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See where houses sold for August 27-31, 2018, and for how much in the most recent Williamson County property transfers. For more information about purchasing a home, click here to contact Susan Gregory with Parks Realty.

75015Telfair1108 Mcclellan LnNolensvilleTN37135
431250Rogersshire103 Berwick PlFranklinTN37064
410000Forrest Crossing 416 Chelsey CvFranklinTN37064
490000Spencer Hall 3186 Bush DrFranklinTN37064
325000Shannon Glen1725 Shetland Ln Spring HillTN37174
749900Highlands @Ladd Park960 Hornsby Dr FranklinTN37064
450000Green Valley110 Ridgewood RdFranklinTN37064
596941Mcdaniel Farms6608 Flushing Dr College GroveTN37046
594380Brentwood Hills5111 Longstreet Dr BrentwoodTN37027
669900Berry Farms Town Center2007 General Martin Ln FranklinTN37064
600000Nolensville RdNolensvilleTN37135
385100Riverview Park810 Countrywood Dr FranklinTN37064
436900Arbors At Autumn Ridge1024 Alpeca Dr Spring HillTN37174
102500Cherry Grove Add 2966 Stewart Campbell Pt Spring HillTN37174
102500Cherry Grove Add 2964 Stewart Campbell Pt Spring HillTN37174
502230Brixworth 1691 Lantana Dr Spring HillTN37174
94737Stream Valley3006 Oglethorpe Dr FranklinTN37064
94737Stream Valley3012 Oglethorpe Dr FranklinTN37064
57991Copper Ridge 2017 Morton Dr Spring HillTN37174
718900Clovercroft Preserve9055 Clovercroft Prsv Dr FranklinTN37067
279662Fields Of Canterbury2608 Wellesley Sq Dr Thompsons StationTN37179
477500Highlands@Ladd Park120 Curry Ct FranklinTN37064
460000Heartland Reserve7158 Tripple Crown Ln FairviewTN37062
1162000Westhaven800 Stonewater Blvd FranklinTN37064
735795Westhaven5080 Nelson Dr FranklinTN37064
13350006027 Murray Ln BrentwoodTN37027
826900Hideaway@Arrington7105 Mason Grove Ct College GroveTN37046
685000Fountainbrooke376 Childe Harolds Cir BrentwoodTN37027
724900Stephens Valley236 Meriwether Blvd NASHVILLE TN 37221
3500005913 N Lick Creek Rd FranklinTN37064
635000Mclemore Farms2711 Mclemore Way FranklinTN37064
215000Hardison Hills1101 #I-103 Downs Blvd FranklinTN37064
575000Berry Farms Town Center308 Walter Roberts St FranklinTN37064
400000Davis & Headden Prop8362 Patterson Rd College GroveTN37046
1750001771 Evergreen Rd Thompsons StationTN37179
520000Cheswicke Farm625 Grange Hill Ct FranklinTN37064
295000Jimmy WhitehurstPatton RdArringtonTN37014
219000Hadley Reserve109 Hadley Reserve Pvt Ct NolensvilleTN37135
185000Bridgemore Village3664 Ronstadt Rd Thompsons StationTN37179
519549Nolenmeade822 Nolenmeade Place NolensvilleTN37135
180000Gables @ Wakefield2271 #B-5 Dewey Dr Spring HillTN37174
3100001611 Lewisburg Pk FranklinTN37064
280000Chapmans Retreat1303 Carmack Ct Spring HillTN37174
221000Woodside Townhomes2046 Hemlock Dr Spring HillTN37174
286836Fields Of Canterbury2600 Wellesley Sq Dr Thompsons StationTN37179
279436Hamptons @ Campbell Sta414 Heroit Dr Spring HillTN37174
650000Bahne Acres8011 Bahne Acres Ln FairviewTN37062
1565000Stonebrook2017 Johnson Ind Blvd NolensvilleTN37135
872500Cool Springs East448 Autumn Lake Trl FranklinTN37067
309000Hamptons At Campbell Sta438 Heroit Dr Spring HillTN37174
1750007333 Forrest Glenn Rd FairviewTN37062
840000Governors Club The111 Governors Way BrentwoodTN37027
