Williamson County Property Transfers

See where houses sold last week and for how much in the most recent Williamson County property transfers. For more information about purchasing a home, click here to contact Susan Gregory with Parks Realty

227500Shannon Glen1831 O'Reilly CirSpring HillTn37174
303000Twin Oaks1563 Birchwood Cir FranklinTn37064
7500004627 Columbia Pk Spring HillTn37174
368735Brixworth1642 Lantana Dr Thompsons StationTn37179
579900Willow Springs401 Misty CtFranklinTn37064
522000Amelia Park1712 Biscayne Dr FranklinTn37067
869900Brandon Park Downs9308 Mcarthur CtFranklinTn37064
521000Kings Chapel1201 Old Spring TrlArringtonTn37014
257000Wyngate Est1425 Bern Dr Spring HillTn37174
855000Fountainhead5126 Woodland Hills Dr BrentwoodTn37027
267900Chapmans Retreat1311 Chap Mans Retreat Spring HillTn37174
1437870Harvey Springs5090 Columbia Pk Spring HillTn37174
274000Cameron Farms Sec2822 Iroquois DrThompsons StationTn37179
201500Highlands @ Campbell Sta2000 Morrison AveSpring HillTn37174
323000Crowne Pointe4008 Danes DrThompsons StationTn37179
3499007335 Bahne Rd FairviewTn37062
316000Fieldstone Farms Sec117 Cavalcade DrFranklinTn37069
699000Tollgate Village3124 Natoma Cir Thompsons StationTn37179
289000Burtonwood Add6002 Thrush CtSpring HillTn37174
1243007214 Fernvale RdFairviewTn37062
2800000Franklin Commons So4206 Franklin Commons CtFranklinTn37067
525000Monticello Sec248 Poteat PlFranklinTn37064
389896Bent Creek Ph8046 Warren DrNolensvilleTn37135
367700Silver Stream Farm2526 Broome St NolensvilleTn37135
384000Kirby Primm1631 Wilson Pk BrentwoodTn37027
240500Marshall Est96 W 4055 New HwyFranklinTn37064
70000Hard Bargain948 Glass St FranklinTn37064
385000Avalon Sec136 Pennystone CirFranklinTn37067
386194Wades Grove Sec3011 Foust DrSpring HillTn37174
273500Falcon Creek Sec2202 Falcon Creek DrFranklinTn37067
315000Wades Grove Sec5017 Dubose CtSpring HillTn37174
489900Autumn Ridge1003 Fall Creek CtSpring HillTn37174
544773Andover Park216 Crossmill Ct FranklinTn37064
900000Tuscany Hills1731 Ravello Way BrentwoodTn37027
785000Inglehame Farms9010 Grey Pointe CtBrentwoodTn37027
767181Concord Hunt Sec1233 Concord Hunt DrBrentwoodTn37027
240000Maple Lawn Est2707 Cash CtThompsons StationTn37179
194000Westhaven Sec401 Stonewater BlvdFranklinTn37064
433500Concord Forest6701 Quiet Ln BrentwoodTn37027
400000Ashton Park1406 Burnside Dr FranklinTn37067
522000Brittain Downs1565 Eden Rose PlNolensvilleTn37135
895000Westhaven513 Pearre Springs WayFranklinTn37064
699000Westhaven1642 Grassmere RFranklinTn37064
255000Brentwood Pointe1552 Brentwood Pointe FranklinTn37067
580000Kings Chapel4133 Banner Square Ln ArringtonTn37014
330000Franklin Green3215 Peyton Ct FranklinTn37064
289900Burtonwood2918 Buckner LnSpring HillTn37174
233000Mckays Mill1964 Turning Wheel LnFranklinTn37067
2700000Brass Lantern Farm704 Brass Lantern PlBrentwoodTn37027
35000002875 Sawyer Bend Rd FranklinTn37069
225500Pipkin Hills2903 Wills Ct Spring HillTn37174
