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Gasoline prices across the country have continued to decline in the last week, according to data. The national average has dropped 7.6 cents per gallon to $1.891/gallon as of this writing, the lowest levels since March, 2009. The number of states seeing gas prices declines hit 48, with just Iowa and Nebraska starting the week off higher than last week.

Good news for Tennesseans: the average gallon of gas in Tennessee is currently $1.67. So, where will you find the cheapest gas?


Sam’s Club3070 Mallory Lane & Jordan Rd$1.75
Kroger1203 Murfreesboro Rd & S. Royal Oaks$1.92
BP1301 Murfreesboro Rd & Edward Curd$1.92
Mapco1501 Murfreesboro Rd & Edward Curd$1.92
Mapco240 Franklin Road & Harpeth Industrial Ct$1.92


Costco98 Seaboard Lane near Mallory Lane$1.75
T-FUEL8101MooresLane near Westgate Circle$1.91
BP7108MooresLane & Mallory Lane$1.92
Shell1732 Carothers Pkwy & Isabella Lane$1.92
Mapco8009MooresLane & Westgate Circle$1.92

Spring Hill

Murphy Express4955 Main St & Bess Blvd$1.57
Twice Daily5261 Main St near Locke Ave$1.58
Kroger4900 Port Royal Rd & Lovell Ln$1.58
Shell2100 Wall St near Main St$1.59
QuikMart5414 Main St near Kedron Rd$1.59


BP7136 Nolensville Rd & Haley IndustrialDr$1.89
Phillip’s 667207 Nolensville Road nearOldam$1.89


Flying J1420 TN 96 N & I-40$1.49
BP1514 TN 96 near I-40W$1.49
Mapco7002 CityCnterWay$1.53
Citgo1425 N TN 96 near I-40$1.53
FastStop2209 Fairview Blvd & Chester Rd$1.54

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