Wild Wing Cafe in Franklin Closes

Wild Wing Cafe

Wild Wing Cafe, located at 545 Cool Springs Boulevard in the Thoroughbred Village Shopping Center, has closed. The Facebook Page has been deleted and there’s no note on the door about the closure. Inside, the restaurant looks untouched as all of the furniture and decor on the walls are still intact. On the windows outside, it has signs which say “Brooks Properties Lease.”

Wild Wing Cafe opened in 2012 and was the only one in the Middle Tennessee area with the closest location in Knoxville. The Wild Wing Cafe website lists the Franklin location as closed.

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  1. This is sad indeed. I absolutely loved their food. I’m sure the reason they closed is because of the rent. I own a restaurant in Franklin myself and I’m looking to open another one. That Brooks properties that you mentioned owns most everything in cool springs and they put the rent so high that I don’t think anything can succeed. I called on the empty TGI Fridays and they want $30,000 a month in rent. Nothing can succeed at that price and they won’t sell the properties.

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