Williamson County Family Displaced After Early Morning House Fire

Photo: Volunteers from Williamson Rescue Squad

A Williamson family of four was displaced early this morning after their home was significantly damaged by a house fire.

The family escaped the home safely and are being assisted by the American Red Cross. The cause of the fire was due to an outdoor heating lamp accident. The family initially tried to extinguish the flames themselves with a garden hose, while calling 9-1-1, before the flames grew too large.

Over 15 Volunteer Firefighters from City of Fairview Fire Department and the Williamson County Rescue Squad were dispatched to the scene at 4:45 AM.

Additional units from Williamson Fire-Rescue, Emergency Medical Services, Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, Williamson County Emergency Management, City of Dickson Fire, and East Hickman Volunteer Fire Department assisted. The investigation was completed by Williamson Fire-Rescue Fire Marshall, Bob Galoppi.

For more information about the Williamson County Volunteer Fire Service, please visit www.williamsonready.org.