Williamson County Property Transfers April 12

property transfers real estate

See where houses sold for April 12-16, 2021, and for how much in the most recent Williamson County property transfers. For more information about purchasing a home, click here to contact Susan Gregory with Parks Realty. View previous property transfers here

$199,900.00Brienz Valley Sec 22220 Brienz Valley DrFranklinTN37064
$340,825.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec12d3128 Sassafras LnThompsons StationTN37179
$1,282,000.00Temple Hills Country Club Estates Sec16c6678 Hastings LnFranklinTN37069
$300,600.00Ridgeport Sec 21942 Portway RdSpring HillTN37174
$3,580,000.00Thompsons Sta Rd WThompsons StationTN37179
$4,204,200.00Pratt RdSpring HillTN37174
$2,400,000.00Pratt RdSpring HillTN37174
$750,000.00Blazer Hill LnFranklinTN37064
$680,000.00Foxland Hall Sec 2-b6015 Foxborough Sq EBrentwoodTN37027
$432,500.00Crossing @ Wades Grove Sec 42005 Keiser StSpring HillTN37174
$875,000.00Delta Springs4608 Delta Springs LnFranklinTN37064
$978,212.00Hunters Ridge Sec 1902 Hunters CtFranklinTN37069
$829,000.007227 Haley Ind Dr #200NolensvilleTN37135
$2,799,900.00Iroquois Est5103 Cornwall DrBrentwoodTN37027
$320,000.00Rev 91869 Brentwood PointeFranklinTN37067
$700,000.00Oakhall Sec 49365 Ansley LnBrentwoodTN37027
$568,400.00Indian Point Sec 11112 Indian Point DrBrentwoodTN37027
$6,000,000.003350 Bailey RdFranklinTN37064
$770,285.00Highlands @ Ladd Park Sec384001 Kentucky CtFranklinTN37064
$656,000.00West Sec 11324 Sweetwater DrBrentwoodTN37027
$2,300,000.00Troubadour Sec78001 Backwoods Pvt DrCollege GroveTN37046
$670,900.00Enclave @ Dove Lake Sec1800 Novalis StNolensvilleTN37135
$339,666.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec12d3140 Sassafras LnThompsons StationTN37179
$400,000.00Picketts Ridge Ph 2-b2699 Sutherland DrThompsons StationTN37179
$638,299.00Lockwood Glen Sec9409 Dewar DrFranklinTN37064
$77,500.007621 Union Valley RdFairviewTN37062
$546,000.00Winterset Woods Sec 5c2203 Carouth CtNolensvilleTN37135
$550,000.00Temple Hills Sec 1106 Pinehurst DrFranklinTN37069
$612,600.00Falls Grove Sec67069 Sky Meadow DrCollege GroveTN37046
$1,035,000.007231 Shoals Branch RdPrimm SpringsTN38476
$300,000.005674 Bending Chestnut RdFranklinTN37064
$780,000.00Witherspoon Sec5Fordham DrBrentwoodTN37027
$685,000.00Founders Pointe Sec 1221 Lancelot LnFranklinTN37064
$370,000.00Sutherland Sec 32847 Jesse CtThompsons StationTN37179
$829,900.00Kings Chapel Sec 11109 Meadow Bridge LnArringtonTN37014
$349,900.00Prescott Place140 Stanton Hall LnFranklinTN37069
$855,000.00Fountainhead Sec 1807 Quail Valley DrBrentwoodTN37027
$510,000.00Sullivan Farms Sec A326 Wisteria DrFranklinTN37064
$229,900.00Costello Farms6000 Costello Farm Pvt LnThompsons StationTN37179
$2,100,000.005956 N Lick Creek RdPrimm SpringsTN38476
$1,790,000.00Westhaven Sec 7311 Morning Mist LnFranklinTN37064
$900,744.00October Park2013 Orange Leaf CirFranklinTN37067
$634,000.007338 Taylor RdFairviewTN37062
$200,000.00Leipers Creek RdFranklinTN37064
