Why Pilgrimage Festival Was Canceled

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Pilgrimage Music Festival was cut short on Saturday due to inclement weather. Around 4:30 p The National Weather Service indicated a potential for severe weather in the vicinity. All performances stopped on stages throughout the festival and attendees were asked to evacuate the festival by going to their cars or to The Factory. One hour later, the festival along with City of Franklin, Police and Fire Department made the decision to discontinue programming for the night.

Pilgrimage Discontinued Due to Inclement Weather

Sunday morning, ticket holders got some more bad news. Day 2 of Pilgrimage was canceled as well due to weather. After the cancellation announcement, Pilgrimage released the following statement:.

“While the cancellations of Pilgrimage’s Saturday afternoon and Sunday programming due to inclement and dangerous weather including overall site safety conditions is disappointing for everyone, we fully support the decision made by Chief Todd Horton and the City of Franklin. The safety of our patrons, guests, artists, and staff is the first priority. The lighting strikes on Saturday afternoon forced an evacuation and along with the persistent rainfall has left the site unsafe and unavailable to use. We remain committed to working with Chief Horton and the city as partners now and in the future.”

In regards to the weather incident on Saturday the festival stated the following, “For those asking if yesterday was canceled because of rain, there was lightning in the area that was passing directly over the City of Franklin. It eventually crossed over our 8-mile safety perimeter with 69 recorded lightning strikes over the course of the temporary evacuation and one strike as close as .9 miles away. The safest place to seek shelter was vehicles, The Factory and Liberty Elementary. Vehicles were held until attendees evacuating on foot were cleared from the streets as this was part of our shelter in place evacuation plan. Once pedestrians were safe, we allowed cars to leave the site.”

If you left items at the festival during the evacuation, the festival has created a Lost and Found registry on their website. They are asking that you do not return to the festival site. On Monday, you can claim your items in the back of The Factory near Liberty Hall (230 Franklin Road, Franklin) from 9 a – 5 p.

At this time, there is no finalized plans for refunds but the festival says it will share more information soon.


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