WCS Welcomes New Families Into the District

wcs welcomes new families
From WCS inFocus

From WCS inFocus

In a scene that closely resembled that of a telethon, nearly 50 WCS staff members gathered the evening of August 6 to call approximately 1,900 new families and welcome them to the district.

The event, which was dubbed the WillCo Welcome, took place in Franklin at the WCS Professional Development Center. Superintendent Dr. Mike Looney says the idea behind it was to make new families feel like a part of the district before the school year begins.

“This is something we’ve never done before,” said Looney. “We believe it’s important to build relationships. Tonight, we have staff members who are making those phone calls and welcoming new families to the district. The feedback we’ve received has been very positive. I think we’ll try this again.”

Throughout the event, WCS Communications Director Carol Birdsong interviewed department leaders live on Facebook to gather information about everything from school safety to food services. Those interviews can be viewed on the WCS Facebook page.