checking tire pressure

When cold weather hits, it’s important to check your tire pressure. Maybe in the past, during the winter months, you’ve noticed that your tire light turns on indicating low air. Why does this happen?

When it gets cold, the pressure in your tire can reduce 1-2 pounds for every 10-degree drop in temperature; therefore, under-inflated tires in the winter are common and also dangerous.

Tires that are under-inflated can cause minor problems like extra wear and poor gas mileage, but they can also cause serious issues like affecting steering and handling, generating heat that contributes to blow outs, and causing the driver to not be able to brake in a timely manner.

To check your tires manually:

  1. Buy a tire pressure gauge – they come in a variety of sizes, but you don’t need a fancy gauge to check your tires. You can buy one like the one to the right, called a “pencil” gauge, which can be found at gas stations, hardware stores, etc. They are inexpensive, easy to use and small enough to store in your glove compartment so that you can easily check your tire pressure whenever needed.
  2. Remove the black cap from the tire valve. Insert tire pressure gauge into the valve stem on your tire (refer to your air pressure gauge owners manual for correct usage instructions.) A digital gauge will give you a reading immediately, if using the “pencil” gauge, the stick will pop out and show a measured number.
  3. Your gauge will give you a reading in PSI (pounds per square inch). Compare your measurement with what is listed in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.
  4. Repeat this a few times on each tire including your spare to ensure an accurate reading.

If you’re hesitant to do it yourself, most dealerships and tire stores will check your tire pressure for free. This winter, don’t neglect your tires!

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