Williamson County Property Transfers August 29

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See where houses and property sold for August 29 through September 2, 2022, and for how much in the most recent Williamson County property transfers. For more information about purchasing or selling a home, click here to contact Susan Gregory with Parks Realty. View previous property transfers here

$639,325.00Pepper Tree Cove Ph37129 Pepper Tree CirFairview37062
$530,000.00Lockwood Glen Sec 3612 Cobert LnFranklin37064
$375,000.00Heathrow Hills997 Lookout Ridge DrBrentwood37027
$393,990.15Shadow Green Sec22000 Shadow Green Dr 203Franklin37064
$942,000.00Fountainhead Sec 1810 Quail Valley DrBrentwood37027
$1,000,000.00Windstead Manor1018 Cantwell PlaceSpring Hill37174
$530,000.00Riverview Park Sec 9-a108 Turnbrook CtFranklin37064
$649,900.00Clairmonte Sec 31222 Kelly CtFranklin37064
$845,000.00Amelia Park Sec31725 Biscayne DrFranklin37067
$420,200.00Fernvale Springs Condos7704 Fernvale Springs Cir Fairview 37062
$1,125,000.00Watkins Creek Sec 53137 Lorena CtFranklin37067
$1,829,143.00Allens Green1759 Barrow LnBrentwood37027
$521,100.00Lexington Farms Sec 22001 Lexington Farms LnSpring Hill37174
$655,000.00Buckingham Park Sec 21397 Buckingham CirFranklin37064
$1,008,535.002680 Pratt RdThompsons Station37179
$343,000.00Thompson7213 Horn Tavern RdFairview37062
$650,000.00Gateway Village Sec 2 Rev 12318 Clare Park DrFranklin37069
$811,275.00Scales Farmstead Ph3b3056 Palladian LnNolensville37135
$590,000.00Fieldstone Farms Sec H-14012 Linden CtFranklin37069
$899,900.00Annecy Ph12203 Broadway StNolensville37135
$848,000.00Fieldstone Farms Sec Q-3609 Cotswold Park CtFranklin37069
$435,000.006834 Giles Hill RdCollege Grove37046
$470,000.00Riverview Park Sec 1105 Pebblecreek RdFranklin37064
$876,000.00Raintree Forest Sec 5-b9482 Foothills DrBrentwood37027
$767,000.00Telfair Ph1433 Edenfield PassNolensville37135
$397,990.00Shadow Green Sec22000 Shadow Green Dr 206Franklin37064
$959,000.00Cornerstone201 Cornerstone LnFranklin37064
$2,995,000.00Grove Sec139120 Joiner Creek CtCollege Grove37046
$464,990.00Shadow Green Sec22000 Shadow Green Dr 304Franklin37064
$324,990.00Shadow Green Sec22000 Shadow Green Dr 202Franklin37064
$611,500.00Dallas Downs Sec 222227 Winder CirFranklin37064
$718,664.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec143010 Whitstable CtThompsons Station37179
$405,000.00Parkside @ Aspen Grove3201 Aspen Grove Dr #d-3Franklin37067
$700,000.00Meadowgreen Acres128 Meadowgreen DrFranklin37069
$1,261,000.00Bridgemore Village Sec 6-c3617 Ronstadt RdThompsons Station37179
$1,465,000.00Kings Chapel Sec 12Woodrow PlaceArrington37014
$600,000.00Spencer Hall Sec 73131 Millbank LnFranklin37064
$630,000.00905 Scouting DrFranklin37064
$516,050.00Cameron Farms Sec 32950 Iroquois DrThompsons Station37179
$606,521.00Enclave @ Dove Lake Sec2808 Novalis StNolensville37135
$730,000.00Campbell Station Sec 151035 St Hubbins DrSpring Hill37174
$1,200,000.00Echelon Sec25048 Maysbrook LnFranklin37064
$874,269.00Lockwood Glen Sec15324 Sherman CtFranklin37064
$672,276.00Waters Edge Sec64067 Flowing Creek DrFranklin37064
$435,000.00Andover Sec 1658 Huffine Manor CirFranklin37067
$1,200,000.005575 Big East Fork RdFranklin37064
$550,000.001800 Cayce Springs RdThompsons Station37179
$394,990.00Shadow Green Sec22000 Shadow Green Dr 204Franklin37064
$1,140,000.00Catalina Ph 4737 Alameda AveNolensville37135
