Williamson Applauds Students for Breaking ACT Record

Celebrating its success, Williamson County Schools lauded its effort to finally achieving higher than a 24 on its ACT score.

At an event Monday morning, the district had several elected officials and school board members gathered to cheer the accomplishment of the Class of 2016, for earning a 24.7 cumulatively.

The goal of a 24 was set more than six years ago in a strategic plan for Williamson schools. The district previously had hit a 23.8.

“We had input and brainstorming sessions and created a unified vision of what we wanted our graduates to achieve,” Superintendent Mike Looney said. “I will remind you that an average of 24 puts us in a very elite group of school systems across the country. It’s extremely hard to do.”

The Tennessee state average is 19.9 this year, falling just short of its goal of 21. A score of 21 out of 36 on the ACT is what earns students statewide access to funds from the Tennessee HOPE Scholarship, which more than 80 percent of Williamson students are granted. Looking across nationally, the average is a 20.6. 

While the district celebrated its accomplishment, Looney said the data on the state report card is incorrect. Last week, the Tennessee Department of Education released new report cards for all districts in the state. At that time, the report card had Williamson at 24.4. Looney said he hopes the state will remedy the error.

Here’s how the district has done in the past six years:

2010: 22.7

2011: 22.8

2012: 23.1

2013: 23.4

2014: 23.5

2015: 23.8

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