125000Ivan Creek4452 Ivan Creek DrFranklinTn37064
509900Winterset Woods541 Fort Lee Ct NolensvilleTn37135
685006937 Cross Keys RdCollege GroveTn37046
295000Sweetbriar Springs7104 Sweetbriar CirFairviewTn37062
10100005125 Fire Tower RdFranklinTn37064
413000Caldwell Est355 Springhouse CirFranklinTn37067
1150000Westhaven Sec1605 Grassmere Rd FranklinTn37064
199000Rebel Meadows810 Ronald DrFranklinTn37064
390000Tollgate Sec3037 Millerton WayThompsons StationTn37179
270000Grove Sec4509 Heirloom BlvdCollege GroveTn37046
407500Redwing Farms1001 Shannon LnFranklinTn37064
505000Woods Of Blackberry5705 Cascade LnThompsons StationTn37179
360000Spencer Hall Sec3115 Bush DrFranklinTn37064
137000Newport Valley1012 Mckenna DrThompsons StationTn37179
422149Silver Stream Farm2725 Cortlandt LnNolensvilleTn37135
1264900Avalon Sec214 L10Nheart Way FranklinTn37067
627000Ambergate4326 Ambergate CtFranklinTn37064
435000Cool Springs East420 Savannah WayFranklinTn37067
869900Crossby821 Evans St FranklinTn37064
371999Silver Stream Farm2220 Nolita CtNolensvilleTn37135
370000Campbell Station4005 Kilbrian CtSpring HillTn37174
398626Avalon401 Pastoral Way NolensvilleTn37135
398626Arrington Retreat401 Pastoral Way NolensvilleTn37135
314999Falcon Creek2043 Upland DrFranklinTn37067
288900Wades Grove3042 Foust Dr Spring HillTn37174
392000Mckays Mill1002 John Clark Ct FranklinTn37067
620702Catalina909 Los Lomas Way NolensvilleTn37135
529900Stonehenge1415 Robert E Lee Ln BrentwoodTn37027
665000Henley406 Luna Ct FranklinTn37064
339900Castleberry Farm7329 Damsel Ln FairviewTn37062
420000Benevento3165 Appian Way Spring HillTn37174
245000Mooreland Est1625 Vineland DrBrentwoodTn37027
282500Wyngate Est2606 Danbury Cir Spring HillTn37174
189000Indian Springs Condos1011 #A-3 Murfreesboro RdFranklinTn37064
594200Horseshoe Bend907 N Meadow LnNashvilleTn37221
769900Chardonnay9088 Chardonnay TrFranklinTn37067
541670Amelia Park1742 Biscayne DrFranklinTn37067
327500Willowsprings311 Rosebud CirFranklinTn37064
459500Cheswicke Farm621 Grange Hill CtFranklinTn37067
424900Fieldstone Farms517 Crofton Park LnFranklinTn37069
531500Highlands @ Ladd ParkW 358 Truman Rd FranklinTn37064
587000Westhaven1003 Verona DrFranklinTn37064
747500Westhaven1316 Jewell AveFranklinTn37064
501305Bridgemore Village3529 Robbins Nest Rd Thompsons StationTn37179
512272Highlands @Ladd Park808 Fontwell LnFranklinTn37064
56409Cooper Ridge101 Clavie CrewSpring HillTn37174
599900Hollytree Hills1365 Holly Tree Gap Rd BrentwoodTn37027
220000Dogwood Hills7112 Grammar DrFairviewTn37062
384900Spencer Hall3109 Annfield WayFranklinTn37064
439900Creekstone Commons715 Wadestone TrFranklinTn37064
418208Highlands @Ladd Park3019 Ryecroft LnFranklinTn37064
580000Westhaven541 Ardmore PlFranklinTn37064
492000Eliot Rd1215 Eliot RdFranklinTn37064
367500Kyles Creek Est7116 Kyles Creek DrFairviewTn37062
40000Kyles Creek Ph7161 Kyles Creek DrFairviewTn37062
769115Westhaven9033 Keats StFranklinTn37064
320000Winterset Woods2101 Bucolic Ct NolensvilleTn37135
