One month after Commissioner Tom Bain resigned his District 7 seat, the Williamson County Commission will pick his replacement Monday night.

Four*  Brentwood residents applied for the open seat. Commissioner Bert Chalfant — who interviewed all of them — will make a recommendation before it is put to a vote.

*Omar Hamada withdrew his name from consideration Monday.

One of these five will be the new District 7 Commissioner, and serve through November 2018:

Jennifer Luteran

Luteran, a litigator-turned-stay-at-home mom, ran for and lost a District 7 School Board seat in 2016.

“I believe that I can use those same skills to be an effective negotiator on the commission and bring both sides of an issue together,” she wrote in her application.

“My passion is seeing that the business community becomes more engaged in our school community so that Williamson County is able to begin supporting our schools in other ways besides through taxpayer dollars,” Luteran wrote. “Through my role on the commission, I would love to become an integral part of the Williamson County Education Foundation.”

She said that many of her supporters from her failed bid for school board urged her to put her name forward.

Bobby Hullett

Luteran’s opponent in that school board race, Hullett would resign from the school board to take the commission seat.

Hullett beat Luteran in a three-way candidate race for the District 7 school board seat this past August.

“I bring a diverse background across a blended knowledge of education, industry, and public service to this calling,” he wrote in his application. “This distinctive balance of experience — including serving as the Williamson County Board of Education Member for the 7th District since 2012 — provides me with a unique perspective in public service to our county that I wish to continue in this new capacity.”

Hullett has worked as a a senior IT and learning consultant at Vanderbilt University Medical Center since 2014. Before that from 2007 to 2014, he was a human resources manager and consultant at Nashville’s Lee Company.

Hugh DuPree

DuPree submitted his name after Luteran and Hullett.

A judicial assistant for the Williamson County Court, he has run for the District 7 seat at least five times, he said.

Dupree is former chairman of the Williamson County Republican Party, a former newspaper publisher and veteran.

In the past he has said his main concern is growth.

Omar Hamada

Hamada, a “physician entrepreneur,” heads three businesses with his wife, Tara, also is a physician. The couple have four children ages 7 to 16.

Hamada, onetime associate professor at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, also had a long military career.

He received a Bronze Star in Afghanistan, where he served as Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command Flight Surgeon and Diving Medical Officer.

“I am very interested in helping lead us forward to improve education, infrastructure and the budget as we experience tremendous growth,” Hamada said. “We live during a time of great growth, and I’d like to serve as a voice for people in my district to make sure their wishes are implemented.”

John Magyar

Magyar, a Brentwood resident, was the fifth person to apply for the vacant District 7 County Commission seat.

A realtor for Keller Williams, he has been serving as a member of the Brentwood Planning Commission for a year and a half, since Mayor Regina Smith appointed him.

“Mayor Regina Smithson asked me to be on the planning commission and commissioner Anne Dunn asked me to think about the commission seat, saying that my knowledge, abilities, and interests match,” he wrote in his application.”

As commissioner, he said he would protect the assets of Brentwood and the county, and that mass transit could be a potential focus.

Magyar has also worked as a producer, writer and director and has worked in 30 countries around the world as a filmmaker.