Williamson County Property Transfers Dec. 20

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See where houses sold for December 20-22, 2021, and for how much in the most recent Williamson County property transfers. For more information about purchasing or selling a home, click here to contact Susan Gregory with Parks Realty. View previous property transfers here

$655,000.00Silver Stream Farm Sec4e2612 Cortlandt CtNolensville37135
$735,000.00Stonehenge Sec 25105 Victoria CvBrentwood37027
$650,000.00Stream Valley Section 03615 Streamside LnFranklin37064
$190,000.00Cumberland Rd7653 Cumberland RdFairview37062
$1,100,000.00Marshall Place8901 Palmer Pvt WayBrentwood37027
$471,675.00Audubon Cove7305 Audubon CvFairview37062
$477,113.00Cumberland Estates Ph32012 Ambie WayFairview37062
$360,022.00Wilkerson Place Ph1a351 Hammock Pvt LnSpring Hill37174
$1,750,000.00Governors Club The Ph 619 Missionary DrBrentwood37027
$498,179.00Wilkerson Place Ph1a Sec2141 Foxhall DrSpring Hill37174
$535,000.00Riverview Park Sec 7-a541 Overview LnFranklin37064
$484,384.00Wilkerson Place Ph1a Sec2103 Foxhall DrSpring Hill37174
$1,900,000.00Legends Ridge Sec 6688 Legends Crest DrFranklin37069
$983,500.00Carondelet Sec 39120 Saddlebow DrBrentwood37027
$884,750.00Kings Chapel Sec 11100 Meadow Bridge LnArrington37014
$992,044.00Stephens Valley Sec3707 Webster StNashville37221
$725,000.00Brenthaven Sec 71607 Gordon Petty DrBrentwood37027
$1,415,127.00Hardeman Springs Sec26011 Porters Union WayArrington37014
$6,500,000.004738 Columbia PkThompsons Station37179
$4,900,000.00Hidden River2460 Hidden River LnFranklin37064
$136,175.00Falls Grove Sec75000 Great Falls CtCollege Grove37046
$773,540.00Falls Grove Sec79020 Nestling Ridge CtCollege Grove37046
$410,000.00Burtonwood Ph 22922 Burtonwood DrSpring Hill37174
$409,900.00Chapmans Crossing Ph 12024 Fiona WaySpring Hill37174
$1,160,000.00909 Wilson PkBrentwood37027
$7,350,000.004620 Bethesda RdCollege Grove37046
$2,371,367.00Splendor Ridge155 Splendor Ridge DrFranklin37064
$1,430,000.00Westhaven Sec 341558 Westhaven BlvdFranklin37064
$2,100,000.00Grove Sec 25000 Native Pony TrlCollege Grove37046
$375,000.007797 Horn Tavern RdFairview37062
$882,500.00631 Beech Creek Rd SBrentwood37027
$550,000.00Hunters Chase Sec 2509 Justin DrFranklin37064
$869,000.00Fieldstone Farms Sec Q-3420 Chamberlain Park LnFranklin37069
$685,000.00Westhaven Sec 3108 Pearl StFranklin37064
$995,000.00Carondelet Sec 5807 Shenandoah DrBrentwood37027
$1,420,000.00Cool Springs East Sec 14407 Autumn Lake TrlFranklin37067
$260,000.00Warren Park Condos514 N Petway St #203Franklin37067
$715,000.002374 Rocky Fork RdNolensville37135
$395,000.00Fieldstone Farms Sec K-1415 Newbary CtFranklin37069
$676,597.00Enclave @ Dove Lake Sec2949 Tynan WayNolensville37135
$457,969.00Wilkerson Place Ph1a Sec2224 Southmen Pvt LnSpring Hill37174
$914,945.00Whistle Stop Farms Sec12232 Brakeman LnThompsons Station37179
$655,000.00Heartland Reserve Sec 17111 Triple Crown LnFairview37062
$559,000.00Forrest Crossing Sec 7-a515 Forrest Park CirFranklin37064
$21,600,000.00Chapmans Retreat Ph4 Sec10Briggs LnSpring Hill37174
$295,000.00Meadowgreen Acres225 Derby LnFranklin37069
$750,000.00Sullivan Farms Sec B404 William Wallace DrFranklin37064
$940,000.00Fieldstone Farms Sec Q-5608 Pendlebury Park PlFranklin37069
$435,000.00Hunters Chase Sec 11188 Hunters Chase DrFranklin37064
$100.00Lojac Materials415 Downs BlvdFranklin37064
$1,100,000.00Goose Creek Est Sec 1200 Eiderdown DrFranklin37064
$730,000.00Tollgate Village Sec14b2739 Americus DrThompsons Station37179
$667,689.00Brixworth Ph7c6059 Kidman LnSpring Hill37174
$637,022.00Lockwood Glen Sec8249 Moray CtFranklin37064
$478,500.00Mcdaniel Estates Sec4Ludlow DrCollege Grove37046
$478,500.00Mcdaniel Estates Sec4Bussing PassCollege Grove37046
$1,442,500.00Legends Ridge Sec 5353 Lake Valley DrFranklin37069
$711,741.00Mcdaniel Estates Sec47608 Bussing PassCollege Grove37046
$620,000.00Franklin Green Sec 133106 Tristan DrFranklin37064
$883,306.00Stephens Valley Sec4930 Dauphine StNashville37221
