Why all the Racquet? 5 Reasons Women LOVE Tennis

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Have you ever noticed that tennis attracts strong, powerful women? Look at Serena and Venus Williams. There’s a reason: Tennis is a sport that provides great benefits for women of all ages.

Independent Play or Team Sport
Not all sports can be played solo, but tennis can. For busy women, sometimes it can be nice to zone out by yourself and do something physical to take your mind off of life. But, who doesn’t love a sport that can be enjoyed solo, or with friends? By joining a tennis club with a team, you can surround yourself with other strong, likeminded women.

Tennis is a relatively inexpensive sport. Several local recreation centers have outdoor courts that can be accessed for a small fee, which only leaves you with the price of your racquet and balls. Of course, if you add in weekly tennis lessons and join a tennis club, the price can start to rise, but it is totally worth it if you love the sport.

Tennis = A Fantastic Workout
Tennis is one of the best ways to stay in shape. You can easily burn anywhere from 400 – 1,000 calories per hour by playing tennis, as it is a total-body, (HIIT) high intensity interval training workout. Tennis is also great for strength training, as the sport targets your lower body, upper body and core as you chase and stroke the ball. And… who doesn’t love the outfits?

It’s a Girl Thing
Tennis is a wonderful sport for both younger and older women to partake in. Studies have shown that women who play tennis have more strength, lower body fat, and increased aerobic capacity. Tennis also helps with joint flexibility, which keeps injuries at bay. For young girls, starting the sport early in life will only add to the positive benefits of playing tennis.

Mental Stimulation
Aside from being a powerhouse workout, tennis is a workout for your mind. Starting any new sport comes with new rules and techniques to learn, and it can be a rewarding experience to apply and develop what you learn over a period of time. Pushing yourself to learn something new can be a highly satisfying addition to your life. Plus, tennis is a great way to release your competitive side. Make time to reset ~ book your indoor court time today!

Considering Joining a League?
If you’re interested in joining a tennis league in the Williamson County area, consider checking out the Women’s WS1 or WS2 leagues. The Indoor Sports Complex hosts the WS1 and WS2 league games throughout the winter and spring months.

Wondering Where To Play As The Seasons Change?
As the colder months creep in, you can keep your game going by finding an indoor court. The Williamson County area has many indoor options to choose from. You can join a team, play in tournaments, and take private or group lessons at the Brentwood Swim and Tennis Club. This club requires a membership, but it’s worth checking out. The Williamson County Recreation Center offers indoor court reservations for $18. The United States Professional Tennis Association has trainers on staff at the Williamson County Recreation Center, as well as the Franklin Recreation Center offering private lessons.

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*Please consult your doctor before beginning any new fitness routine.

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