Williamson County Property Transfers February 18

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See where houses sold for February 18-26, 2021, and for how much in the most recent Williamson County property transfers. For more information about purchasing a home, click here to contact Susan Gregory with Parks Realty. View previous property transfers here

$398,705.00Copper Ridge Ph63061 Boxbury LnSpring HillTN37174
$447,000.00Maplewood Sec 4506 Maplegrove DrFranklinTN37064
$938,000.00264 Natchez Street153 11th Ave SFranklinTN37064
$1,130,000.00915 Fair StFranklinTN37064
$306,000.00Cochran Trace Sec 32805 Rippavilla WaySpring HillTN37174
$860,000.00Tollgate Village Sec 23136 Natoma CirThompsons StationTN37179
$899,900.00Stephens Valley Sec4808 Carsten StNashvilleTN37221
$950,000.00Lovier John W1030 Holly Tree Gap RdBrentwoodTN37027
$465,000.00Edenbrook Estates9512 Edenbrook CtBrentwoodTN37027
$586,440.00Tollgate Village Sec172245 Maytown CirThompsons StationTN37179
$552,900.00Founders Pointe Sec 8306 Millhouse DrFranklinTN37064
$590,000.00Green Valley Sec 1210 Valley Ridge RdFranklinTN37064
$752,505.00Scales Farmstead Ph21224 Spruell DrNolensvilleTN37135
$170,000.00Whistle Stop Farms Sec12127 Burgin DrThompsons StationTN37179
$170,000.00Whistle Stop Farms Sec12123 Burgin DrThompsons StationTN37179
$315,000.00Pleasant View HillPleasant Hill RdFranklinTN37067
$165,000.00Vineyard Valley Sec37156 Neills Branch DrCollege GroveTN37046
$525,000.00Berry Farms Town Center Sec22033 Rural Plains CirFranklinTN37064
$430,000.00School Manor407 Alicia DrFranklinTN37064
$801,920.00Stephens Valley Sec1 Ph1a2021 Garfield StNashvilleTN37221
$1,501,475.00Swansons Ridge1900 Eli LnFranklinTN37064
$441,500.00School Manor407 Alicia DrFranklinTN37064
$754,564.00Westhaven Sec54924 Cheltenham AveFranklinTN37064
$251,750.00Grove9105 Sawtooth LnCollege GroveTN37046
$389,900.00Forrest Crossing Sec 121169 Culpepper CirFranklinTN37064
$709,287.00Westhaven Sec54930 Cheltenham AveFranklinTN37064
$725,289.00Tap Root Hills Sec43025 Halenwool CirFranklinTN37067
$535,000.00Tap Root Hills Sec13043 Farmhouse DrFranklinTN37067
$703,700.00Gardens At Old Natchez The231 Gardenridge DrFranklinTN37069
$500,000.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec1b1004 Becket CirThompsons StationTN37179
$400,000.00Franklin Green Sec 53237 Gardendale DrFranklinTN37064
$730,941.00Stephens Valley Sec6612 Jackson Falls DrNashvilleTN37221
$455,000.00Gateway Village Sec 2 Rev 12206 Clare Park DrFranklinTN37069
$1,040,000.00Westhaven Sec 161569 Championship BlvdFranklinTN37064
$550,000.00Highlands @ Ladd Park Sec25228 Sagefield StFranklinTN37064
$577,000.00Benevento Ph 13005 Benevento DrSpring HillTN37174
$562,000.006877 Giles Hill RdCollege GroveTN37046
$549,900.00[email protected] Ridge Ph14102 Avocet CtSpring HillTN37174