$915,056.00Highlands @ Ladd Park Sec37307 Tripp Crescent DrFranklin37064
$575,900.00Westhaven Sec56567 Bonaire LnFranklin37064
$1,422,075.00Westhaven Sec571812 Eliot RdFranklin37064
$740,000.00Stone Creek Park Sec 47021 Stone Run DrBrentwood37027
$929,900.00Chestnut Bend Sec 11562 Ploughmans Bend DrFranklin37064
$1,250,000.00Twin Lakes Sec 12724 Buckner LnThompsons Station37179
$1,450,000.00Clouston Park Addition507 S Margin StFranklin37064
$320,000.00Berry Farms Town Center Sec 1303 Levisa LnFranklin37064
$1,600,000.00Governors Club The Ph 3152 Governors WayBrentwood37027
$601,000.00Idlewood Sec 1217 Oxford DrFranklin37064
$400,000.00Mill @ Bond Springs Sec25205 Bond Springs CtThompsons Station37179
$745,000.00Temple Hills Sec 3101 Doral DrFranklin37069
$674,243.00Enclave @ Dove Lake Sec2936 Tynan WayNolensville37135
$809,900.00Fieldstone Farms Sec Q-5620 Pendlebury Park PlFranklin37069
$429,000.00Churchill Farms Ph 2-a2900 Churchill LnThompsons Station37179
$560,000.00Crossing @ Wades Grove Sec41014 Aenon CirSpring Hill37174
$652,000.004253 Pate RdFranklin37064
$200,000.00Cool Springs RdThompsons Station37179
$710,000.00Campbell Station Sec 33040 Havasu DrSpring Hill37174
$350,000.00Ash Hill RdSpring Hill37174
$700,000.00Bent Creek Ph10 Sec16223 Christmas DrNolensville37135
$1,515,000.00Twelve Oaks9541 O'hara DrBrentwood37027
$407,000.006151 Rural Plains Cir 201Franklin37064
$707,720.00Brixworth Ph7c6080 Kidman LnSpring Hill37174
$667,500.00Benevento East Ph2 Sec46002 San Giovanni CtSpring Hill37174
$1,480,000.00River Landing Sec 2404 Coburn LnFranklin37069
$5,500,000.00Laurelbrooke Sec 8Flagstone CtFranklin37069
$1,728,363.00Grove Sec138841 Edgecomb DrCollege Grove37046
$1,050,000.00Harts LandmarkHartland RdFranklin37069
$572,000.00Meadowgreen Acres139 Meadowgreen DrFranklin37069
$100,000.00Forrest Glenn RdFairview37062
$498,863.00Audubon Cove7405 Hemen WayFairview37062
$489,630.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec171572 Nickelby PlaceThompsons Station37179
$170,000.00Lake Road7203 Lake RdFairview37062
$170,000.00Lake RoadLake RdFairview37062
$200,000.00Lake RoadLake RdFairview37062
$439,000.00Kings Chapel Sec114761 Woodrow PlaceArrington37014
$705,000.00Ewingville113 Ewingville DrFranklin37064
$365,512.00GroveArno RdCollege Grove37046
$775,274.00Stephens Valley Sec61034 Apple Orchard CirNashville37221
$3,000,000.001687 Sunset RdNolensville37135
$792,685.00Scales Farmstead Ph3b3004 Palladian LnNolensville37135
$1,418,935.00Lookaway Farms Sec16011 Lookaway CirFranklin37067
$2,165,879.00Witherspoon Sec69261 Berwyn CtBrentwood37027
$650,000.00Buckingham Park Sec 21370 Buckingham CirFranklin37064
$499,900.00Stonebrook Sec 51228 Countryside RdNolensville37135
$1,400,000.00Whetstone Ph 3781 Bathwick DrBrentwood37027
$830,451.00Stephens Valley Sec61042 Apple Orchard CirNashville37221
$600,000.00Hwy 96 NFairview37062
$1,165,000.00Taylor Ridge Est5904 Shelby LnFranklin37064
$540,000.00Wades Grove Sec 22072 Lequire LnSpring Hill37174
$1,697,548.00Grove Sec139100 Joiner Creek CtCollege Grove37046
$537,350.00Lochridge Sec21057 Kirkpark CtNolensville37135
$1,200,000.00Ashton Park Sec 1170 Allenhurst CirFranklin37067
$860,000.00Brooksbank Estates Ph1691 Lawler LnNolensville37135
$1,210,000.00Hunterwood Sec 3-c1016 Lucas CtBrentwood37027
$450,000.00Riverview Park Sec 10-a217 Turnbrook LnFranklin37064
$372,100.00Western Woods Village Sec2 Ph2 & Sec37521 Nathaniel Woods BlvdFairview37062
$2,125,000.001416 Lewisburg PkFranklin37064
$1,250,000.00Westhaven Sec 40410 Ripley LnFranklin37064
$2,800,000.00Tyner Darrell5629 Pinewood RdFranklin37064
$750,000.00Lasater1804 Warren Hollow RdNolensville37135
$310,000.00Paddock Office Condo 1229 Ward Cir #b-12Brentwood37027
$2,500,000.00Hideaway @ Arrington Ph1 Sec27081 Lanceleaf DrArrington37014
$1,225,000.00Mckays Mill Sec 311325 Cottingham DrFranklin37067
$2,000,000.00Berry Farms Town Center Sec4204 Lathram Pvt LnFranklin37064
$500,000.00Paddock Office Condo 1229 Ward Cir #b-11Brentwood37027
$1,600,000.00945 Hickory Hills DrFranklin37067
$440,000.00New Montgomery Place Ph 27212 Mary Susan LnFairview37062