Williamson Business Leadership Awards Wants to Recognize Retail Leaders

Retail Leadership Awards

Retail is an integral part of a growing economy. In 2016, the U.S. retail industry generated $1.087 trillion. That’s 5.9 percent of U.S. gross domestic product. The largest category within retail is automotive. It makes up 19 percent of the retail industry. Grocery stores are 15 percent and general merchandise is 14 percent (Source).

If you know someone in the retail field who deserves recognition, nominate them today for the Retail Leadership Award through the Williamson Business Leadership Awards.

Nominees for the Retail Leadership Award are individuals who have shown extraordinary
leadership among local retailers, contributing to overall Williamson County economic development, and having an impact on the quality of life for its employees and all of Williamson County.

About the Williamson Business Leadership Awards

In its inaugural year, The Williamson Business Leadership Awards is open for nominations to encourage the recognition of business leaders whose companies are located in Williamson County that have demonstrated professional excellence and significant impact to the economic growth, prosperity and philanthropy in our community.

There are 17 major categories for the 2018 Williamson Business Leadership Awards which will recognize the very actions, accomplishments and good deeds by our business leaders and companies who serve Williamson County.

The 2018 awards are presented by LBMC located in Brentwood, which is one of the fastest growing business services firms in Tennessee.

Additional sponsors for 2018 include BigR Media, Williamson Source, Wells Fargo Bank, Fedex Express, Deanglis Diamond, Regions, Williamson Parent, and Harvest at Homestead.

Use the form below to nominate someone.

Or click here to submit your nomination: http://williamsonbusinessawards.com/nominate.