What to Wear to a Wedding

It’s the summer wedding season!  Here is our guide on what to wear to a wedding.

Comfortable and Classic.   Don’t be that person you see in pictures that looks uncomfortable in what they are wearing.   Also, buy a dress that is a classic like a sheath.   It  will be a great asset to your closet and wearable again for many other occasions.


Simple Clutch- Leave that everyday workhorse handbag at home.   A small clutch with all the emergency essentials, lipstick, mints, and a small sewing kit.  You will be surprised how many times that will come in handy.


Choose your shoes wisely.  If you are attending an outdoor wedding, opt for wedges.   If the event is a country club, go for the classic pump.  Whatever you do, go for the shoes that are wearable for more than 30 minutes.  Your feet will thank you later.

Lastly,   one important thing, never, ever, wear white to a wedding.   Don’t be that girl that everyone is talking about in a not so good way.   Stay Fashionable!

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