WCS TV/Film Students Nominated for Regional Production Awards

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ravenwood high tv film students

Williamson County Schools media students continue to demonstrate excellence as shown with the recent release of nominations by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) Nashville/Midsouth Chapter Regional Student Production Awards.

WCS students earned 30 of the 48 nominations. Students from Brentwood, Franklin, Independence, Page and Ravenwood high schools are all represented on the list in various categories.

Brentwood High earned the most nominations in Williamson County and tied for most nominations in the region, which includes Tennessee, North Carolina and northern Alabama. In addition to a nomination for Best Newscast, Brentwood High students received nominations for Best News Story, Best Music Video, Best Non-Fiction, Best Public Service Announcement (PSA) and Best Public Affairs/Community Service.

“What a great honor for my students,” said BHS TV/Film teacher Ronnie Adcock. “They’ve worked hard all year, and their work is paying off. Both the junior and senior news teams went above and beyond, and I’m just so proud of them all.”

franklin high tv filmFranklin High is also nominated for Best Newscast as well as Best Arts and Entertainment, Best Editor, Best Photographer, Best Writing and Best Commercial.

“I’m thrilled that we could compete in the awards this year,” said FHS TV/Film teacher Keri Thompson. “The students have worked so hard to come up with creative and fun ideas. I’m proud of how they have persevered this school year. It’s always a huge accomplishment for the students to receive a NATAS nomination. We are looking forward to the award show at the end of this month.”

Independence High students are nominated in the categories of Best Music Video, Best Sports, Best Animation/Special Effects, Best Director, Best Editor and Best Photographer.

“I am really proud of the showing this year from Indy,” said IHS TV/Film teacher Matt Balzer. “Each year, the work the students produce continues to surprise and inspire me. We look forward to seeing the results later this month.”

Students from Page High are in the running for Best Director and Best Photographer.

“These two young men work together so well it’s almost scary,” said PHS TV/Film teacher Terry Flowers. “Matthew, as a writer and director, has precise ideas of what he wants, and Joe uses his technical, camera and editing skills to help pull off Matthew’s vision. My favorite part is that they are only sophomores. I can’t wait to see where their stories take us next.”

Ravenwood High media students are vying for a win in the categories of Best Fiction, Best Sports, Best PSA, Best Animation/Special Effects, Best Writing and Best Commercial.

“These students truly overcame many obstacles this year and used their work as a creative outlet,” said RHS TV/Film teacher Megan Sanchez. “They are continuing to raise the competitive level in our program and leave their legacy on RHS-TV.”

The winners will be announced April 30 in a virtual presentation on the NATAS Nashville/Midsouth Chapter website.

Congratulations to the student nominees listed below:


  • Franklin in 5Franklin High School
  • WBHS 9 Level 4 Newscast: Brentwood High

News Story

  • Officer Down: The Death of Destin Legieza: Stuart Beaton and Ethan Meadows, Brentwood High
  • Remembering a Hero: Ashlyn Witt and Courtney Stanley, Brentwood High

Arts and Entertainment, Cultral Affairs

  • The Franklin Vlog – Homecoming Edition: Sarah Scott Cook, Franklin High

Music Video

  • The Vampyre of Time and Memory: Harrison Kyle and Gabe Hall, Independence High
  • Toe Cutter Thumb Buster: Keaton Hardwick, Brentwood High


  • The Life of a Video Editor: Will Stafford, Ravenwood High


  • Golden Memories: Battletown, KY: Grace Costantine, Brentwood High
  • King of Wrap: Aubree Mullican, Brentwood High


  • Indy Sports: Independence High
  • Raptor Sports Report: Ravenwood High

Public Service Announcement

  • Internet Safety: Olivia Freeman, Ravenwood High
  • No Click, No Ride: Alex Wells, Jack Wilson, Cami Roadman and Zach Kammer, Brentwood High
  • One Second: Eliza Linney, Noah True and Stuart Beaton, Brentwood High

Public Affairs/Community Service

  • COVID-19 and Nashville’s Needy: Ben Mahaffey and Collin Caduff, Brentwood High
  • Eddie Mannis: Man of the People: Will King, Collin Caduff and Paxton Allen, Brentwood High

Animation/Graphics/Special Effects

  • Pac Man: Reid Grizzle, Ravenwood High
  • The Vampyre of Time and Memory: Harrison Kyle, Independence High


  • Amelia Prouse: Amelia Prouse, Independence High
  • Illegal Download: Matthew Spining, Page High


  • Amelia Prouse: Amelia Prouse, Independence High
  • The Franklin Football Vlogs: Sarah Scott Cook, Franklin High


  • Illegal Download: Joe Ekker, Page High
  • Sam Wilde: Sam Wilde, Independence High
  • The Franklin Football Vlogs: Sarah Scott Cook, Braxton Lazarus and Ross Smith, Franklin High


  • My Fairy Godmother: David Allsep, Franklin High
  • The Life of a Video Editor: Will Stafford, Ravenwood High


  • Canyon Neuron: Christian Ward, Franklin High
  • Speedo: Christian McIntire and Emma Haynes, Ravenwood High

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