What Will Replace Basil in Cool Springs?

basil bistro

Basil Bistro, an independently owned Asian fusion restaurant located at 9040 Carothers Parkway, has closed. A staple in the Cool Springs area for 12 years, Basil suddenly closed without notice to customers.

We attempted to contact Basil by phone but the number has been disconnected. We also contacted the restaurant through social media but haven’t received a reply.

On the outside of the building is a sign which reads “Las Brisas Finest Flavors of Mexico Now Open” but when you attempt to enter the restaurant you are greeted with a locked door.

Las Brisas CoolSprings

A sign was placed on the door stating “Closed for Renovations Deliveries to the Back Entrance.”

Las Brisas CoolSprings

Las Brisas has placed ads for servers and bartenders for the new restaurant. You can apply for those jobs here. 

We have made attempts to reach out to Las Brisas for more information regarding the new restaurant and the opening date but have yet received any return replies.

Keep checking back here for more information.



  1. I an SO SAD Basil closed. I had never found authentic Thai in America except for this place. I hope they open in another location.

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