What is Replacing Guac in Franklin?

guac franklin

The owner of GUAC Mexican Grill, which closed less than two weeks ago, has found another tenant.

The location at 1311 Murfreesboro Road in Franklin should open in the next two to three months as a Smoothie King.

“When I sign as lease I like to open as soon as possible,” Paul McCulloch, the new lessee, said.

McColloch owns 15 Smoothie King franchises, most of them in the Middle Tennessee area. He owns the ones currently in Williamson County: at the Galleria Mall, at 600 Frazier Drive, 9040 Carothers Parkway and 330 Franklin Road.

“The location is a good one,” he said. “It is highly visible, on a road with a lot of traffic, it has easy access. I am excited about it.”

GUAC Closing

“We pulled back to concentrate on our existing business,” Rakesh Bery, the owner of the property and as well the owner of GUAC, which has a Donelson location.

Bery said they tried to go full bar and restaurant at Franklin originally, but it did not work out. He said they closed because of problems with the bar.

Spring Hill Next?

McCulloch, who is the largest single franchisee of Smoothie Kings in the company’s national 800 location umbrella, said his sights are set next on Spring Hill.

“I am looking for a good location there now, and I hope if anyone has a good space there they get in touch with me,” he said.

Smoothie King could join Juice Bar as the second smoothie-type place in Spring Hill. Plans for a coming Juice Bar at the Kissing House have gone before the planning commission.