2018 List of Williamson County Farmer’s Markets

nolensville farmer's market, tennessee

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Nolensville Farmer’s Market
Location: 7248 Nolensville Road, between Sonic & Nolensville Rec Center at the intersection of Nolensville Rd & Sunset Rd.
When: May 5 – October 27
Hours: 8a-12p every Saturday

The Nolensville Farmer’s Market is the brainchild of Dr. Miro Bandalo and several of his patients that were interested in having more local, natural products closer to home. After talking about it for months (and prescribing fresh food diets to his patients) he started to recruit volunteers to help make his dream a reality. After some arm twisting, both figuratively and literally, he was able to put together the founding Board of Directors.

Upcoming Events at Nolensville Farmer’s Market

May 12 – Strawberry Gala
May 18 – Nolensville Farmer’s Market Food Truck Fest
June 2 – Birthday Celebration, the market turns four!
July 21 – Tomato Festival
Sept 1 – Grill Feast
Oct 27 – Chili Cook off