Williamson County Property Transfers January 19

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See where houses sold for January 19-22, 2021, and for how much in the most recent Williamson County property transfers. For more information about purchasing a home, click here to contact Susan Gregory with Parks Realty. View previous property transfers here

$2,550,000.001296 Liberty PkFranklinTN37067
$624,164.00Lockwood Glen Sec9430 Dewar DrFranklinTN37064
$804,620.00Cardel Village454 Cardel LnFranklinTN37064
$699,355.00Scales Farmstead Ph21217 Spruell DrNolensvilleTN37135
$339,400.00Through The Green Sec3529 Vintage Green LnFranklinTN37064
$1,300,000.00Crockett Cove Ph 28300 Victory TrlBrentwoodTN37027
$220,000.00Sec 31026 Briggs LnSpring HillTN37174
$732,605.00Brooksbank Estates Ph1144 Brooksbank DrNolensvilleTN37135
$890,000.00Westhaven Sec 241312 Jewell AveFranklinTN37064
$446,260.00Crowne Pointe Sec 42809 Tweed PlThompsons StationTN37179
$800,000.00Williamsburg Est230 Williamsburg CirBrentwoodTN37027
$187,500.00Hardeman Springs Sec26324 Percheron LnArringtonTN37014
$220,000.00Hardeman Springs Sec26309 Percheron LnArringtonTN37014
$326,782.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec12d3156 Sassafras LnThompsons StationTN37179
$454,000.00Farmington South1990 Berrys Chapel RdFranklinTN37069
$327,163.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec12d3164 Sassafras LnThompsons StationTN37179
$660,000.00Vineyard Valley Sec37157 Neills Branch DrCollege GroveTN37046
$470,000.00Farmington South1990 Berrys Chapel RdFranklinTN37069
$675,000.00Hillsboro ManorOld Hillsboro RdFranklinTN37069
$734,500.00Deer Ridge RdPrimm SpringsTN38476
$1,700,000.00Williams4630 Bethesda RdThompsons StationTN37179
$675,000.00Chenoweth Sec 39315 Hidden Oak DrBrentwoodTN37027
$428,000.001786 Pleasant Hill RdFranklinTN37067
$589,900.00Falls Grove Sec 16794 Falls Ridge LnCollege GroveTN37046
$470,000.00Greenway Trace5915 Kaci LnFranklinTN37064
$725,000.00Mckays Mill Sec 311309 Cottingham DrFranklinTN37067
$181,800.00Laurelwood601 Boyd Mill Ave #k-10FranklinTN37064
$867,700.00Troubadour Sec 27345 Harlow DrCollege GroveTN37046
$251,750.00Grove9008 Passiflora CtCollege GroveTN37046
$2,000,000.004441 N Chapel RdFranklinTN37067
$609,900.00Lockwood Glen Sec8220 Moray CtFranklinTN37064
$720,886.00Westhaven Sec54936 Cheltenham AveFranklinTN37064
$462,340.00Burberry Glen Ph3a772 Ravensdowne DrNolensvilleTN37135
$278,000.00Mckays Mill Sec 341207 Park Run DrFranklinTN37067
$1,445,000.00Perkins Farm1506 Natchez RdFranklinTN37069
$262,000.00Rolling Acres Sec 57111 Sugar Maple DrFairviewTN37062
$739,738.00Arrington Retreat Sec41121 Waterbridge DrArringtonTN37014
$624,000.00Tollgate Village Sec 23004 Americus DrThompsons StationTN37179
$144,000.00Copper Ridge Ph8Boxbury LnSpring HillTN37174
$419,556.00Simmons Ridge Sec82060 Orangery DrFranklinTN37064
