Weather This Week: A Cornucopia

While Spring usually is associated with variable weather conditions happening quickly as we go from winter to spring, Fall can have the same effects. The weather forecast for this week is a prime example of this.

Early Week Weather: Wet, Warm, Stormy

Most of you have awoken this morning to the pitterpat of rain as it falls on your roofs. According to the forecast this will be the theme most of the day as temps will struggle to get out of the mid 50s.–it will be wet and raw on a Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday, we will see a warm up as by Wednesday temps will crawl back up to the 70s but winds will gust to 25 mph. Late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning, a cold front will rush through the mid-state . Early models put us in the slight to marginal risk for a severe threat early Thursday morning with the main threat being straight line winds.

Fall Weather Late Week: Dry, Cool and Maybe Frosty

After the system passes through on Thursday morning, Fall weather will kick in. While skies will be clear and sunny, temps will struggle Friday through Sunday to get out of the 50s. Temps in the low to mid 30s and clear skies will bring a chance for frost this weekend. Plans should be made to cover plants, and finding that warm spot for your pets.

As with any forecast, things could change on a dime. Follow us at  .

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