Parents: What is the First Thing You Will Do After Dropping Kids at School?

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From WCS inFocus

Today is the first day of school for students of Williamson County Schools (WCS). As your children go off to school today, some of you parents may be in the whoo-hoo camp while others of you are in the boo-hoo camp. Either way, the day has come to send your students out the door to begin a new school year.

After your first day of school photo, hugs, and drop-off what is the first thing you will do? For some, you may savor the quiet moments, grab a coffee, run errands, or head to work. In a survey, we found at, it states that 60 percent of parents will head to work after drop-off.

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For those not headed to work, the survey says the next category is a na,p because hey it’s been a long summer. The survey states that men are more likely to take a nap (14% of men vs. 9% of women) or celebrate (8% of men vs. 5% of women) after dropping the kids off. Women (13%) are slightly more likely than men (11%) to cry, but men and women are equally likely to feel sentimental and reminisce (7%).

So, we want to know what are your plans today?

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