$447,600.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec 32591 Westerham WayThompsons StationTN37179
$582,000.00Ellington Park Sec 3204 Ellington DrFranklinTN37064
$272,000.00Sutherland Sec 32846 Jesse CtThompsons StationTN37179
$535,000.00Mcdaniel Estates Sec27521 Delancey DrCollege GroveTN37046
$450,000.00Wades Grove Sec18b2020 Lequire LnSpring HillTN37174
$594,900.00Mcdaniel Estates Sec17125 Blondell WayCollege GroveTN37046
$1,250,000.00Sanicola MarkOld Natchez TraceFranklinTN37069
$850,000.00Sanicola MarkOld Natchez TraceFranklinTN37069
$3,405,000.001836 Old Natchez TrFranklinTN37069
$500,000.00Mckays Mill Sec 171228 Olympia PlFranklinTN37067
$642,000.00Westhaven Sec 391334 Porter StFranklinTN37064
$599,990.00Tollgate Village Sec172249 Maytown CirThompsons StationTN37179
$880,000.00Windsor Park Sec 2613 Eton CtFranklinTN37064
$850,000.00Westhaven Sec 28219 Fitzgerald StFranklinTN37064
$575,000.002630 Clayton Arnold RdBrentwoodTN37027
$1,500,000.00Hampton Reserve Sec 31110 Rolling Creek DrBrentwoodTN37027
$536,800.00Stream Valley Sec173024 Fernshaw LnFranklinTN37064
$480,000.00Eagles Glen Sec 2724 Fawn CirFranklinTN37067
$1,300,000.00Grove Sec 26281 Wild Heron WayCollege GroveTN37046
$643,002.00Foxglove Farm4067 Foxglove Farm DrFranklinTN37064
$574,456.00Burkitt Village Ph42263 Kirkwall DrNolensvilleTN37135
$2,683,518.00Troubadour Sec77541 Trident Ridge Pvt RdCollege GroveTN37046
$1,760,000.00Troubadour Sec 27346 Harlow DrCollege GroveTN37046
$1,760,000.00Hideaway @ Arrington Ph1 Sec27350 Harlow DrCollege GroveTN37046
$1,760,000.00Troubadour Sec 27354 Harlow DrCollege GroveTN37046
$2,683,518.00Troubadour Sec77537 Trident Ridge Pvt RdCollege GroveTN37046
$895,000.00Grove Sec 5 Ph38123 Mountaintop DrCollege GroveTN37046
$600,000.005251 Carters Creek PkThompsons StationTN37179
$688,820.00Vineyard Valley Sec17170 Neills Branch DrCollege GroveTN37046
$90,000.00Trails Of BrownlynElrod RdFairviewTN37062
$50,000.00Trails Of BrownlynElrod RdFairviewTN37062
$751,000.00Cottonport Plantation Ph 35627 Cottonport DrBrentwoodTN37027
$2,250,000.00Witherspoon Sec59275 Fordham DrBrentwoodTN37027
$565,937.00Brixworth Ph61125 Brixworth DrSpring HillTN37174
$565,115.00Falls Grove Sec67034 Sky Meadow DrCollege GroveTN37046
$351,500.00Mooreland Est704 Vineland CtBrentwoodTN37027
$250,000.00Green E E942 Green StFranklinTN37064
$237,000.00Brentwood Pointe Sec 1608 Brentwood PointeBrentwoodTN37027
$145,000.00Taliaferro RdEaglevilleTN37060
$218,900.00Glenhaven 3esub7110 White Oak DrFairviewTN37062
$832,000.00Tollgate Village Sec 23156 Natoma CirThompsons StationTN37179
$650,000.00Cottonwood Est122 Riverwood DrBrentwoodTN37027
$480,000.00Chestnut Springs Sec 59788 Jupiter Forest DrBrentwoodTN37027
$495,000.00Vineyard Valley Sec3Neills Branch DrCollege GroveTN37046
$175,000.00Cromwell Sec 21862 Burland CrescentBrentwoodTN37027
