WCSO Deputies Save Two Lives at Natchez Trace Bridge


WCSO police car

Two young people who wanted to “end it all” are receiving treatment after Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Deputies saved them from jumping off the Natchez Trace Bridge in two separate incidents this week. On Monday afternoon (September 7, 2020), Deputy Houston Bagsby was on routine patrol when he stopped to check on a man who was walking slowly on the bridge. Deputy Bagsby asked him to move away from the bridge railing but he refused. It was clear the man was distraught and quick action was needed to save him. With the help of Deputy Keller Phillips, Deputy Bagsby was able to pull the man away from the railing.

Around 2:30 this morning (Friday, September 11, 2020), Deputy Harry Bellinger answered a call at the Natchez Trace Bridge and found a woman who had driven there from out of state. She said she felt like a failure in her job. Deputy Bellinger talked with the woman for about an hour trying to get her away from the edge of the bridge. She finally agreed to sit down on the shoulder of the road and continue the conversation. Deputy Bellinger kept her talking to keep her distracted long enough for Corporal J.C. Knox and Deputy Chris Giannoulis to get close enough to pull her to safety.

The man and woman were transported to a hospital for medical treatment. Both were in their twenties.


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