$975,000.00Traditions Sec2Charity DrBrentwoodTN37027
$340,000.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec12d3152 Sassafras LnThompsons StationTN37179
$1,136,608.00Natures Landing 4043 Natures Landing DrFranklinTN37064
$385,000.007325 Forrest Glenn RdFairviewTN37062
$320,000.00Riverbluff Sec3Wetzel DrFranklinTN37064
$520,000.00Benevento Ph 23204 Appian WaySpring HillTN37174
$413,990.00Waters Edge Sec56025 Starboard LnFranklinTN37064
$1,105,000.00Elmbrooke Sec 2-39500 Elmbrooke BlvdBrentwoodTN37027
$505,000.00Temple Hills Sec 4103 N Berwick LnFranklinTN37067
$390,700.00Franklin Green Ph 1 Sec 13121 Winberry DrFranklinTN37064
$494,900.00Arbors @ Autumn Ridge Ph 14188 Miles Johnson PkwySpring HillTN37174
$1,000,000.00Brentmeade Est Sec 129216 Foxboro DrBrentwoodTN37027
$695,000.00Arrington Retreat Sec 1125 Sedona Woods TrlNolensvilleTN37135
$275,000.00Sutherland Sec 12823 Sutherland DrThompsons StatonTN37179
$1,674,900.00Meadow Lake Sec 15110 Meadow Lake RdBrentwoodTN37027
$1,290,000.00Harts Landmark2204 Stardust CtFranklinTN37069
$832,805.00Scales Farmstead Ph21204 Spruell DrNolensvilleTN37135
$450,000.00Card LawrenceBlue Willow Pvt LnCollege GroveTN37046
$515,000.00Laurelbrooke Sec 71477 Willowbrooke CirFranklinTN37069
$465,000.00Traditions Sec41846 Traditions CirBrentwoodTN37027
$1,400,000.00Swansons Ridge1744 Swansons Ridge DrFranklinTN37064
$617,500.00Grove9125 Sawtooth LnCollege GroveTN37046
$365,750.00Grove9020 Passiflora CtCollege GroveTN37046
$645,210.00Falls Grove Sec67045 Sky Meadow DrCollege GroveTN37046
$808,500.00Lakeview Commercial Park150 N Royal Oaks BlvdFranklinTN37067
$721,900.00Vineyard Valley Sec17025 Vineyard Valley DrCollege GroveTN37046
$804,000.00Avalon Sec 1450 Beauchamp CirFranklinTN37067
$985,000.00River Oaks Sec 3207 Milbrook CtBrentwoodTN37027
$569,900.00Bent Creek Ph 2 Sec 43251 Locust HollowNolensvilleTN37135
$556,225.00Stream Valley Sec171006 Oglethorpe DrFranklinTN37064
$132,950.00Falls Grove Sec67157 Sky Meadow DrCollege GroveTN37046
$862,500.00Sonoma Sec 29604 Rittenberry DrBrentwoodTN37027
$2,024,847.00Grove Sec118122 Heirloom BlvdCollege GroveTN37046
$601,000.00Waters Edge Sec27031 Headwaters DrFranklinTN37064
$433,900.00Ballenger Farms Ph4 Sec11367 Creekside DrNolensvilleTN37135
$393,000.00Waters Edge Sec12062 Mainstream DrFranklinTN37064
$189,900.00Hardeman Springs Sec26329 Percheron LnArringtonTN37014
$2,400,000.00Governors Club The Ph 229 Colonel Winstead DrBrentwoodTN37027
$508,000.00Sullivan Farms Sec C600 Kiltie WayFranklinTN37064
$795,000.00Avalon Sec 2281 King Arthur CirFranklinTN37067
$1,100,000.00708 W Main StFranklinTN37064
$754,417.00Brooksbank Estates Ph1110 Brooksbank DrNolensvilleTN37135
$811,545.00Lockwood Glen Sec7303 Courfield DrFranklinTN37064
$840,000.00Iroquois Est5102 Williamsburg RdBrentwoodTN37027
$445,500.00Morningside Sec 26021 Sunrise CirFranklinTN37067