$1,214,661.00Bishops Gate Wards Mill100 Spoonhill StFranklinTN37064
$590,000.00Cherry Grove Add Ph6 Sec25003 Wallaby DrSpring HillTN37174
$2,750,000.00Bluff RdBrentwoodTN37027
$608,370.00Scales Farmstead Ph3a200 Heydon CtNolensvilleTN37135
$503,515.00Falls Grove Sec67042 Sky Meadow DrCollege GroveTN37046
$539,000.00Forrest Crossing Sec 111450 Governors Ridge CtFranklinTN37064
$475,000.00Brixworth Ph 1 Sec 21026 Brixworth DrThompsons StationTN37179
$589,900.00Nolenmeade842 Nolenmeade PlaceNolensvilleTN37135
$500,000.00Rev 2227 Governors WayBrentwoodTN37027
$315,000.00Springway7885 Horn Tavern RdFairviewTN37062
$386,125.00Crossing At Wades Grove Sec5a2019 Keiser StSpring HillTN37174
$417,500.00Simmons Ridge Sec82072 Orangery DrFranklinTN37064
$1,003,722.00Westhaven Sec54906 Cheltenham AveFranklinTN37064
$553,539.00Burkitt Village Add Ph1928 Redstone LnNolensvilleTN37135
$350,000.007616 Drag Strip RdFairviewTN37062
$3,999,900.00Two Rivers1507 Starlight LnFranklinTN37069
$950,000.00Westhaven Sec 181621 Grassmere RdFranklinTN37064
$242,900.00Ridgeport Sec 62132 Burgess LnSpring HillTN37174
$580,000.00Amelia Park Sec51061 Amelia Park DrFranklinTN37067
$317,000.00Ridgeport Sec 5a1905 Portway RdSpring HillTN37174
$800,250.00Natures Landing1007 Cabell DrFranklinTN37064
$197,900.00Natures Landing3037 Natures Landing DrFranklinTN37064
$349,000.00Newport Crossing Sec 41147 Summerville CirThompsons StationTN37179
$1,350,000.00Fair Park Cottages331 Fair Park CtFranklinTN37064
$440,000.00Sullivan Farms Sec A Rev 3600 Wildflower CtFranklinTN37064
$618,000.00Westhaven Section 261346 Jewell AveFranklinTN37064
$435,000.00Berry Farms Town Center Sec 11005 Rural Plains CirFranklinTN37064
$470,000.00Buckingham Park Sec 2811 Thatcher WayFranklinTN37064
$640,000.00Berry Farms Town Center Sec73001 Rural Plains CirFranklinTN37064
$159,900.00Grove Sec 6 Ph 48424 Heirloom BlvdCollege GroveTN37046
$1,575,000.00Pinnacle Commercial Sec 1Wall StSpring HillTN37174
$295,000.00Rucker Park124 Velena StFranklinTN37064
$536,100.00[email protected] Ridge Ph142991 Elkhorn PlaceSpring HillTN37174
$780,000.00Chenoweth Sec 179453 Smithson LnBrentwoodTN37027
$475,000.00Forrest Crossing Sec 111446 Governors Ridge CtFranklinTN37064
$106,210.00Stream Valley Sec173000 Fernshaw LnFranklinTN37064
$410,485.00Copper Ridge Ph63041 Boxbury LnSpring HillTN37174
$132,950.00Falls Grove Sec67065 Sky Meadow DrCollege GroveTN37046
$637,080.00Falls Grove Sec67030 Sky Meadow DrCollege GroveTN37046
$995,000.00Brentmeade Est Sec 129186 Brushboro DrBrentwoodTN37027
$775,000.00Jamison Station Sec 1120 Jamison Station LnFranklinTN37064
$546,000.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec8b2653 Paddock Park DrThompsons StationTN37179
$551,000.00Forrest Crossing Sec 111449 Governors Ridge CtFranklinTN37064
$1,222,090.00Stonecrest9604 Stonebluff DrBrentwoodTN37027