375000Franklin Green3112 Brimstead Dr FranklinTN37064
251275Petra Commons265 Mary Ann Cir Spring HillTN37174
375000Meadowgreen Acres329 Stable Rd FranklinTN37069
609160Willowmet1177 Pin Oak Cir BrentwoodTN37027
10500009089 Horton Hwy College GroveTN37046
666126Mcdaniel Farms6706 Betts Court College GroveTN37046
393395Fieldstone Farms5027 Penbrook Dr FranklinTN37069
440000Oakwood2225 Castlewood Dr FranklinTN37064
499900Cool Springs152 Broadwell Cir FranklinTN37067
325000Wakefield7003 Masonboro Dr Spring HillTN37174
420000Ellington Park505 Ellington Dr FranklinTN37064
665000Raintree Forest1557 Timber Ridge Dr BrentwoodTN37027
560000Concord Crossing9719 Turnbridge Ct BrentwoodTN37027
255000Wyngate1909 Hamelton Cir Spring HillTN37174
480601Telfair421 Edenfield Pass NolensvilleTN37135
494900Brixworth2946 Stewart Campbell Pt Spring HillTN37174
499000Cool Springs120 Broadwell Cir FranklinTN37067
1370000Campbell Station2096 Wall St Spring HillTN37174
391484Stream Valley2012 Oglethorpe Dr FranklinTN37064
533195Falls Grove6794 Falls Ridge Ln College GroveTN37046
454990Stream Valley6008 Huntmere Ave FranklinTN37064
505000Cheswicke Farm604 Grange Hill Ct FranklinTN37067
290000Hill Addn1113 Parkview Dr FranklinTN37064
245000Ridgeport1925 Portview Dr Spring HillTN37174
550000Windsor Park1024 St Georges Way FranklinTN37064
262500Brentwood Pointe1027 Brentwood Pointe BrentwoodTN37027
14420000Cool Springs Centre1701 Mallory Ln BrentwoodTN37027
25000Sleepy Hollow RdFairviewTN37062
249900Highlands @ Campbell3050 Auld Tatty Dr Spring HillTN37174
320000Cameron Farms2569 Milton Ln Thompsons StationTN37179
585000Indian Point9306 Arrowhead Ct BrentwoodTN37027
519900Westhaven127 Fitzgerald St FranklinTN37064
529000Brentwood So Ltd1413 Plymouth Dr BrentwoodTN37027
218000Brentwood Pointe917 Brentwood Pointe BrentwoodTN37027
1049900Cromwell1832 Burland Crescent BrentwoodTN37027
460000Cheswicke Farm712 Brittney Ct FranklinTN37067
242950Water Leaf5041 Water Leaf Dr FranklinTN37064
29126Bethesda RdCollege GroveTN37046
305000Andover667 Huffine Manor Cir FranklinTN37067
471350Burberry Glen148 Burberry Glen Blvd NolensvilleTN37135
328000Hamptons At Campbell Sta206 Audrey Dr Spring HillTN37174
552533Clovercroft Preserve9123 Barred Owl Dr FranklinTN37067
450000Highlands At Ladd Park271 Irvine Ln FranklinTN37064
442000Founders Pointe708 Founders Pointe Blvd FranklinTN37064
610000Clovercroft RdNolensvilleTN37135
605000Ivy Glen4057 Oxford Glen Dr FranklinTN37064
411165Waters Edge4042 Portage St FranklinTN37064
404544Stream Valley2006 Oglethorpe Dr FranklinTN37064
487500Founders Pointe306 Founders Pointe Blvd FranklinTN37064
385000Rogersshire401 Eastover Ct FranklinTN37064
256500Newport Crossing1609 Bryson Cv Thompsons StationTN37179
290000Western Woods Village7249 Cox Pk FairviewTN37062
550000Smyrna Road Homes9024 Ford Dr BrentwoodTN37027
958878Taramore9493 Stillbrook Tr BrentwoodTN37027
484900Burkitt Village2231 Kirkwall Dr NolensvilleTN37135
479900123 Forest Trl BrentwoodTN37027
304315Fields Of Canterbury2592 Wellesley Sq Dr Thompsons StationTN37179
422644Burberry Glen618 Riverdene Dr NolensvilleTN37135
1250000Waddell Hollow RdFranklinTN37064
297205Fields Of Canterbury2612 Wellesley Sq Dr Thompsons StationTN37179
