Cell Phone Seat
credit- Cell Phone Seat Kickstarter

Scott McIntosh, Westhaven resident and local digital marketing executive, is looking to solve the age-old problem of where to store your cell phone in the car. McIntosh has created a “cell phone seat” for use in the car and he’s asking for the community’s support with his Kickstarter campaign.

While driving in his car one day, McIntosh had an idea for a better way to store his phone than his usual way, which was to toss it in the cup holder.

The issue with using the cup holder, McIntosh discovered, is that the phone would often flop around and if you were trying to use your phone for directions, it was hard to see while in the cup holder.

With other cell phone holders, McIntosh identified other problems, such as blocking the air vent, dashboard attachments were difficult or caused damage to the interior and other cell phone holders had too many parts and gadgets.

After not finding the right solution on the market, McIntosh created a prototype using a 3D printer. Through trial and error, spending time in different vehicles, measuring various makes and models of cell phones, McIntosh feels he has found the right combination that will fit all cell phones, not fall out, and fits seamlessly in your car cup holder.

Watch the video here to see how the product works.

The purpose of the Kickstarter is to allow people to “pre-order” the product. In doing so, they help pay for the product’s actual creation in the factory. McIntosh says, if the Kickstarter campaign is successful, it will cover the cost of setting up the production in the factory and the initial order of inventory.

As with all Kickstarter Campaigns, the project is only funded if it reaches its goal. McIntosh has set a goal of $20,000 and his Kickstart Campaign ends March 31. Learn more about the Cell Phone Seat Kickstarter here.