by Clark Shelton    Photo by Debra Sheridan

In December, it was “Say No To Del-Webb.” Recently it’s “Say Neigh To Hillsboro Cove” and “Preserve Brentwood.” No matter how you say it, Williamson County is at a crossroads: where does the rural charm of cities and county end and the development begin? We will be doing a series addressing how these issues are being resolved on both the county and local level. We will talk to developers, politicians and citizens to get the full scope of a controversial problem in our county.


Last night’s Williamson County Planning Commission approved the plat vote for Hillsboro Cove. The only “No” came from Fairview’s Don Crohan. While much of the surrounding property on Old Hillsboro Road is zoned for 5 acre lots, the county has approved the 30+ acre plot next to the Harpeth River flood plain for 1 acre lots. “We aren’t saying ‘don’t develop’, what we want is for this development to fall in line with the surrounding properties,” said Laura Turner, spokesperson for “Save Old Hillsboro” and a resident of the area. “This is about a density devastation of our rural area,” she added.

Meanwhile during last night’s meeting, District 9 Commissioners Mary Brockman’s and Todd Kaestner’s impassioned pleas to alter the zoning, fell on deaf ears. Brockman did suggest that the septic plans fell way short for the 20 +, 4-5 bedroom houses, proposed near the flood plain.

According to developer Brandon Jenkins, of Grove Park Construction, what he is doing is well within the codes and he is doing all he can to make everyone happy. “I felt like people out there should be for it not against it,” Jenkins said. “All we are doing is helping their cause out there by building beautiful new homes, with an average square footage of 4,000-6,500 square feet. All of the lots are more than an acre in size.” SOURCE


Preserve Brentwood is a grassroots organization of citizens trying to find a balance of original vision with incoming development in their city. Noise ordinance changes, a H.G. Hill Realty development, and Harley Davidson are just some of the recent issues Preserve Brentwood is pursuing on a local level. We will be looking at those issues as they develop over the next 2-3 weeks.

So where is the line in the sand? Does it move as the wind blows? Is it Country Charm or Country Harm?  Which is more important: residential rights or the almighty dollar? Can there truly be a balance? How is traffic and the environment impacted? These are just some of the issues we will be covering and addressing as development and residences meet a crossroad.



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Clark Shelton has made Franklin home for over 2 decades, raised a family (his son currently attends MTSU), and contributed greatly to the quality of life in Downtown Franklin for many years as part of the Heritage Foundation and Downtown Franklin Association. He has been the General Manager of for 2 years, after serving as Social Media Coordinator in the early days.