$354,990.00Shadow Green Sec22000 Shadow Green Dr 102Franklin37064
$2,082,750.00Traditions Sec31916 Parade DrBrentwood37027
$1,172,995.00Littlebury Sec23312 Sarah Bee LnThompsons Station37179
$680,000.00Mcfarlin Woods Sec 1209 Norfolk LnNolensville37135
$574,050.00Audubon Cove7302 Audubon CvFairview37062
$3,000,000.00Harlan9201 Liza CtBrentwood37027
$3,200,000.00Grove Sec 45041 Native Pony TrlCollege Grove37046
$899,000.00Temple Hills Sec 1111 Pinehurst DrFranklin37069
$1,186,500.00Westhaven Sec60Cheltenham AveFranklin37064
$250,900.00Westhaven Sec601117 Cheltenham AveFranklin37064
$250,900.00Westhaven Sec601111 Cheltenham AveFranklin37064
$216,900.00Westhaven Sec601105 Cheltenham AveFranklin37064
$985,000.00Village Of Clovercroft Sec14115 Clover Meadows DrFranklin37067
$775,000.00Stream Valley Sec88035 Brookpark AveFranklin37064
$1,198,151.00Hardeman Springs Sec35554 Hardeman Springs BlvdArrington37014
$1,121,553.00Annecy Ph2a2000 Charvillon StNolensville37135
$323,990.00Shadow Green Sec22000 Shadow Green Dr 302Franklin37064
$725,000.007311 Dug Hill RdFairview37062
$675,000.00Foxland Hall Sec 2-a201 Foxborough Sq WBrentwood37027
$500,000.00Keegans Glen423 Knob CtFranklin37064
$983,000.00Mckays Mill Sec 351238 Broadmoor CirFranklin37067
$240,000.00Cherry Glen Condo Sec 4906 Cashmere DrThompsons Station37179
$450,000.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec12c3020 Sassafras LnThompsons Station37179
$551,000.00Campbell Station Sec 23041 O'hallorn DrSpring Hill37174
$425,000.005387 Hargrove RdFranklin37064
$799,900.00Wildwood Est Sec 26318 Panorama DrBrentwood37027
$1,600,000.00Willowsprings Sec 5701 Springlake DrFranklin37064
$780,000.00Bent Creek Ph 2 Sec 43264 Locust HollowNolensville37135
$794,820.00White James5001 Ash Hill LnSpring Hill37174
$579,000.00Wades Grove Sec94009 Madrid DrSpring Hill37174
$450,000.00Ridgeport Sec 41938 Portway RdSpring Hill37174
$649,900.00Wynwood Park Ph17107 Frances StFairview37062
$775,000.00Mcdaniel Estates Sec57649 Delancey DrCollege Grove37046
$732,824.00Mcdaniel Estates Sec57601 Delancey DrCollege Grove37046
$235,000.00Fairview BlvdFairview37062
$1,390,965.00Natures Landing4007 Natures Landing DrFranklin37064
$893,489.00Brixworth Ph7c6072 Kidman LnSpring Hill37174
$643,000.00Amber Glen233 Circle View DrFranklin37067
$1,462,740.00Littlebury Sec23305 Sarah Bee LnThompsons Station37179
$427,000.00Clifton4716 Bennett Hollow RdThompsons Station37179
$459,990.00Shadow Green Sec22000 Shadow Green Dr 205Franklin37064
$399,990.00Shadow Green Sec22000 Shadow Green Dr #103Franklin37064
$399,990.00Shadow Green Sec22000 Shadow Green Dr 104Franklin37064
$1,000,000.003976 Johnson Hollow RdThompsons Station37179
$180,000.00Indian Springs Condos1011 Murfreesboro Rd #l-8Brentwood37027
$925,000.00Sherwood Green Estates Ph32149 Sugar Mill DrNolensville37135
$1,887,911.00Horseshoe Bend Ph 1805 Cedar Knob RdNashville37221
$615,000.00Mckays Mill Sec 271125 Hudson LnFranklin37067
$1,025,000.00Brookfield Sec 6-b2493 Titans LnBrentwood37027
$712,217.00Mcdaniel Estates Sec57321 Ludlow DrCollege Grove37046
$975,000.00Liberty Downs9414 Green Hill CirBrentwood37027
$690,000.00Fieldstone Farms Sec A1020 Carden DrFranklin37069
$1,740,000.00Westhaven Sec572018 Cheltenham AveFranklin37064
$1,350,000.00River Landing Sec 2404 Coburn LnFranklin37069
$845,900.00Spring Hill Place Sec 91373 Round Hill LnSpring Hill37174
$1,060,255.00Falls Grove Sec67061 Sky Meadow DrCollege Grove37046