379400Mckays Mill1321 Liberty PkFranklinTn37067
658800Belle Rive6223 Waxwood CtBrentwoodTn37027
405000Avalon379 Pennystone CirFranklinTn37067
303000Silver Stream Farm2508 Broome St NolensvilleTn37135
720000Brentwood Country Club350 Midway CirBrentwoodTn37027
540000Oakhall1686 Bright Way PlBrentwoodTn37027
435000Fieldstone Farms205 Bexley Park DrFranklinTn37069
482500Arrington Retreat427 Secret Mountain PassNolensvilleTn37135
525000Quest Ridge96 5735 Old Hwy FranklinTn37064
465066Fields Of Canterburysec2663 Dunstan Place DrThompsons StationTn37179
617500Cool Springs East163 German LnFranklinTn37067
914424Parkside @Brenthaven1496 Stephanie CtBrentwoodTn37027
375000Castleberry Farm7200 Armor Ct FairviewTn37062
274165Hamptons438 Hero It DrSpring HillTn37174
396580Stream Valley4025 Mossy Rock Ln FranklinTn37064
344795Cooper Ridge1974 Allerton Way Spring HillTn37174
1575000Hooker Hill2017 John J CtFranklinTn37067
209000GroveHeirloom BlvdCollege GroveTn37046
370540Highlands@Ladd Park1007 Ryecroft LnFranklinTn37064
113360Fall Grov6661 Edgemoore DrCollege GroveTn37046
320000Maplewood663 Watson Branch DrFranklinTn37064
152000Chester Est7221 Birch Bark DrFairviewTn37062
976549Elmbrooke9524 Elm Brooke BlvdBrentwoodTn37027
494900Berry Farms Town Center3042 Gen Martin LnFranklinTn37064
749000Brienz Valley2215 Brienz Valley DrFranklinTn37064
345000Cherry Grove1533 Bunbury DrThompsons StationTn37179
424900Stream Valley833 Shade Tree LnFranklinTn37064
430000Highlands @Ladd Park507 Tothill StFranklinTn37064
430000Highlands @Ladd Park513 Tothill StFranklinTn37064
430000Highlands @Ladd Park535 Tothill StFranklinTn37064
430000Highlands @Ladd Park536 Tothill StFranklinTn37064
430000Highlands @Ladd Park539 Tothill StFranklinTn37064
86000Highlands @Ladd Park1037 Beamon Dr FranklinTn37064
344000Highlands @Ladd Park508 Tothill StFranklinTn37064
344000Highlands @Ladd Park509 Tothill StFranklinTn37064
344000Highlands @Ladd Park537 Tothill StFranklinTn37064
344000Highlands @Ladd Park538 Tothill StFranklinTn37064
6825000Spring Hill Plaza1050 Campbell Station PkwySpring HillTn37174
244900Newport Crossing1156 Summerville CirThompsons StationTn37179
645000Highlands @Ladd Park1123 Hornsby DrFranklinTn37064
645000Highlands @Ladd Park1125 Hornsby DrFranklinTn37064
645000Highlands @Ladd Park1191 Hornsby DrFranklinTn37064
645000Highlands @Ladd Park1196 Hornsby DrFranklinTn37064
645000Highlands @Ladd Park1201 Hornsby DrFranklinTn37064
774000Highlands @Ladd Park1132 Hornsby DrFranklinTn37064
774000Highlands @Ladd Park1134 Hornsby DrFranklinTn37064
774000Highlands @Ladd Park1135 Hornsby DrFranklinTn37064
774000Highlands @Ladd Park1136 Hornsby DrFranklinTn37064
774000Highlands @Ladd Park1197 Hornsby DrFranklinTn37064
774000Highlands @Ladd Park1198 Hornsby DrFranklinTn37064
115000Brienz Valley2242 Brienz Valley DrFranklinTn37064
460493Highlands @Ladd Park802 Fontwell LnFranklinTn37064
230000Wyngate Est2308 Baldwin Ct Spring HillTn37174
270000Cameron Farms2609 Milton LnThompsons StationTn37179