$350,000.00Westhaven Sec 15 Rev 2144 Prospect AveFranklinTN37064
$355,000.00Stream Valley Sec162049 Oglethorpe DrFranklinTN37064
$595,000.00Belshire Ph33052 Everleigh PlaceSpring HillTN37174
$400,000.00Mill @ Bond Springs Sec25205 Bond Springs CtThompsons StationTN37179
$205,000.00Laurelwood601 Boyd Mill Ave #h-2FranklinTN37064
$900,000.009390 Crockett RdBrentwoodTN37027
$323,100.00Blakemont Est7214 New Hope PassFairviewTN37062
$2,100,000.00Princeton Hills Sec 2739 Princeton Hills DrBrentwoodTN37027
$815,000.00Albany Pointe Sec 22169 Albany DrFranklinTN37067
$129,750.00Kyles Creek Ph2 Sec2Kyles Creek DrFairviewTN37062
$450,000.00Fieldstone Farms Sec M220 Cavalcade CirFranklinTN37069
$676,000.00Raintree Forest So Sec 129497 Waterfall RdBrentwoodTN37027
$670,000.00Timberline Sec 2321 Sandcastle RdFranklinTN37069
$400,000.00Meadowlawn304 Meadowlawn DrFranklinTN37064
$195,000.00Hardeman Springs Sec26056 Porters Union WayArringtonTN37014
$807,500.00Grove Sec 149145 Sawtooth LnCollege GroveTN37046
$1,019,273.00Natures Landing4013 Natures Landing DrFranklinTN37064
$817,600.00Westhaven Sec57Eliot Rd FranklinTN37064
$1,220,000.00Witherspoon Sec 7Edenwilde Dr BrentwoodTN37027
$675,000.00Witherspoon Sec 7Crockett RdBrentwoodTN37027
$1,300,000.00Spanntown RdArringtonTN37014
$299,500.00Brentwood Pointe Sec 1214 Brentwood PointeBrentwoodTN37027
$134,025.00Falls Grove Sec67066 Sky Meadow DrCollege GroveTN37046
$477,695.00Stream Valley Sec173006 Fernshaw LnFranklinTN37064
$390,604.00Copper Ridge Ph63045 Boxbury LnSpring HillTN37174
$1,530,000.00Echo Park116 Alpine CtFranklinTN37069
$375,000.00Cameron Farms Sec 12717 Camden CtThompsons StationTN37179
$297,000.00Highlands @ Ladd Park Sec18175 Circuit RdFranklinTN37064
$610,000.00Redwing Meadows Sec 21230 Ascot LnFranklinTN37064
$275,000.00Fernvale Springs7109 Fernvale Springs WayFairviewTN37062
$434,700.00Tollgate Village Ph2a2019 Tollgate BlvdThompsons StationTN37179
$815,000.00Stags Leap Sec 2a6057 Stags Leap WayFranklinTN37064
$387,990.00Shadow Green Sec1636 Vintage Green LnFranklinTN37064
$1,209,379.00Brown Raiford Jr Prop6779 Arno-allisona RdCollege GroveTN37046
$411,290.00Shadow Green Sec1642 Vintage Green LnFranklinTN37064
$670,000.00Westhaven Sec 241212 Jewell AveFranklinTN37064
$509,312.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec13b2721 Carena Terrace CtThompsons StationTN37179
$1,025,000.00Horseshoe Bend Ph 3-a2990 Polo Club RdNashvilleTN37221
$445,000.00Villages Of Morningside8042 Sunrise CirFranklinTN37067
$1,435,297.00Westhaven Sec54949 Cheltenham AveFranklinTN37064
$740,929.00Highlands @ Ladd Park Sec382036 Cumberland Valley DrFranklinTN37064
$732,019.00Brooksbank Estates Ph1313 Redding CtNolensvilleTN37135
$690,000.00Cool Springs East Sec 5308 Tinnan AveFranklinTN37067
$675,000.00Catalina Ph 22094 Eucalyptus WayNolensvilleTN37135
$1,515,000.00Annandale Sec 59246 Wardley Park LnBrentwoodTN37027
$235,000.00Cochran Trace Sec 22827 Scoville LnSpring HillTN37174
$400,000.00Forrest Crossing Sec 3-e2051 Roderick CirFranklinTN37064
$1,300,400.00Traditions Sec51887 Traditions CirBrentwoodTN37027