$616,554.00Scales Farmstead Ph21228 Spruell DrNolensvilleTN37135
$304,000.00Wakefield Sec 21008 Persimmon DrSpring HillTN37174
$295,000.00Shannon Glen Sec 31767 Shane DrSpring HillTN37174
$50,175.00Deer Ridge RdFairviewTN37062
$210,000.00Jackson Place200 N Royal Oaks Blvd #f-4FranklinTN37067
$800,000.00Wildwood Est Sec 16358 Panorama DrBrentwoodTN37027
$1,015,000.006027 Murray LnBrentwoodTN37027
$1,550,000.00Grove Sec 6 Ph 48416 Heirloom BlvdCollege GroveTN37046
$305,000.005317 Carters Creek PkFranklinTN37064
$895,000.00Oakhampton1909 Beechville TerBrentwoodTN37027
$1,075,000.00Taramore Ph2b1810 Legacy Cove LnBrentwoodTN37027
$1,070,000.00Morgan Farms Sec 19490 Elgin WayBrentwoodTN37027
$430,000.00Commons @ Gateway1413 Moher BlvdFranklinTN37069
$1,115,000.00Cool Springs East Sec 20302 Haddon CtFranklinTN37067
$456,000.00Grove9120 Sawtooth LnCollege GroveTN37046
$310,000.00Peterson Jordann3116 Old Murfreesboro RdArringtonTN37014
$705,000.00Autumn Ridge Ph58006 Puddleduck LnSpring HillTN37174
$330,900.00Simmons Ridge Sec8566 Black Tea WayFranklinTN37064
$265,000.003733 Mobleys Cut RdThompsons StationTN37179
$544,900.00Brixworth Ph7b9022 Safe Haven PlaceSpring HillTN37174
$430,000.00Residences Of Grant Park221 Grant Park DrFranklinTN37067
$1,100,000.00Johnson Chapel Rd WBrentwoodTN37027
$1,499,900.00Grove Sec138808 Edgecomb DrCollege GroveTN37046
$510,000.00Amelia Park Sec31451 Casner LnFranklinTN37067
$539,900.00Burkitt Village Ph42258 Kirkwall DrNolensvilleTN37135
$243,000.00Woodside Townhomes Ph 1a2017 Hemlock DrSpring HillTN37174
$440,000.00Hardeman Springs Sec2Percheron LnArringtonTN37014
$846,000.00Mcdaniel Estates Sec1Balcolm CtCollege GroveTN37046
$1,255,573.00Westhaven Sec54855 Cheltenham AveFranklinTN37064
$770,167.00Westhaven Sec54942 Cheltenham AveFranklinTN37064
$132,950.00Falls Grove Sec67054 Sky Meadow DrCollege GroveTN37046
$72,000.00Copper Ridge Ph83008 Boxbury LnSpring HillTN37174
$403,255.00Copper Ridge Ph63047 Boxbury LnSpring HillTN37174
$1,069,000.007322 Brush Creek RdFairviewTN37062
$413,250.00Grove9116 Sawtooth LnCollege GroveTN37046
$170,000.00Burgess Sam HillHill Hughes RdFairviewTN37062
$349,000.00Nolen Mill Ph2800 Cottage House LnNolensvilleTN37135
$202,000.00Wheelers1182 Waller RdBrentwoodTN37027
$568,500.00Autumn Ridge Ph 14009 Miles Johnson PkwySpring HillTN37174
$1,540,766.00Westhaven Sec 22 Rev 11440 Westhaven BlvdFranklinTN37064
$499,250.00Deerfield Sec 11009 Scramblers KnobFranklinTN37069
$550,000.00Founders Pointe Sec 1223 Lancelot LnFranklinTN37064
$123,400.00E Mcewen DrFranklinTN37067
$2,799,900.00Witherspoon Sec49245 Lehigh DrBrentwoodTN37027
$422,500.00Simmons Ridge Sec82066 Orangery DrFranklinTN37067
$2,975,000.00Witherspoon Sec11453 Witherspoon DrBrentwoodTN37027
$330,000.00Chapmans Retreat Ph 11203 Chapmans Retreat DrSpring HillTN37174


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