By Heather Listhartke

Everyone likes to think that exterior doors will last forever or at least as long as the house is ours, but the reality is that your door doesn’t last forever. Properly maintained doors can last for decades, but there does come a time when doors need to be repaired or replaced in order to maintain safety, comfort, and attraction for your house. There are some things that you should look for in order to decide whether you need to change out your doors.

Does your door look like it’s been through a few hail storms or battering rams?
Things like dents and rust compromise the structure and integrity of your door, but if it seems that your door dents too easily it may be that your door just wasn’t a quality door to begin with. Our exterior doors have to stand up to a lot of things – weather, us bumping into the door when we are carrying something heavy or using our foot to open the door. If your door gets dented by these simple things, you may want to consider a new door. It’s also unlikely that something like that is really keeping moisture away or helping with temperature regulation.

If you have an old solid wood door, it may also have cracks that let light and air drafts in. These doors have been through so many expansions and cracks due to weather that it may have weathered or warped. The most noticeable part of this is if your door no longer is fitting in its doorway or hanging on its hinges correctly.

Do you have to place towels or other things in front of the door to keep drafts of cold weather out of your home?
Sometimes the issue is that your threshold is too low or your weather stripping has worn out. Both of these are easy fixes to do on your own. For the threshold, many of them are adjustable with a simple screwdriver. The weather stripping can be purchased at any hardware store to help seal those holes. However, if you’ve already replaced the weather stripping and fixed everything else, it may be that your door has other issues and just needs to be replaced.

Is it a workout to open or close your door or even just to lock it?
If you have a hard time getting your door to open or close without having to jerk it or push it closed, it may be that you have too much humidity or air coming in. The weather changes on an old door can cause it to swell making it difficult to handle. Likewise, the hinges can also be sinking which can move the door off track and not fit with the lock placement. If either of these things are happening, you should replace your door, and likely you’ll also save on your energy bill as a result

Do people compliment you on how retro your door looks when your door is just old?
This is especially important if you are going to sell your house, though you may want to keep it updated for your own personal reasons. Many of us like how things look because they reflect our personality. If you don’t like what your door is saying about you or the house, it may be time for you to change it.

If your door meets any of these things, it is probably time to replace it. Classic Doors has great hardwood mahogany doors that look great and will keep your house safe, secure, and comfortable. Visit their website or see them in person at 319 Hermitage Ave.

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