvilleTN37135
$375,000.00Cameron Farms Sec 5-b2601 Milton LnThompsons StationTN37179
$132,950.00Falls Grove Sec67154 Sky Meadow DrCollege GroveTN37046
$386,065.00Copper Ridge Ph83031 Boxbury LnSpring HillTN37174
$975,000.00Watkins Creek Sec 44524 Stagecoach CirFranklinTN37067
$791,003.00Vineyard Valley Sec27178 Neills Branch DrCollege GroveTN37046
$255,000.00Fernvale Heights Ph 27524 Christopher StFairviewTN37062
$434,999.001856 Evergreen RdThompsons StationTN37179
$325,000.00Mill @ Bond Springs Sec25148 Bond Mill RdThompsons StationTN37179
$689,040.00Falls Grove Sec 47005 Farm Field DrCollege GroveTN37046
$909,000.00Arrington Ridge Sec17001 Fiddlers Glen DrArringtonTN37014
$2,219,940.00Grove Ph5 Sec78527 Heirloom BlvdCollege GroveTN37046
$545,750.00Clover Meadows4004 Oxford Glen DrFranklinTN37067
$80,259.00Sanford RdNolensvilleTN37135
$130,000.00Sanford RdNolensvilleTN37135
$564,310.00Tollgate Village Sec172241 Maytown CirThompsons StationTN37179
$560,000.00Stratford Place1208 Glenbrook DrFranklinTN37064
$200,219.00Forrest Crossing Sec 3-e2044 Roderick CirFranklinTN37064
$679,250.00Grove Sec 149052 Passiflora CtCollege GroveTN37046
$425,000.00Liberty Hills Sec 53084 Liberty Hills DrFranklinTN37067
$748,000.00245 3rd Ave NFranklinTN37064
$335,000.00Highlands @ Campbell Sta1000 Misty Morn CirSpring HillTN37174
$1,015,000.00Smithson Prop8205 Tiller CtCollege GroveTN37046
$551,800.00Benevento East Ph4 Sec17011 San Gilberto CtSpring HillTN37174
$585,000.00Brenthaven Sec 41412 Parker PlBrentwoodTN37027
$950,000.00Laurelbrooke Sec 12008 Waterstone DrFranklinTN37069
$805,000.00Benington Sec 11405 Wolf Creek DrNolensvilleTN37135
$850,000.00Breckston Park Sec 2901 Belden WayNashvilleTN37221
$725,000.00Hinds4515 S Carothers RdFranklinTN37064
$473,545.00Waters Edge Sec53057 Flowing Creek DrFranklinTN37064
$1,038,581.00Kingsbarns2025 Kingsbarns DrNolensvilleTN37135
$181,900.00Westhaven Sec 573079 Conar St FranklinTN37064
$163,900.00Westhaven Sec 571901 New Hwy 96 WFranklinTN37064
$1,245,414.00Burning Tree Farms Sec18015 Burning Tree Farms RdArringtonTN37014
$9,000.00Old Hillsboro RdFranklinTN37069
$1,250,000.00Water Leaf Sec15033 Water Leaf DrFranklinTN37064
$650,000.00Forrest Crossing Sec 9-a190 Edmond CtFranklinTN37064
$1,500,000.00Governors Club The Ph 881 Governors WayBrentwoodTN37027
$569,000.00Arbors @ Autumn Ridge Ph37004 Brindle Ridge WaySpring HillTN37174
$615,000.00Amelia Park Sec31707 Biscayne DrFranklinTN37067
$607,500.005651 Carters Creek PkThompsons StationTN37179
$646,000.00Courtside @ Southern Woods109 Buckhead CtBrentwoodTN37027
$995,110.00Scales Farmstead Ph11009 Lawson LnNolensvilleTN37135
$580,000.00Tywater Crossing Sec1332 Passage LnFranklinTN37064
$519,990.00Burberry Glen Ph21700 Kirkpark CtNolensvilleTN37135
$1,200,000.003968 Sulphur Springs RdColumbiaTN38401
$827,325.00Cardel Village442 Cardel LnFranklinTN37064
$469,590.00Brixworth Ph4 Sec12935 Stewart Campbell PtSpring HillTN37174
$366,000.005570 Pinewood RdFranklinTN37064


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