398749Tollgate Village2743 Americus DrThompsons StationTn37179
380000Campbell Station2655 Churchill DrThompsons StationTn37179
375000Buckingham Park403 Sir John Ct FranklinTn37064
979000Westhaven1603 Championship Blvd FranklinTn37064
328000Andover508 Lasalle CtFranklinTn37067
357000Chestnut Springs9761 Jupiter Forest Dr BrentwoodTn37027
499950Briitain Downs1949 Eulas WayNolensvilleTn37135
430000Mckays Mill1278 Habersham WayFranklinTn37067
225000Wyngate Est2655 Danbury CirSpring HillTn37174
104338Brush Creek7105 Stonybrook DrFairviewTn37062
565000Westhaven307 White Moss PlFranklinTn37064
585400Kings Chapel1420 Orchard HillArringtonTn37135
460000Winterset Woods2207 Carouth CtNolensvilleTn37135
902500517 Church StFranklinTn37064
538000Chestnut Bend809 Walden DrFranklinTn37064
362000Sullivan Farms611 Wildflower CtFranklinTn37064
294000Westhaven1690 Championship Blvd FranklinTn37064
294000Westhaven1696 Championship Blvd FranklinTn37064
502584Highlands@Ladd ParkE 419 Alfred Ladd Rd FranklinTn37064
239999Witt Hill1600 Witt Hill DrSpring HillTn37174
2600000Westgate Commons1622 Westgate CirBrentwoodTn37027
854900Brentmeade Est9129 Brentmeade Blvd BrentwoodTn37027
372900Wades Grove5013 Speight StSpring HillTn37174
335000Royal Oaks118 Sheffield Pl FranklinTn37067
439900Fieldstone Farms313 Saddle Bridge Ln FranklinTn37069
535000Brookfield2316 Brookfield DrBrentwoodTn37027
375000Stratford Place1201 Glenbrook Dr FranklinTn37064
169900Fernvale Heights7101 Catherine DrFairviewTn37062
295000Westview7542 Westview FairviewTn37062
130000Kings Chapel4016 Gingerwood Ct ArringtonTn37014
265100Chapmans Crossing4083 Locerbie Cir Spring HillTn37174
365416Fields Of Canterbury2515 Tapestry St Thompsons StationTn37179
115000Bent Creek5108 Falling Water RdNolensvilleTn37135
250000Ridgeport1896 Portway Rd Spring HillTn37174
210900Rucker Park147 Velena StFranklinTn37064
210900Rucker Park149 Velena StFranklinTn37064
847070Glen Abbey1766 Macallan DrBrentwoodTn37027
622525Stream Valley107 Stream Valley BlvdFranklinTn37064
466000Bridain Downs112 Corbin CtNolensvilleTn37135
388000Belshire1092 Cantwell PlSpring HillTn37174
200000Park Place605 S Margin St FranklinTn37064
1142000Grove Sec8431 Heirloom Blvd College GroveTn37046
684900Belle Vista212 Azalea LnFranklinTn37064
256308Fields Of Canterbury1415 Channing DrThompsons StationTn37179
168000Spring Hill2223 Jo Ann Dr Spring HillTn37174
175000Grove8594 Heirloom BlvdCollege GroveTn37046
736000Lansdowne9225 Weston DrBrentwoodTn37027
437199Highlands @Ladd Park210 Sagefield StFranklinTn37064
404945Brixworth5000 Stately DrThompsons StationTn37179
271700Heritage Manor701 Heritage CtFranklinTn37067
115000Bent Creek213 Evered Ct NolensvilleTn37135
8754Younger Creek RdPrimm SpringsTn38476
100000Blossom Park3027 Blossom ParkFranklinTn37064
145000Downs Blvd Prop336 Downs BlvdFranklinTn37064
345325Tomlin AcresCampbell RdFranklinTn37064
579000Owl Creek9788 Glenmore Ln BrentwoodTn37027

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