What Your Car’s Color Says About You

By Ashley Irwin

A car’s color is often one of the major selling points for the vehicle. The color of your car can say a lot about you. People can predict your personality, preferences, and opinions from what color your car is. Some of the most popular and classic colors for cars are white, black and silver. Here’s what those colors might say about the car owner:

white-carWhite- Honesty and Cleanliness

White has often been associated with honesty, purity and, of course, cleanliness. If you drive a white car, people may be more inclined to believe that you are a person who values cleanliness. White cars look pure and can be some of the cleanest looking cars if they are taken care of.  Also, environmental psychologist Sally Augustin adds that a white car presents a fresh and modern personality, as many contemporary brands — Apple, for example — are drawn to white for the same reason (Source.)


Silver- Modern and Elegant

Silver cars are very elegant and often give off a modern and sophisticated aura. A person who drives a silver car values a sleek and elegant appearance. A silver car almost always looks modern as well, so the drivers are often perceived as someone who desires to stay with and ahead of trends. A sleek, silver car will most likely capture a lot of eyes. Silver is “the color of security and style,” says  Marcie Cooperman, a professor of color theory at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City (Source.)

black-carBlack- Powerful

A black car is a classic symbol of power and status. A person who drives a black car is seen as someone who wishes to be seen as powerful. It makes sense because limousines and chauffeur vehicles are almost always black. Black cars often steal the spotlight from other cars on the road, so the drivers are typically those who value their status.

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