Why Wax Brows Instead of Tweeze?

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The shape of your eyebrows is a feature that can totally change the look of your face. Over the years, trending eyebrow shapes have moved from full, dark eyebrows to thin brows and back to the plush and dark. However, maintaining eyebrow shape and definition isn’t always easy.

Tweezing and waxing have been used to help maintain brows, but many cosmetologists and industry professionals debate which is better. The answer is that both have pros and cons.

Both methods remove the entire hair follicle from the root with similar results. The preference for many comes down to how your body may react to the method, the speed and efficiency of the method, how the method works with fine hairs, the amount of control and accuracy, and what supplies are needed.

Pros Cons
Waxing Happens quickly by taking many hairs at a time Could cause a temporary reaction on sensitive skin
Grabs easily to all hairs, including fine ones, making smoother skin Best done my a professional.
Tweezing More precise as you can choose individual hairs Takes one hair out at a time prolonging discomfort
Only requires tweezers Takes more time


Tweezing is used by many because of its preciseness and often used in combination with the other methods to get the best-looking brows possible. It only requires tweezers making it easy to do yourself if you know what to do, but many often over tweeze, taking too many hairs and have difficulty making it look uniform. Further, it takes one hair out at a time meaning prolonged discomfort for those with sensitives nerves.

Waxing is by far the quickest method for brow shaping (and any other type of hair removal.) The wax grabs onto all the hair in the particular area and will pull them all at once, this means less time with the professional as well as less time of your nerves being attacked from repeated hair removal. Waxing requires some tools and someone knowledgeable about waxing, so it is best done by professionals rather than at home.

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