Why You Should Ditch the 15 Minute Haircut

Refine Men's Salon

by Refine Men’s Salon, Cool Springs

Ever woke up one day, looked in the mirror, and thought, “How and when did this mop of hair happen?” You think about that meeting you have later today, or maybe the in-laws you’re having dinner with tomorrow night…and you go to one of those quick cutting places that always take walk-ins and will have you in and out in 10 or 15 minutes.

Well, stop.


Do yourself a favor and start researching where you go.

Your hair is an investment in not only how other people perceive you, but also in how you feel about yourself. Quick cutting salons, or chop shops, are concerned with only the most basic of haircutting techniques. Their design is to get as many people in and out as quickly as possible.

When you spend the time and money to go to someone who has the experience and the time required to perform a handcrafted haircut, the difference can be substantial. You end up with a cut that fits your head shape, your style, and can potentially last you longer between haircuts.

Many quick cutting salons are staffed by fresh, new stylists who are still learning the tricks of their trade. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. We all had to start somewhere! Many of our stylists at Refine Men’s Salon got their start at similar places. The difference is that our stylists have had time and experience to hone their craft. The end result you’ll get with them is one they can see and describe to you…and they know exactly how to get you there.

So ditch the 15- minute haircut. And go see professionals who can take their time with you. The end result will be a better, more “Refined” you.

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