Cruise control has long been a favorite automobile feature for many. Not only is it a practical way to avoid a speeding ticket, cruise control makes traveling long distances on extended stretches of highway much easier.

Infiniti has further advanced this modern day feature that was invented in 1945 by Ralph Teetor — a blind and well-respected mechanical engineer — into Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC).

Infiniti’s Intelligent Cruise Control system works like standard cruise control but with an added benefit. It allows you to maintain a selected distance from the car in front of you.

Infiniti’s ICC system offers two control modes:

  1. Vehicle-to-Vehicle Distance Control

This mode maintains a selected distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. The distance to the vehicle in front of you can be selected at any time depending on the traffic conditions. Each time the “distance” button is pushed, the set distance will change to long, middle, or short and back to long again in that order. The distance to the vehicle ahead will change according to the vehicle speed — the higher the vehicle speed, the longer the distance. If the vehicle ahead is traveling slower than your set speed, the ICC will automatically match that vehicle’s speed. Once the road ahead clears, the ICC will resume your set speed automatically. 

  1. Conventional (Fixed Speed) Mode

Conventional, or fixed speed, cruise control mode is for cruising at a preset speed.

“It’s simple to use, and enhances the vehicle’s overall safety. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers who appreciate its benefits,” says Ian Henson, General Manager of Infiniti of Cool Springs. “Infiniti continually strives to be on the cusp of new technology for a better driving experience.”

Intelligent Cruise Control is available in select models.

Infiniti of Cool Springs offers a variety of New and Certified Pre-owned vehicles at its Cool Springs location, that will help keep your family comfortable and safe. Visit their showroom in person or see their vehicles online. Call today to make an appointment, 888-356-6427.

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