Williamson County Named One of the Richest in America


Forbes released its list this week of the 10 richest counties in the country for 2017.

Williamson County is seventh, and the only Tennessee county on the list.

The median income for Williamson County residents is $104,367, reports Forbes.

“The fastest growing county in Tennessee, over half of the 489,250 residents are college educated. The biggest employers in the county are Community Health Systems Inc., United Healthcare and Nissan North America. Williamson County attracts new business with low costs— it has the lowest county tax in the Nashville area, no state income tax and the Nashville area has a 4% lower cost of living than the national average,” states their site.

Other counties on the list include:

5. Douglas Co, CO (median income $109,926)
4.Howard Co, MD (median income $110,224)
3.Fairfax, VA (median income #112,844)
2.Falls Church, VA (#122,092)
1.Loudon Co, VA (median income $125,900)

Click here to see the full list.


  1. So why can’t we find the funds to support our schools at the level one would expect from one of the wealthiest counties in the nation?

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