485500Amelia Park Sec 31452 Casner Ln FranklinTN37067
670053Arrington Retreat236 Rock Cress Rd NolensvilleTN37135
320000Wakefield3017 Farmville Cir Spring HillTN37174
332000Burtonwood Add2928 Buckner Ln Spring HillTN37174
329000Kingwood7406 Canavan Ln FairviewTN37062
426395Tollgate Village Sec 153380 Vinemont Dr Thompsons StationTN37179
292000Boyd Mill1416 Wildwood Ct FranklinTN37064
372000Buckner Crossing1095 Neal Crest Cir Spring HillTN37174
367315Waters Edge4048 Portage St FranklinTN37064
510000Brentwood Hills1207 Longstreet Dr BrentwoodTN37027
468000Burkitt8248 Middlewick Ln NolensvilleTN37135
919900Weatherford5001 Weatherford Pass FranklinTN37064
578957Mcdaniel Farms6508 Windmill Dr College GroveTN37046
15650007154 Nolensville Rd NolensvilleTN37135
979574Stonecrest818 Singleton Ln BrentwoodTN37027
603727Highlands@Ladd Park1080 Memorial Dr FranklinTN37064
1061353Weatherford6038 Blackwell Ln FranklinTN37064
255000Pipkin Hills2811 Masons Ct Spring HillTN37174
655568Highlands @Laddpark1045 Memorial Dr FranklinTN37064
610414Highlands @ Ladd Park1021 Memorial Dr FranklinTN37064
342000Franklin Green3122 Langley Dr FranklinTN37064
250000Woodside2103 Hemlock Dr Spring HillTN37174
150000Boy Scout RdFranklinTN37064
380000Bolton8171 Horton Hwy College GroveTN37046
355000Grassland6713 Manley Ln BrentwoodTN37027
203750Brentwood Pt Condos504 Brentwood Pointe BrentwoodTN37027
5400000Galleria Comm Complex1755 Galleria Blvd FranklinTN37064
5550001034 Waller Rd BrentwoodTN37027
175000Chester7116 Timberlane Dr FairviewTN37062
485000Kyles Creek7313 Allans Ridge Ln FairviewTN37062
1450000Morgan Farms1803 Morgan Farms Way BrentwoodTN37027
522750Sullivan Farms112 Abercairn Dr FranklinTN37064
336000Rolling River118 Daniels Dr FranklinTN37064
875000A Minor River Landing600 Aylesford Ln FranklinTN37069
107500Cherry Grove Add1585 Bunbury Dr Spring HillTN37174
275000Churchill Farms2648 Churchill Dr Thompsons StationTN37179
312000Tanyard Springs1003 Williford Ct Spring HillTN37174
289000Water Leaf5204 Second Creek Ln FranklinTN37064
590000Cottonwood191 Riverwood Dr FranklinTN37069
283920Fields Of Canterburry2596 Wellesley Sq Dr Thompsons StationTN37179
848534Farms@Clovercroft9206 Holstein Dr NolensvilleTN37135
427500Ballenger Farms3068 Ballenger Dr NolensvilleTN37135
440000Franklin Green3130 Brimstead Dr FranklinTN37064
385000Cooper Herschel7110 Cooper Ln FairviewTN37062
985000Benelli Park1017 Benelli Park Ct FranklinTN37064
576000Mcdaniel FarmsWindmill DrCollege GroveTN37046
889900Hideaway @Arrington7069 Lanceleaf Dr College GroveTN37046
382000Wades Grove4009 Madrid Dr Spring HillTN37174
376900Buckner Crossing1055 Neal Crest Cir Spring HillTN37174
659990Taramore9560 Faulkner Square BrentwoodTN37027
379990Tollgate Village3364 Vinemont Dr Thompsons StationTN37179
407000Hillsboro Acres108 Spencer Crek Rd FranklinTN37069
710000Westhaven4097 Camberley St FranklinTN37064
185000Fernvale Springs7112 Fernvale Springs Ct FairviewTN37062
418000Crowne Pointe4115 Chancellor Dr Thompsons StationTN37179
1300000300 Eddy Ct FranklinTN37064
836502Telfair2646 Sanford Rd NolensvilleTN37135
389000Wades Grove6008 Sanmar Dr Spring HillTN37174
499900Wilson PkFranklinTN37067