$569,900.00Mooreland Est Sec 1974 Mooreland BlvdBrentwoodTN37027
$851,000.00Highlands @ Ladd Park Sec19273 Rich CirFranklinTN37064
$305,000.00Ridgeport Sec 61880 Portway RdSpring HillTN37174
$349,000.00Amis1929 Carters Creek PkFranklinTN37064
$421,000.00Twin Oaks1576 Birchwood CirFranklinTN37064
$404,477.00Shadow Green Sec1648 Vintage Green LnFranklinTN37064
$651,375.00Falls Grove Sec67121 Sky Meadow DrCollege GroveTN37046
$2,200,000.00Troubadour Ph1 Sec37516 Whiskey RdCollege GroveTN37046
$277,253.00Grove Sec78560 Heirloom BlvdCollege GroveTN37046
$1,400,000.00Troubadour Sec 27053 Lanceleaf DrCollege GroveTN37046
$336,608.00Cumberland Estates Ph21064 Brayden DrFairviewTN37062
$271,900.00Ph 2a1049 Misty Morn CirSpring HillTN37174
$315,000.007404 Les Hughes RdFairviewTN37062
$1,200,000.00Glenellen Est Sec 21592 Glenellen WayBrentwoodTN37027
$2,050,000.00Beech Creek Hill456 Beech Creek Rd NBrentwoodTN37027
$550,000.00Petway Place417 Roberts StFranklinTN37064
$1,500,000.00Troubadour Ph1 Sec47293 Harlow DrCollege GroveTN37046
$750,000.00Berry Farms Town Center Sec72072 General Martin LnFranklinTN37064
$650,000.00Broken Ridge Hollow5520 Broken Rdg Hollow LnThompsons StationTN37179
$2,950,000.00Binkley Brandon Douglas6014 Serene Valley Pvt TrlFranklinTN37064
$299,900.00Evergreen Ridge1801 Bittersweet TrlThompsons StationTN37179
$153,000.006877 Pulltight Hill RdCollege GroveTN37046
$649,400.00Highlands @ Ladd Park Sec351044 Memorial DrFranklinTN37064
$435,000.00Wades Grove Sec103013 Foust DrSpring HillTN37174
$573,999.00Davis & Headden Prop8340 Haley LnCollege GroveTN37046
$2,852,316.00W Harpeth RdFranklinTN37064
$810,000.00Kings Chapel Sec 11136 Meadow Bridge LnArringtonTN37014
$134,025.00Falls Grove Sec67126 Sky Meadow DrCollege GroveTN37046
$548,555.00Falls Grove Sec67161 Sky Meadow DrArringtonTN37014
$283,375.00Valley Green7111 Hall RdFairviewTN37062
$668,000.00Raintree Forest Sec 11502 Forest Garden DrBrentwoodTN37027
$3,195,000.006025 Murray LnBrentwoodTN37027
$1,300,000.00Jamison Station Condos320 Liberty Pk #208FranklinTN37064
$800,000.00Westhaven Sec 6119 Gladstone LnFranklinTN37064
$624,900.00Burkitt Village Ph42259 Kirkwall DrNolensvilleTN37135
$417,500.00Woodridge7550 Aubrey Ridge DrFairviewTN37062
$1,205,000.00Tuscany Hills Sec 19642 Portofino DrBrentwoodTN37027
$899,900.00Stephens Valley Sec277 Glenrock DrNashvilleTN37221
$651,850.00Carondelet Sec 19020 Carondelet PlBrentwoodTN37027
$960,000.00Westhaven Sec 409045 Keats StFranklinTN37064
$328,589.00Cumberland Estates Ph21062 Brayden DrFairviewTN37062
$551,206.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec13b2717 Carena Terrace CtThompsons StationTN37179
$1,005,000.00Mcdaniel Farms Sec16501 Windmill DrCollege GroveTN37046
$769,000.00Tollgate Village Sec 12900 Americus DrThompsons StationTN37179
$540,000.00Dakota Pointe Ph 23100 Sakari CirSpring HillTN37174
$465,000.00Royal Oaks Sec 3200 Kensington PlFranklinTN37067
$825,000.004267 Old Hillsboro RdFranklinTN37064


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