Will Harpeth Square Squash Franklin’s Small Town Charm?

On Tuesday night, Franklin will vote to allow a large mixed-use development into the downtown area in the interest of providing parking and living spaces closer to the charming, historic and unique downtown Franklin.

For many that have commented on the Harpeth Square project the problem is not in having these amenities available, but rather that the changes being made won’t fit into the Franklin style.

Here are some comments from Franklin community members posted recently on our site and Facebook page:

  • Shaun Miller: “What I’m seeing in the drawings doesn’t keep in character with the existing downtown Franklin. I think this is a small town, in Franklin, and I think we should keep it that way. Consider pedestrian safety and add a crosswalk at the bankharpeth square hotel drive entrance that would cross Main Street that has stripes, signs and flashing lights.”
  • Donna Harris: “While I’m all for a quaint hotel for downtown Franklin, this ugly, monstrosity is not right. It does not represent our town in any way. I sure hope a “Plan B” is on the drawing board bc this would hurt our town’s appearance. This bldg. is representative of a 70’s medical center. No, please no!”
  • Ed Solva: “I don’t think we’re shocking the community for scale, but we are putting $80 million in investment. And it’s local investment. It’s people that are accountable. They’re not from New York putting venture capital together and leaving taking all of their property. They’re gonna be accountable. They live here.”
  • Allison Williams: “I do believe that the precedent that this sets is frightening when there are other properties that are owned by these developers downtown.”
  • Kim Bohlen: “I think this is a wonderful thing for Franklin, but it sure would have been nice if they would have made the architecture more in line with the charm of our downtown. I sure hope it doesn’t look like an ugly monstrosity in our beautiful town.”
  • Karen: “Franklin does need a downtown hotel but not this institutional monstrosity. I am so surprised that the Franklin historical people would approve this type of architecture when they have put such tight restrictions on so many other things. I sincerely hope that they will open this up to some more ideas, listen to the residents of Franklin, and try to keep in mind our special historical heritage.”

The Franklin BOMA meets Tuesday, March 24 at 7 p.m. in the Board room at 109 3rd Ave S in Franklin to make its final vote on the project.


  1. is there a way to create an architectural facade that fits better with Franklin’s small downtown style? Why would we not invest in maintaining that? Wouldn’t that
    add to the demand this Hotel would have, due to a unique charm?

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