$1,050,000.00Echelon Sec16061 Maysbrook LnFranklin37064
$2,150,000.00Tuscany Hills Sec71757 Umbria DrBrentwood37027
$963,010.00Scales Farmstead Ph3b3057 Palladian LnNolensville37135
$788,044.00Lochridge Sec45000 Ozment DrNolensville37135
$425,000.004840 Bethesda-duplex RdCollege Grove37046
$585,000.00Wades Grove Sec146036 Sanmar DrSpring Hill37174
$760,855.00Lochridge Sec45012 Ozment DrNolensville37135
$569,900.00Franklin Green Sec 113236 Dark Woods DrFranklin37064
$936,479.00Pine Creek Sec11012 Pine Creek DrArrington37014
$85,000.003033 Mccanless RdNolensville37135
$854,752.00Enclave @ Dove Lake Sec1801 Novalis StNolensville37135
$1,670,000.00Grove Sec 26247 Wild Heron WayCollege Grove37046
$3,000,000.00Hampton Reserve Sec 19578 Hampton Reserve DrBrentwood37027
$640,500.00Belshire Ph35004 Pinhill PassSpring Hill37174
$3,540,000.00Stones Throw Farm7480 S Harpeth RdFranklin37064
$1,950,000.003121 Carl RdFranklin37064
$1,060,000.00Old Hwy 96Franklin 37064
$2,626,750.00Grove Sec 149025 Passiflora CtCollege Grove37046
$460,000.00James Sub205 James AveFranklin37064
$525,000.00Paddock Office Condo5120 Virginia Way #b-11Brentwood37027
$469,990.00Shadow Green Sec22000 Shadow Green Dr 303Franklin37064
$4,700,000.00Maryland Farms Sec 315107 Maryland WayBrentwood37027
$2,390,295.00Splendor Ridge113 Splendor Ridge DrFranklin37064
$1,477,250.00Westhaven Sec59825 Jasper AveFranklin37064
$1,050,000.00Maynard Roy9721 Clovercroft RdNolensville37135
$980,000.00Westhaven Sec 351204 Eliot RdFranklin37064
$470,000.00Heatherwood Hills Sec 1501 Ridgewood RdFranklin37064
$650,000.00Andover Sec 2136 Stanwick DrFranklin37067
$660,000.00Dakota Pointe Ph 23022 Sakari CirSpring Hill37174
$910,000.00Foxland Hall Sec 3-c616 Splitrail DrBrentwood37027
$432,000.00Berry Farms Town Center 4000 Rural Plains Cir 202Franklin37064
$375,000.00Retreat @ Tollgate Village Condos2000 Newark Ln F-101Thompsons Station37179
$696,383.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec155017 Nature Walk TrlThompsons Station37179
$720,000.00Eldorado Acres Sec 18137 Moores LnBrentwood37027
$850,000.00Cedarmont Farms Ph 34011 Trail Ridge DrFranklin37067
$762,290.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec155021 Nature Walk TrlThompsons Station37179
$520,000.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec20Knotts DrFranklin37064
$630,000.00Winterset Woods Sec 32108 Sister CtNolensville37135
$1,549,332.00Lookaway Farms Sec26133 Open Meadow LnFranklin37067
$591,000.00Berry Chapel Heights1757 S Berrys Chapel RdFranklin37069
$415,000.00Fairview Sec B7304 Henderson DrFairview37062
$525,000.00Gateway Village Sec 22420 Clare Park DrFranklin37069
$1,075,000.00Paddock Office Condo 229 Ward Cir Brentwood37027
$315,000.00Hardison Hills Sec 2 Rev 11101 Downs Blvd #156Franklin37064
$475,000.00504 Autumn Springs Court504 Autumn Springs Ct #d29Franklin37067
$615,000.00Franklin Green Sec 43261 Nolen LnFranklin37064
$1,060,000.00Fagan John6281 Meeks RdFranklin37064
$775,000.00Savage Wade A Jr4409 Buchanan LnFranklin37064
$2,169,151.00Lookaway Farms Sec26117 Lookaway CirFranklin37067
$618,000.00Fieldstone Farms Sec G-2455 Essex Park CirFranklin37069
$1,719,000.00Mill @ Bond Springs Sec25121 Bond Mill RdThompsons Station37179
$918,000.00Arrington Retreat Sec41230 Bobwhite TrlNolensville37135
$342,000.00Carriage Park Condos1268 Carriage Park DrFranklin37064
$740,000.00Poplar Ridge8008 Poplar Ridge LnPrimm Springs38476