$1,075,000.004250 Little Pond LnThompsons StationTN37179
$322,500.00Wyngate Est Ph 112248 Hayward LnSpring HillTN37174
$350,000.00Reynolds Kathy DKittrell RdFranklinTN37064
$440,000.00Forrest Crossing Sec 121206 Forrest Lake CtFranklinTN37064
$1,225,000.001480 Sneed Rd WFranklinTN37069
$678,655.00Falls Grove Sec 46736 Edgemore DrCollege GroveTN37046
$328,000.00Ridgeport Sec 62005 Portman DrSpring HillTN37174
$790,000.00Rev2103 Oakbranch CirFranklinTN37064
$935,000.00Country Club Est512 Mansion DrBrentwoodTN37027
$1,850,000.00202 -218 S Margin StFranklinTN37064
$7,550,000.00ResubSoutheast PkwyFranklinTN37064
$1,230,000.00Leeland112 Lee CirFranklinTN37064
$1,235,000.00Elmbrooke Sec 2-39499 Elmbrooke BlvdBrentwoodTN37027
$396,100.00Falcon Creek Sec 32047 Upland DrFranklinTN37067
$484,900.00Wades Grove Sec18a2045 Lequire LnSpring HillTN37174
$490,000.00991 Westhaven Blvd #20FranklinTN37064
$400,000.001403 Adams StFranklinTN37064
$740,000.00352 9th Ave NFranklinTN37064
$549,900.00[email protected] Ridge Ph14104 Avocet CtSpring HillTN37174
$535,000.00Waters Edge Sec27037 Headwaters DrFranklinTN37064
$185,000.00Laurelwood601 Boyd Mill Ave #k-7FranklinTN37064
$800,000.00Natures Landing1000 Cabell DrFranklinTN37064
$5,250,000.00Franklin Industrial ParkAlpha DrFranklinTN37064
$312,500.00Summers Audrey Thompson621 Hwy 96 NFranklinTN37062
$585,000.00Heartland Reserve Sec37129 Triple Crown LnFairviewTN37062
$468,750.00Waters Edge Sec52067 Flowing Creek DrFranklinTN37064
$365,000.00Buckner Place2838 Pedigo PlSpring HillTN37174
$945,000.00Vance H T888 Holly Tree Gap RdBrentwoodTN37027
$345,000.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec12c3012 Sassafras LnThompsons StationTN37179
$1,200,000.00Temple RdFranklinTN37069
$230,000.00Moore Jim MHorn Tavern RdFairviewTN37062
$1,700,000.00Troubadour Sec78021 Backwoods Pvt DrCollege GroveTN37046
$1,333,765.00Traditions Sec51889 Traditions CirBrentwoodTN37027
$524,847.00Tollgate Village Sec16a3469 Milford DrThompsons StationTN37179
$723,042.00Tap Root Hills Sec43007 Halenwool CirFranklinTN37067
$266,000.00Grove9108 Sawtooth LnCollege GroveTN37046
$368,500.00Fieldstone Farms Sec X95 Alton Park LnFranklinTN37069
$430,000.00Cumberland Estates Ph11026 Brayden DrFairviewTN37062
$275,000.00Ballenger Farms Ph 13000 Ballenger DrNolensvilleTN37135
$1,785,000.00Grove Sec 46017 Native Pony TrlCollege GroveTN37046
$460,000.00Hillsboro Acres1013 Chapel CtFranklinTN37069
$1,250,000.005317 Big East Fork RdFranklinTN37064
$1,585,500.00Crye Harold E TrusteeFairview BlvdFairviewTN37062
$279,000.00Loopers Landing Sec 12123 Loudenslager DrThompsons StationTN37179
$524,863.00Wades Grove Sec18a2047 Lequire LnSpring HillTN37174
$859,591.00Natures Landing1006 Cabell DrFranklinTN37064
$255,000.00Hardison Hills Sec 61101 Downs Blvd #297FranklinTN37064